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What does history say about ice sheet melt and sea level rise?

Knappenberger and Michaels say it doesn’t quite measure up to CAGW predictions.  Continue reading

Recycling Hansen?

New York is predicted to be a sweltering swampland in the next 35 or so years. Continue reading

Rising sea hype

There seems to be an increase in the rate of sea level rise report and hype lately.  The Navy is fighting climate change with full (social media) broadsides.  Continue reading

Oil companies not responsible for sea level rise on Mississippi Delta

A suit by Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East against oil companies holding them responsible for sea level rise on the Lousiana coast has been tossed.  Continue reading

Pretty pictures or propaganda

A planner has put together renditions of what several cities would look like if some or all the glaciers melted.  Continue reading

Abrupt sea level rise?

The Union of Concerned Scientists say that the NC coast could flood daily.  Continue reading

If the data don’t fit the model, adjust the data?

New estimates of historical sea level rise rates seem to be adjusting the data to fit water input estimates rather than adjusting the input estimate to fit data.  Continue reading