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If the data don’t fit the model, adjust the data?

New estimates of historical sea level rise rates seem to be adjusting the data to fit water input estimates rather than adjusting the input estimate to fit data.  Continue reading

Now you can see a real simulation

New “binoculars” allow you to “see” sea level rise in Marin County.  I’d bet this propaganda piece doesn’t do 8″ per century.  Continue reading

Another tipping point

NOAA has come up with a sea level rise tipping points.  A matter of definition based on nuisance flooding.  Or, if you live in a low-lying coastal area you might see a nuisance flood. Continue reading

Day after Tomorrow scenario? No signs yet.

Scientists believe they have a model of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) that can detect signals of the turnover and decrease in temperature.  A writeup headline seems to say it’s happening. Continue reading

More on the melting Antarctic scare

Chip Knapnenberger has some perspective on the latest melting Antarctic iceberg scare.  Continue reading

Recycling the Antarctic ice scare?

This time it’s losing a Mt. Everest of ice every two years and 16 feet of sea level rise.  Continue reading

When was subsidence caused by climate change?

The headline says Bangkok and Shanghai could disappear because of climate change.  The actual story paints a different picture.  Continue reading