5 thoughts on “Poof: A 2-inch fish makes 80,000 jobs vanish”

  1. kong99 is right. The environmentalists do not want to “save the environment” — they want to destroy that which supports human life — capitalism. They do not seek to see the environment “cleaned-up” — they seek to see mankind “cleaned-out”.

    Or to state it in its most fundamental form: they do not wish to live — they wish to see you die.

    The only remaining issue is whether the American people will go quietly and without protest as looter-on-chief Obama completes the murder of our economy and sentences us to a future of shivering or sweltering in the dark, deprived of freedom and reduced to waiting in desperation for the day of the week we are permitted to drive our Pelosi-mobile to the nearest market where we can stand in Soviet-style lines to wait for our meager government-dictated rations.

    The vilest bastards on the planet have us by the throat — do we have the balls to stand up and fight?

  2. Look on the bright side, as the liberals take over everything, including the courts, environmentalists will be causing more and more devistation to mankind. Environmentalists have been quoted as saying that they want to force the population of the world to be reduced to about a billion people. There’s only one way that will happen, and that’s to destroy the productivity and success of techology and business. They hate cars, factories, technology, and anything else that supports our way of life.

    In California they have sued to prevent the clearing of underbrush in the forests, presumably to save some form of wildlife. But, in the process the forests burn and most of the wildlife dies….not to mention the cost and destruction to human life. This does not deter them. They say that’s nature’s way. OK !! Being environmentalists, you would think those are things they would want to prevent. Why would a tree hugger want to cause the forests to burn and kill everything they fight for? Because that’s not the agenda. That’s just a tool to get their agenda accomplished, and that’s the downfall of capitalism and technology.

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