USCAP appeasement not working for BP

At the urging of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Obama administration is throwing up roadblocks to BP’s upgrading of a large refinery in northwest Indiana.

Ironically, BP and NRDC are both members of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) that is lobbying for global warming legislation.

We’d call the NRDC a bunch of backstabbers, but then again, BP walked face-first into this one.

One thought on “USCAP appeasement not working for BP”

  1. I happen to live in this area, and all I can say is that Whiting STINKS to high heaven and that these issues have around for as long as I can remember. If the upgrade would reduce those (real) pollutants and make the area smell better, I say go for it. And even if the pollution levels are already safe (for the time being), it can’t hurt to have the expanded capacity to deal with more as demand increases (as it inevitably will). Of course Obama and the greenies WOULD oppose that, and instead choose to put more people at risk and/or force BP to refine less and hurt us all economically.

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