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Even Newsweek can’t support the wind power idiocy

This is a surprisingly good condemnation of wind as an alternative energy source by a normally liberal and lefty newsmagazine.

Thanks to John Droz

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Wind power leaseholders may have some legal exposure in bankruptcies.

In Canada wind turbine leaseholders may have land encumbered by a mortgage taken by a lessee K2 WIND Project. People need to watch the fine print and what gets attached to their title.

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One word changes the meaning

The headline says more than 2/3  of U. S. capacity from wind in October.  They left out the word “new.” Continue reading

Advanced Rail Energy Storage

Another press release on the ARES system.  It doesn’t mention cost or footprint, but it has been “peer reviewed.”  Continue reading

Just discovering that wind and solar are variable?

The problem with wind and solar is they cannot be dependable loads and now base load units have to back them up.  The Motley Fool just discovered that there could be brownouts.  Continue reading

Germany: A look at our renewable future?

Thirty percent of Germany’s electrical power is from renewable sources such as wind and could be putting Germany on the brink of financially serious blackouts.  Maybe that’s why there is a push for more coal-sourced electricity.  Continue reading

Offshore wind and diesel APS

Not mentioned in wind power discussions is the need for an auxiliary power  supply (APS) when the turbines are connected to the grid.  Continue reading