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Courtroom Format To Debate Climate Change

A courtroom format in Orkney next week will tackle the question of climate change. Continue reading

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Stephen Stromberg: Does President Obama really care about global warming?

Environmentalists gathered in Charlotte, N.C. to watch Obama’s second nominating convention can agree that the president and his party are a lot better than the Republicans. Continue reading

Carbon Tax could raise $1.5 Trillion for the US government. No wonder politicians drool over dire predictions.

Why do we need a carbon tax? A study by John Reilly candidly explains why this is not and has never been about the environment. Continue reading

Hank Campbell: UN Agrees To Do Nothing On Climate Change, Arranges More Meetings

Being on a UN committee to discuss climate change must be a lot of fun; you get to fly to exotic locations and no ever expects you to get anything done. I guess that applies to the UN overall. Continue reading

Paul Homewood: UK Summers Back To Normal

Yes, that was it, the English summer has ended. If you blinked, you may have missed it! Continue reading

James Taylor: Don’t Believe The Global Warmists, Major Hurricanes Are Less Frequent

When Hurricane Isaac made landfall in southern Louisiana last week, the storm provided a rare break in one of the longest periods of hurricane inactivity in U.S. history. Continue reading

What The Drought Of 2012 Tells Us About Industrial Agriculture

Ooh! Ooh! Me! That we need to stop destroying dams and impound more water, right? Continue reading

Against the Odds, Young Conservatives Buck the GOP on Energy and Climate Change

Alas, the young are often misguided:

A group of young Republicans is out to persuade their party to pursue a path toward a future free of fossil fuels.Continue reading

Where’s Al Gore?

He’s missing? We hadn’t noticed. Apparently some have though: Continue reading

Climate Needs To Move To Top Of Political Agendas, Denmark Says

Says the country perhaps most dependent on oil revenue. Continue reading

A pale green tinge for U.S. presidential campaign

When it comes to the environment, the presidential contest has offered sharply contrasting images: Barack Obama posing beside an Iowa wind turbine and Mitt Romney standing in front of an Ohio coal mine. Continue reading

<chuckle> Why biodiversity increase from global warming is not good news

No! There can be no good from warming or anything at all that can be associated with humanity, ever! Continue reading

Bill McKibben: A Summer of Extremes Signifies the New Normal

Ol’ maniacal is sticking to form. Looks like there isn’t an idiotic claim he now won’t make. Continue reading

Andrew Orlowski: Eco-nomics: Was Stern ‘wrong for the right reasons’ … or just wrong?

Perhaps greens just aren’t the good guys Continue reading

Roger Pielke Jr. declares Pope Catholic

Well, actually not – Junior just said that he’s going to vote Obama. He did get and admit one surprise though: Continue reading

A review of “Madlands: a journey to change the mind of a climate sceptic”

Anna Rose is the head of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Continue reading

Art Horn: Arctic Sea Ice Record Low Is “Broken”

On Monday, August the 27th 2012 the headline read “Arctic Ice Melts to record Low: US Researchers.” The New York Times rolled out “Satellites show sea ice in Arctic is at a record low.” These headlines claim this is yet another sign that man made global warming is real and is a threat to our future. Continue reading

Florida sea turtle numbers up, but climate change poses threat

Central Florida beaches are reporting record numbers of loggerhead sea turtle nests, reversing a recent decline. But hotter summers pose a long-term danger to the threatened species. Continue reading

James Delingpole: Nicholas Stern – the most dangerous man you’ve never heard of

Ask almost anyone who Nicholas Stern is and you’d surely draw a blank. But as Andrew Montford suggests at his Bishop Hill blog, there are few men who have had quite such a deleterious effect on our lives as this dreary ex-civil servant now known – to those few who do know of him – as Lord Stern and doing very nicely thank you at his extremely well-paid job fomenting climate alarmist drivel at the Grantham Institute. Continue reading

Steven Hayward: Green Weenie Of The Week: It’S Only Tuesday, But We Have A Winner Already

Right-thinking lefties everywhere have had their knickers in a twist over the House Republican proposal to curtail National Science Foundation funding for social science (especially politicalscience), while maintaining funding for the “hard” sciences like physics, chemistry, etc.  Continue reading