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And the seas have been rising for millennia

But the news seems to have just come to North Carolina Public Radio, if you look at the headline. Continue reading

Not what I do, but what I say

President Obam’s sea level rise pronouncements and actions seem to be really at odds.  Continue reading

All I need to know is in he Washington Post

Remember the Antarctic melt that was going to drown us?  Well, it now turns out that the Antarctic ice is increasing.  But that’s not good, well because the Arctic is melting.  Continue reading

The next wave of Antarctic glacier melt skeers

A new paper says discovers possible ocean currents below the Totten Glacier, so the melt rate is worse than the though.  Oh, and the US will get more sea level rise than Europe.  Continue reading

Now it’s overpumping groundwater

We now have a new report worrying about the contribution of groundwater to sea level rise.  Maybe 6%-7% of the total since the late 19th Century. Continue reading

What does history say about ice sheet melt and sea level rise?

Knappenberger and Michaels say it doesn’t quite measure up to CAGW predictions.  Continue reading

Recycling Hansen?

New York is predicted to be a sweltering swampland in the next 35 or so years. Continue reading