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Stanford pinheads think hard

This report of growing a food crop among solar cells just makes me breathless. What a special thing.

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Can solar arrays interfere with pilots’ vision?

Yes, says Steven Hayward in an article in Power Line.  Hayward’s article highlights the intense light problems some problems have complained about when flying over large solar arrays.  Another problem with solar power?

China Solar Firms Brace for EU Dumping Probe

Chinese solar companies expect the European Commission to announce within days a formal investigation into their alleged dumping of solar panels in Europe, which could result in heavy tariffs being imposed on them next year. Continue reading

Autonomous Robots Promise to Reduce Costs of Solar Energy Production

After showing off its innovative product to investors for more than nine months, California-based startup QBotix is preparing to release its so-called solar robots next month, autonomous machines that promise to cut the cost of producing solar electricity by up to 20 percent. Continue reading

Greens Against Green Energy

Big Solar gets the Big Oil treatment. Continue reading

China Ranked as the Most Attractive Country for Renewable Energy Investments

Ernst & Young has recently assessed 40 countries to determine their attractiveness to renewable energy investors. Continue reading

James Delingpole: David Cameron, renewable energy and the death of British property rights.

As David Cameron may have learned when he read PPE at Oxford, property rights are a cornerstone of our liberty, our security, our civilisation. Wiser political thinkers than Dave have long understood this. Continue reading

Green Protectionism: EU And China On Verge Of Solar Energy Price War?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a frank assessment of a solar panel trade dispute with China. The EU is mulling an anti-dumping inquiry into China after the US took similar action in one of the world’s fastest-developing markets. Continue reading

UN Panel Blows Cold Air On EU Renewables Policy

A United Nations body has found that the European Union has failed in its commitments towards transparency and public participation in renewable energy policies – a move which has been hailed as a victory by wind farm opposition groups. Continue reading

Green Taxes On Fuel Bills Nearly Double, Consumer Group Says

Green taxes on energy bills have nearly doubled in two years to almost £100 as companies pass on the costs of becoming environmentally-friendly to households. Some industry insiders believe that bills could increase by between 50 per cent and 100 per cent by 2020. Continue reading

Catching a few more rays

A new type of solar panel can turn infra-red light, not just the visible sort, into electricity. But not very well yet Continue reading

Dark clouds gather over China’s once-booming solar industry

China’s push into solar energy was supposed to be a proud example of how the country was advancing into hi-tech manufacturing. But now the whole sector is on the brink of bankruptcy. Continue reading

Power Failures: Germany Rethinks Path to Green Future

Germany’s energy revolution is the government’s only major project — but the problems keep piling up. The pace of grid expansion is sluggish, and electricity costs for consumers are rising. The environment minister wants to fundamentally alter the way green energy is subsidized, but will it mean putting the brakes on the entire project? Continue reading

Shifting to Renewables in Japan – An Uphill Task

Renewable energy is emerging as the “clinch deal” in Japan`s painful power crisis that pits the government and business against public demand for zero nuclear power. But experts say the going is easier said than done. Continue reading

Become A Renewable Energy Magnate, With The Cash In Your Wallet

Bullish on renewable energy but short the few million to invest in a new solar power plant? Perhaps you have $8. Continue reading

Greens see red after French minister hints at nuclear U-turn

French Greens reacted angrily on Monday after a government minister described nuclear power as the “energy of the future,” casting doubt on a commitment to slash the country’s number of reactors. Continue reading

Aus: Fear wind energy might be losing its puff

WINDFARMS have vowed to fight a rearguard action against changes to the renewable energy target as a potential plummet in the carbon price to $12 a tonne in 2015 raises new fears that the renewable projects would be uneconomic. Continue reading

Germany Hits Brakes on Race to Renewable Energy Future

The share of renewable energies in Germany’s power mix has shot up so high that the electricity grid and the subsidy framework has been unable to keep up. Now, the government wants to slow down the process. German commentators say that the current chaos endangers the entire project. Continue reading

German minister mulls slower green revolution

Germany may have to slow down its planned transformation to green energy, Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said on Tuesday in an effort to assuage worries that consumers will bear the brunt of the immense costs of the switch from nuclear. Continue reading

Germany’s new “renewable” energy policy

Wind and solar power + soaring electricity prices = outsourced jobs + more coal burning
Meanwhile, eco activists demand “sustainable lifestyles” – for other people Continue reading