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Game 7 of the World Series is a better choice

Low turnout to a sea level rise workshop is blamed on Game 7 of the World Series.  Continue reading

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Headlines by picking time scale

The meteorological sea level rise in the Mediterranean is either negative or positive depending on the time scale, so the headline picks the positive.  Continue reading

Climate change as an excuse for funding

New Jersey’s sewer system is antiquated and needs upgrade.  Does couching it in terms of climate change better the funding appeal?  Continue reading

Climate change is a security issue?

Hagel says says it is.  I agree, it’s a distraction to real, immediate issues. Continue reading

Sociologists getting in on the climate change payoff

The University of Virginia gets a $3.5 million grant combining science and social studies for Virginia Sea Level Rise. Continue reading

Cork Hayden, PhD on the Mass Hysteria

As you recall, Massachusetts and 4 or 5 other states entered into a collusive suit with the EPA claiming that green house gasses–Carbon Dioxide the most important, were causing havoc.

Continue reading

New Zealand has ADD

That’s adaptation deficit disorder.  Continue reading