Newsmax: Obama to cause ‘energy chaos’ reports,

Fox News commentator Steve Milloy, founder of the Web site, tells Newsmax that the U.S. is at “the point of no return” as the Obama administration is set to implement environmental policies that will lead to “energy chaos” in this country.

Click here to read the entire Newsmax interview with Green Hell author Steve Milloy.

One thought on “Newsmax: Obama to cause ‘energy chaos’”

  1. And with the great Hanoi news media we have here in this country I am sure it will present the facts as they see it . The Hanoi news agency will portray us as the villains and Obama as the one that is always right, we will be in trouble if the people do not turn their backs ion these propaganda machines we will suffer greatly. I kinda like that “Hanoi news agency”

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