Michelle, dumbbell…

… these are words that go together well…

… based on this Dana Milbank-article in today’s Washington Post about Michelle Obama shutting down blocks of Washington, D.C. so that she can pose as shopper of over-priced “organic” groceries at a local market — $5 for a dozen eggs?

Milbank’s article is must-reading if you haven’t already shaken your head in disgust today at the Obama administration.

2 thoughts on “Michelle, dumbbell…”

  1. It not only justifies increased prices, it justifies marketing produce that would never pass the QC checks for cosmetic appearance of “normal” produce.

  2. “Organic” is one of the most over used words in our language. It is a way to justify increasing prices. And, the laws governing its use are so loose it is a meaningless term.

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