Beyond bias: Trade press recasts Rockefeller as an 'EPA skeptic'

We’re all familiar with the so-called mainstream media’s so-called “liberal bias.” Putting aside that the MSM is not “mainstream” and their bias is way to the left of “liberal,” it’s no secret that this bias often-to-usually colors how the MSM reports news stories. But simple bias is not the entire extent of the MSM’s breech of journalistic ethics.

As a tool of the political left, the MSM often tries to create false realities — for example, that congressional Republicans are trying to dismantle the Clean Air Act. Of course, the GOP is merely trying to block the EPA’s newfound and controversial authority to regulate greenhouse gases. But because what the GOP is trying to do is “an inconvenient truth,” the MSM is trying very hard to create the utterly false impression among the public that the GOP is coming for the clean air it breathes.

I was compelled to write about this today after reading the Environment and Energy News headline,

“Prominent EPA skeptic prepares to vote against anti-agency measure”.

Who could this be, I wondered? Has Sen. Jim Inhofe gone mad? Has Rep. Dana Rohrbacher flipped his lid? Has Rep. Fred Upton resumed his RINO ways? Reading on, E&E News wrote,

“His efforts to delay implementation of U.S. EPA’s climate change rules may not have endeared Sen. Jay Rockefeller to environmentalists. But the West Virginia Democrat is the only member of his state’s congressional delegation who is set to vote against permanently scrapping EPA’s power to limit carbon.”

What?! Jay Rockefeller is an “EPA skeptic”?

While it’s true that Rockefeller has introduced legislation to delay EPA’s greenhouse gas regulation rule for two years, it’s not because he’s skeptical of the EPA’s authority or of global warming.

Rockefeller’s phony and transparent efforts to delay EPA regulation thwarted last year’s close-run effort by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to block the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations and they may very well derail current efforts to rein in the EPA. He’s not an “EPA skeptic” so much as he’s an Obama toady.

But of course, the enviros’ media allies know that it sounds better to portray Rockefeller to the public as a cooler head who thinks that the GOP is too extreme on the EPA.

This is not bias, it is a fraud perpetrated on a largely unsuspecting public.

The only thing worse than Jay Rockefeller’s picking the Obama administration over his West Virginia constituents is the MSM’s effort to buff that turd into a popsicle.

3 thoughts on “Beyond bias: Trade press recasts Rockefeller as an 'EPA skeptic'”

  1. Everything you see on the news and everything you read in the newspapers is a lie. Not necessarily lies of commission (although they are guilty of that also) but lies of omission. In order to find out what the truth really is we are required to read the commentaries and books from both sides of the fence to see what each left out. After I have discovered what has been left out, we will know what the truth is. Then we now have two things. We know the truth and we know which people are telling it. After that we know a third thing. We don’t have to read both sides nearly as much because now we also know who lies.

  2. I appreciate your questioning the “Mainstream” in the MSM. However, the term is similar to the labels of liberals and conservatives. From use, they have taken on a meaning that is not indicative of how they are in reality. The status quo is being maintained by professed liberals, while those seeking innovation and new ideas are often labeled as conservative.

    The MSM is liberal, and as you point out, fraudulent. The only redeeming quality of using the term is to refer to the old media (versus new media such as talk radio and the Internet).

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