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Federal Agency Undermining State Offshore Wind Plans, Backers Say

Hmmm… clean energy type don’t like the federal interference either. Continue reading

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Robert Bradley Jr.: Windpower Layoffs Making PTC Extension Increasingly Moot

“The spate of layoffs that wind industry advocates have warned about has accelerated in recent weeks, with workers losing their jobs in key wind states such as Iowa and Colorado in a trend expected to continue at least into next year.” – Nick Juliano, “Wind Layoffs Mostly Hitting Constituents of PTC Supporters,” Greenwire, August 29, 2012. Continue reading

North Holland Bans Wind Turbines

The province of North Holland has decided to stop building new wind turbines. There will be a total ban on new wind turbines by the end of the year, according to deputy Mr Bond. He says that large wind turbines do not fit into the province’s landscape. The decision is a setback for about twenty planned wind projects in North Holland which will not be approved. Full story (in Dutch)


Mary Kay Barton: U.S. Public Interest Groups Fighting Windpower

The grassroots rebellion against the government-created industrial wind industry grows apace. MasterResource has given voice to a number of us engaged in this volunteer ecological fight, to which we are grateful. Continue reading

Dutch analysis finds wind power is a ‘money pit with virtually no merit of CO2 emission reduction or fossil fuel saving’

A Dutch analysis finds that wind energy reduces emissions and fossil fuel use by a maximum of only 1.6% compared to directly generating energy from fossil fuels. Continue reading

Germany’s Offshore Fiasco: North Sea Wind Offensive Plagued by Problems

Germany wants to pepper its northern seas with offshore wind turbines as part of its ambitious energy revolution. But strict laws, technology problems and multiple delays are turning the massive enterprise into an expensive fiasco. Investors and the public are losing patience. Continue reading

World’s Largest Turbines to be Used in German Wind Farm

Germany’s ambitious renewable energy plans continue to progress as the German company juwi has signed a contract to form a joint venture with the Austrian electric utility Verbund AG, also heavily involved in renewable energy sources. Continue reading

China Ranked as the Most Attractive Country for Renewable Energy Investments

Ernst & Young has recently assessed 40 countries to determine their attractiveness to renewable energy investors. Continue reading

James Delingpole: David Cameron, renewable energy and the death of British property rights.

As David Cameron may have learned when he read PPE at Oxford, property rights are a cornerstone of our liberty, our security, our civilisation. Wiser political thinkers than Dave have long understood this. Continue reading

Inquirer Editorial: Wind industry’s survival could depend on tax credit

In the Philadelphia region, the rebirth of the defunct U.S. Steel site in Bucks County makes the best case for winning the high-stakes gamble being played out in Congress over extending vital, government incentives for developing wind-energy systems. Continue reading

UN Panel Blows Cold Air On EU Renewables Policy

A United Nations body has found that the European Union has failed in its commitments towards transparency and public participation in renewable energy policies – a move which has been hailed as a victory by wind farm opposition groups. Continue reading

Green Taxes On Fuel Bills Nearly Double, Consumer Group Says

Green taxes on energy bills have nearly doubled in two years to almost £100 as companies pass on the costs of becoming environmentally-friendly to households. Some industry insiders believe that bills could increase by between 50 per cent and 100 per cent by 2020. Continue reading

Jo Nova: Wind farms — are 96% useless, and cost 150 times more than necessary for what they do

Continue reading

Miranda Devine: Surprise surprise: wind farms do nothing for the environment (except cause noise pollution)

two-year analysis of Victoria’s wind-farm developments by mechanical engineer Hamish Cumming shows that “despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from green energy schemes driven by the renewable energy target, Victoria’s wind-farm developments have saved virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions in the state”. Continue reading

German Shipyards See Future in Wind Power

After years of decline, Germany’s shipyards are now pinning their hopes on offshore wind farms, a key component of the country’s energy revolution. Some have converted entirely to building equipment for wind farms. But the initial euphoria has worn off as the true challenges of the transition become clear. Continue reading

Luboš Motl: German offshore wind turbines: hiding all the disadvantages

Most of the otherwise rational German nation was scared by the Fukushima non-disaster and decided to close all of its nuclear power plants by 2020 or so. Continue reading

Go Fly a Wind Turbine

Engineers Are Creating Kites With Rotors to Generate Energy at Higher Altitudes

Some readers jumped on me before but I still think there could be application for this technology for disaster relief. One of the hardest things to do with field hospitals in disaster zones is keep them supplied with power. It should be possible to create kits that can be air-dropped in so that if you can get emergency personnel to the site you can get at least limited power there. Fully aware that plenty will have different opinions I’m going to say I can see situations where this technology could be useful – no, I still don’t see wind as a generally-useful baseload energy supply. Continue reading

Lake Michigan gets look from wind researchers

The notion is intoxicating: Capture the wind that has buffeted boaters on the Great Lakes for centuries and convert it into clean, renewable energy. But one important piece of data has been missing: We don’t know exactly how windy it is out there. Continue reading

Wind power study says opponents’ claims are unfounded

At least so say those with a vested interest in wind power. In the to-and-fro over wind there are advocacies on both sides with a dog in the fight. The actual experience with wind however has not been a happy one with find failing when needed. This is not really a surprise since we experience extremes of hot and cold weather partly because of the absence of wind and we need more power during such events. Continue reading

Power Failures: Germany Rethinks Path to Green Future

Germany’s energy revolution is the government’s only major project — but the problems keep piling up. The pace of grid expansion is sluggish, and electricity costs for consumers are rising. The environment minister wants to fundamentally alter the way green energy is subsidized, but will it mean putting the brakes on the entire project? Continue reading