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New Zealand has ADD

That’s adaptation deficit disorder.  Continue reading

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Difficulties with measuring sea level rise

The Chesapeake Bay demonstrates some of the difficulties with sea level rise measurement.

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New worries about barely studied long term sea level rise

Worried about sea levels in 4014?  IPCC scientists and researchers are.

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Did you know the rate of sea level rise has decreased

And that it is not related to the hiatus in temperature increase?  Continue reading

The politics of sea level rise-North Carolina outer banks

Development and use of the NC Outer Banks has been a political fight between those who believe in catastrophic seal level rise predictions and those who do not.  The latest salvo seems to be a piece in the Raleigh News and Observer showing a beach house in the waves during a nor’easter.  Continue reading

NOAA’s sea level rise tool

Want to see the effects of sea level rise where you live or your favorite vacation spot?  NOAA has just the tool, an interactive mapping graphic that lets you see the effects of SLR.  At 3mm/yr, the current high estimate of SLR, I learned that I won’t have ocean front property in the next 600 years.  Guess I’ll have to move east.  Just think, your tax money pays for this nice, meaningless graphic.

The Boston Globe confuses storm damage and sea level rise

In 40 years the house at 48 Oceanside Drive has been rebuilt 9 times by National Flood Insurance.  The Globe says that’s sea level rise, even damage from the blizzard of ’78.  Sea level rise is the popular alarmist scare, but even the Globe ought to realize the term can be overused.  Build on the seashore and you should expect storm damage every now and then.

Marshall Islands: the next sea level rise loss?

The Marshall islands are low elevation islands.  The maximum elevation is 10 meters.  Recent flooding by high (king) tides brings on the next sea level rise warnings. Continue reading

Another sea level rise scare

Sea level rise on the Jersey Shore could be 31 inches by 2050. Continue reading

Good sense prevailed in New Zealand (we’re a little surprised)

No [climate] refugee status for Kiribati man Continue reading

Sea level rise – not so much

Thanks to Richard Tol for alerting me to a new paper by Torben Schmith and Peter Thejll of the Danish Meteorological Institute and Søren Johansen of the University of Copenhagen. Johansen is an econometrician and an expert in co-integration, a technique that the new paper applies to the question of sea level rise. Continue reading

Councils warned foreshore and esplanade areas may not escape rising sea levels

COASTAL councils have been warned they will not be able to save some esplanade areas from rising sea levels caused by climate change. Continue reading

Southern states fight high estimates of sea level rise; NC temporarily bans panel’s findings

And they are correct to ignore the nonsense generated through PlayStation® climatology. Continue reading

C3H: Global Warming Science Facts: Top 3 Reasons Not To Worry About Rising Sea Levels

Good news, the global warming science facts and reality prevail – the scary, dangerous rising sea level predictions are essentially a myth Continue reading

Rising sea levels throughout metro Vancouver putting landmarks at risk

Vancouver is at risk of losing landmark communities like Granville Island and False Creek unless the city starts taking measures to defend its shoreline against rising sea levels, an urban planner warns. Continue reading

Doug L. Hoffman: Why Are Sea Levels So Low?

The last interglacial period (LIG)—the Eemian—is commonly believed by scientists to have been warmer than the current Holocene interglacial. Continue reading

UN urges international community not to turn its back on Tuvalu over climate change

Same old nonsense. Odd that they keep trying to blame global warming, in a way, because sea levels are higher around Tuvalu during La Niña events when the world trends cooler than they are during El Niño events when it trends warmer due to the deformation of the Pacific Ocean sea surface lens. Continue reading

James D. Agresti: Will global warming flood the coasts of the United States?

Two new studies are predicting accelerated sea-level rises on the East and West coasts of the United States, primarily due to global warming. Major media outlets—and in some ways the studies themselves—have painted a distorted picture of past, current, and future sea levels. In fact, the studies actually conflict with each other, a crucial fact that has gone unreported in news reports that have mentioned both of the studies. Continue reading

Aus: 90-year approval suggested for coastal homes

NEW buildings on the coast should be given a time limited approval of up to 90 years in case of sea level rise from climate change, a review of NSW’s planning laws has found. Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: German Survey Of Recent Scientific Literature Shows No Signs Of Accelerated Sea Level Rise

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt have sifted through recent scientific literature looking for evidence that global sea level rise has accelerated over the last 3 decades. Continue reading