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Andrew Bolt: How a few trolls convinced Lewandowsky sceptics were mad

I have written before of my concern about Professor Stephan Lewandowsky’s cavalier misrepresentation of evidence and endorsement of underhand methods (which even included forgery by others) to peddle absurd smears of sceptics in his warmist zeal. Continue reading

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10 conspiracy theorists makes a moon landing paper for Stephan Lewandowsky (Part II) PLUS all 40 questions

There were only ten positive responses.

There are many questions to be answered about this paper in Psychological Science.“ Questions worth asking at all kinds of levels. Continue reading

Bill McKibben: A Summer of Extremes Signifies the New Normal

Ol’ maniacal is sticking to form. Looks like there isn’t an idiotic claim he now won’t make. Continue reading

A review of “Madlands: a journey to change the mind of a climate sceptic”

Anna Rose is the head of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Continue reading

Andrew Bolt: Scrap this shameless propaganda outfit now

Judith Sloan on the disgracefully misleading propaganda of the Climate Commission’s recently released report, The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change: Continue reading

Quebec taxpayers sponsoring free two week holidays in the Magic Desert Kingdom of Doha (for young climate bloggers only)

If you are a “budding blogger” between 18 – 30 years of age, the “Adopt a Negotiator project” offers you a FREE two week stay in the Magic Desert Kingdom of Qatar – including “a generous per diem” – courtesy of the Quebec taxpayers. Continue reading

Lewandowsky – Shows “skeptics” are nutters by asking alarmists to fill out survey

I‘m putting on a conservative, understated hat. This could be the worst paper  I have seen — an ad hom argument taken to its absurd extreme, rebadged as “science”. Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: Unfit For Debate – Rahmtorf’s Flies Off – Unleashes Tirade Against “Conspiracy Theororist” Skeptics

I’ve been wondering when the PIK would take off the muzzle they seemed to have put on Rahmstorf after a German court fined him for spreading untruths about a journalist who dared to contradict his science. On that read: Lubos herecourt-certification here, and here. Continue reading

Michael Kile: Catastropharians give a hoot

After the Queen of Climate Consensus came the Prince of Climate Ethics: Dale Jamieson, Director (and Professor) of Environmental Studies and Affiliated Professor of Law from New York University. Continue reading

Just for laughs: Climate change deniers ‘are either extreme free marketeers or conspiracy theorists’

Lewandowsky, ‘nuf said.

An Australian study says avid climate change deniers tend to be either extreme free marketeers or conspiracy theorists who believe the moon landing was faked or Princess Diana was murdered.Continue reading

The gentle art of propaganda

Intriguing Habitats, and Careful Discussions of Climate Change Continue reading

Sarah Wolpow: Telling my children about climate change

These poor kids are apparently being raised by a gibbering lunatic. I had thought the piece was an enviro-spoof – funny and almost plausible but no, this dipstick is actually trying to terrorize her own children on the basis of PlayStation® climatology: Continue reading

Paul Homewood: Mann Made Hurricanes

In an interview last week, Michael Mann tells us “One of the more robust predictions is that in the Atlantic, hurricane intensities have increased and they will likely continue to increase, and so, it’s part of a trend, Katrina, the record season of 2005 was part of a trend towards more destructive storms…Continue reading

Compulsive namecallers: nutter, conspiracy theorist, anti-semitic, denier – trying to censor through denigration

Got no evidence? Can’t hold a rational discussion? Just call people names — smear them.

David Evans (my other half) pointed out that anyone who opposed the regulating class gets called a racist sooner or later (see those quotes at the end). Now it’s happened to him. Continue reading

Activists in Argentina Expect Landmark Ruling against Agrochemicals

Over glyphosate? It’s safe to say this ruling is consistent with complete nonsense. Continue reading

Climate Evangelism: The Priestess Oreskes warns of the Evil Fox!

Naomi Oreskes visited Curtin University in Perth last week. Blessed are those who came to bear witness to the true prophecies! Continue reading

Propaganda alert! Maryland gets grant to help teach climate change

Teachers in Maryland are about to get new help and encouragement to talk about the touchy topic of global warming in their classrooms. The National Science Foundation announced Wednesday that it is awarding $5.8 million for improving climate-change education in Maryland and Delaware through a partnership including universities and school systems from both states. Continue reading

UWA sponsors world wide junkets for poor research, inept smears: Oreskes

I wondered who was funding Oreskes to fly all the way around the world to deliver two seminars in Perth to audiences of mostly evangelical believers. Continue reading

Steven Hayward: “The Damage To The Credibility Of My Profession Is Huge”

That’s the takeaway line from meteorologist Cliff Mass on his Cliff Mass Weather Blog today, delivering a savage beatdown on the latest global warming scaremongering from NASA’s egregious James Hansen about recent summer heat waves: Continue reading

Oreskes, the Queen of Climate Smear, ignores the big money, has no evidence, throws names

You’d expect a professor to have done the basic research. Continue reading