Waxman-Markey abolishes neighborhood solar panel limits

The Waxman-Markey bill abolishes neighborhood restrictions on solar panels. This provision was part of the “manager’s amendment” that was added to the bill at 3am the morning of the vote.

The bill directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development to issue rules prohibiting private covenants that restrict or prohibit the installation of solar energy systems.

So if your neighborhood has existing rules that prohibit residents from turning their manicured front yards into solar farms, Waxman-Markey abolishes them.

That such “restrictive covenants” are typically a matter of private contract apparently matters little in the coming green world.

6 thoughts on “Waxman-Markey abolishes neighborhood solar panel limits”

  1. You can no longer keep Native Americans or Hispanics from moving in next door. This new law has that same force — you may no longer pull out the long knives to keep your neighbor from going solar.

    It’s a disappointment only to true “brown” shirts, I’m sure.

  2. Hey, if the Waxman wants to tangle with my Homeowner’s Association, he’s welcome to do so.

    But those savages will rip his heart out of his chest and hand it to him. They’ll slap a lien on your house if you don’t follow deed restrictions and sell it to pay dues in arrears.

    It’s all private land and roads, owned by the assn., of which I am a mandatory member. So far, there ain’t a thing the federal goons can do about it.

    Of course, that may change…

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