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Sociologists getting in on the climate change payoff

The University of Virginia gets a $3.5 million grant combining science and social studies for Virginia Sea Level Rise. Continue reading

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Cork Hayden, PhD on the Mass Hysteria

As you recall, Massachusetts and 4 or 5 other states entered into a collusive suit with the EPA claiming that green house gasses–Carbon Dioxide the most important, were causing havoc.

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New Zealand has ADD

That’s adaptation deficit disorder.  Continue reading

Difficulties with measuring sea level rise

The Chesapeake Bay demonstrates some of the difficulties with sea level rise measurement.

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New worries about barely studied long term sea level rise

Worried about sea levels in 4014?  IPCC scientists and researchers are.

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Did you know the rate of sea level rise has decreased

And that it is not related to the hiatus in temperature increase?  Continue reading

The politics of sea level rise-North Carolina outer banks

Development and use of the NC Outer Banks has been a political fight between those who believe in catastrophic seal level rise predictions and those who do not.  The latest salvo seems to be a piece in the Raleigh News and Observer showing a beach house in the waves during a nor’easter.  Continue reading