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Just discovering that wind and solar are variable?

The problem with wind and solar is they cannot be dependable loads and now base load units have to back them up.  The Motley Fool just discovered that there could be brownouts.  Continue reading

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And who pays?

Duke Energy is committed to $500 million in solar electricity.  Continue reading

Floating solar power

Solar plants are being installed on water in Japan.  Try getting one of those permitted in the US not to mention the additional maintenance. Continue reading

Stanford pinheads think hard

This report of growing a food crop among solar cells just makes me breathless. What a special thing.

Continue reading

Can solar arrays interfere with pilots’ vision?

Yes, says Steven Hayward in an article in Power Line.  Hayward’s article highlights the intense light problems some problems have complained about when flying over large solar arrays.  Another problem with solar power?

China Solar Firms Brace for EU Dumping Probe

Chinese solar companies expect the European Commission to announce within days a formal investigation into their alleged dumping of solar panels in Europe, which could result in heavy tariffs being imposed on them next year. Continue reading

Autonomous Robots Promise to Reduce Costs of Solar Energy Production

After showing off its innovative product to investors for more than nine months, California-based startup QBotix is preparing to release its so-called solar robots next month, autonomous machines that promise to cut the cost of producing solar electricity by up to 20 percent. Continue reading