Prince Charles to lobby Congress on climate

Environment and Energy News reports that Prince Charles will lobby Congress next week on climate.

According to the report,

The prince is scheduled to meet with a strong congressional ally in that effort, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.). Shaheen’s office announced today that Charles requested the meeting to discuss issues like energy security and the future of clean energy as a follow-up to discussions the pair had earlier this year.

“I met with him in March to discuss the role of the United States in the climate change debate, and I look forward to another productive discussion next week,” said the senator, who serves on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs.

Shaheen noted that the prince has been a longtime advocate for efforts on clean energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“He has led efforts to bring governments and nongovernmental organizations together with the business community to stress the importance of addressing global climate change,” Shaheen said.

Maybe the Prince can be crowned as King Climate as his mother won’t allow him to accede to his ceremonial birthright.

19 thoughts on “Prince Charles to lobby Congress on climate”

  1. Oh, Gaia, if only I were a Member of Congress! I just LOVE being lectured on matters of Economics and Science by “A Snotnose Who Was Handed Everything In His Entire Life” – and studied neither science nor economics!

    Who doesn’t relish such an experience?

  2. He’s a ninny with a most irritating stand-offish personality.

    There are very few academies where one can train to acquire this skill set.

  3. When Charles was a teenager the Queen sent him out here to Australia for his secondary education. The school he attended is a branch of Geelong Grammar in Victoria, officially named “Timbertop”.

    I think Her Majesty was onto something about Charles long before the rest of us.

  4. *laughing* I’m afraid I have to agree with Chuck, John. Those of you across the pond haven’t cornered the market on unqualified clowns. The saddest thing is that we were foolish enough to actually ELECT ours. *sigh*

  5. To answer your question John, it’s quite simple –
    your unqualified baffoon is addressing our unqualified baffoons. Birds of a feather or some such. (*grin*)

  6. Well, he studies architecture, which was enough for the British government to do something about the “tenements” that were an “eyesore” to his view from the Palace looking South.

    Moreover, the Royal Society allowed him to address a meeting on “climate change,” so if they consider him an authority, he must be one.

    [I’m reminded of the 16th century Castillian court that emulated the lisp of a duke so as not to make him feel handicapped in any way.]

  7. I really don’t have a problem with a young man, educated in a liberal environment, having an opinion or even speaking about it openly. He will gain wisdom with age (or not).

    I do have a problem with anyone who would change their mind based on what a young man, not educated in the subject and with no credentials other than being an aristocrat, says openly about the subject.

    Facts do not care about popularity – they fall where they may.

  8. For Heaven’s sake, why doesn’t he come here to talk about séances with the dead or something productive.

    Why does this country have to put up with him visiting here.

  9. Chuck in St Paul – no offence taken. Many of us Brits despair of this fruitcake ever becoming our head of state. The only positive outcome of his becoming king is that he will be so despised that we will be more likely to move towards a true democracy anf finally get rid of these ‘royal’ leaches. What puzzles me is what is the world’s leading democracy doing giving any time to this unelected, unqualified buffoon?

  10. No offense to our British cousins, but this man is an idiot. Why do you think the Qeen Mum has been hanging onto the throne?

    If things work out, William will be declared king and Charles will step aside now that William is married. This Clown Prince must NOT become king for the good of the empire and the world.

  11. As a person, frustratingly waiting for his turn to be King, Prince Charles made the biggest mistake of his life years ago… a mistake he should not have made had he simply bothered to model himself on his mother and follow Royal protocol.

    Prince Charles should never have started publicly voicing his personal opinions or pushing one particular cause over another. As a future king, it is important he remains neutral on everything in order not to alienate people.

    Unfortunately, in publicly expressing his opinions and views, and promoting causes, he has demonstrated he lacks the qualities to be the future king to all his citizens, not just those who believe in catastrophic man-made global warming, or environmentalism, or in old style architecture, etc.

    Why has this man not learnt that he cannot dabble in any politics… particularly the politics of climate change?

  12. (well that didn’t work! Here it is in simple form)
    Can someone please explain to that twit that his chair of the CRU (Jones) said warming stopped years ago:

    Jul 5 2005: The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK it has but it is only 7 years of data and it isn’t statistically significant. (1120593115.txt)

    Well it is now six years after that email, so we have 13 years of cooling! That is almost climate!!


  13. Can someone please explain to that twit that his chair of the CRU (Jones) said warming stopped years ago:

    Well it is now six years after that email, so we have 13 years of cooling! That is almost climate!!


  14. How does Prince Charles get around the world so fast by just walking and peddling his bike? He doesn’t? He doesn’t use fossil fuels does he?

  15. You think anyone will address a major contributor of greenhouse gases, which is sprinkling/irrigating crops and the emissions from high altitude jet aircraft? I watched one recent lecture and video about this and we evaporate approx 137 billion gallons of water each year in the USA alone. This doesn’t include normal evaporation from streams and lakes and backyard pools and man-made ponds in Texas and elsewhere.
    But then if there was a real serious concern (outside of a way of making a lot of money on CO2 credits) these guys would be discussing this too.

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