Misinformation Is Real Anthrax Danger

by Steven Milloy
October 19, 2001, FoxNews.com

Alarmists in the federal government and media were wrong about the “potency” of the anthrax found in Sen. Tom Daschle’s office. This error hasn’t dissuaded those who are exploiting the alleged “potency” to blame the recent anthrax letters on state-sponsored terrorism. Continue reading Misinformation Is Real Anthrax Danger

Concerns Vs. Chaos in the Anthrax Scare

By Steven Milloy
October 12, 2001, FoxNews.com

Bio-terrorism alarmists view last week’s death of a Florida man from anthrax as validation of their advocacy of panic. Cooler heads view the incident more as a limited bio-crime rather than a harbinger of mass bio-terrorism. Continue reading Concerns Vs. Chaos in the Anthrax Scare

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated

By Steven Milloy
October 5, 2001, FoxNews.com

Concern over the possibility of terrorist attacks involving biological agents—especially the smallpox virus—is developing into full-fledged hysteria. Sen. Bill Frist claimed last week that a smallpox attack could kill 40 million Americans. Continue reading Smallpox Attack Exaggerated