Ford unhappy with outcome of climate alarmism

Bill Ford has spent much of the past 11 years agitating for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions limits. Now Ford is unhappy that his company is reaping what he sowed.

In a January 12 letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Ford Motor Co. complained that California and 13 other states adopted stringent CO2 tailpipe emissions standards.

Ford rightly whinges that,

The enforcement of the state-specific standards would have a detrimental impact on the auto industry, and the 8 million jobs it directly supports, by forcing manufacturers to comply with incompatible state and federal [greenhouse gas] regulations… The potential impacts and costs of such standards include the following:

  • Adversely impacting automotive-related employment in states not adopting the California standards
  • Forcing dealers in affected states to restrict, ration or eliminate sales of selected models
  • Forcing manufacturers to reduce or eliminate production of selected models
  • Reducing the selection of vehicles available to consumers in affected states

Tighter state regulation, of course, was always foreseeable. The Clean Air Act permits states to regulate air emissions more stringently than federal standards. This was such a commonly accepted notion that it was incorporated into the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill that Ford supported through the U.S. Climate Action Partnership.

No wonder we named Bill Ford the “Carbon Laughingstock.”

4 thoughts on “Ford unhappy with outcome of climate alarmism”

  1. I have never understood these people. Somehow they think they are making points with the greenies and their lackeys in government. In reality they are undermining everything they are and everything they do. No agreement with the greenies will ever be honored because they have no command and control system. Just as soon as one group makes a deal with industry the others will attack both. And there will never be an end of their demands. This Neville Chamberlain approach is madness.

  2. Too right Kozlowski. The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again and again leaving the libtards pole ax stunned every time. “But wait… wait… I didn’t mean for ME to be affected!!!” Dipsticks.

  3. But wait, didn’t he get precisely what he was lobbying for? And NOW he complains about it? Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. It should. But doesn’t.

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