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Resolutions Made at Rio+20 Should not be Taken as a Sign of Progress

Really? I thought the mealy-mouthed empty nonsense a great improvement over previous efforts. Definite progress. Continue reading

Global warming is not just a scientific issue, but a class issue

And we all thought it was about “The Science”. This article from the International Marxist Tendency, gives the low-down on how Marxists see “Global Warming”.  Strangely, the sentiments are not dissimilar to those coming from the UN, EPA head Lisa P Jackson and Socialist International.

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Lorne Gunter: World Cooling To Global Warming

As the climate-change theory crumbles, expect its supporters to be more vocal in its defence, more insistent that the science is ironclad. Like the cultish followers of any faddish religion when it nears the end of its fashionableness, they will proclaim their views even more vociferously and denounce more forcefully all those who disagree. But increasingly, their warnings of impending doom and their character attacks on their opponents will be performed before empty houses, as in Rio. Continue reading

Gary Hunt: Rio+20 Economic Reality Check

Against the backdrop of wobbling economies more than 130 world leaders arrived for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development where the mood was just as surly as the global economy. Continue reading

Roland Seguin: Climate-Change Dogma Full-Circle

‘Global Warming’ never happened so the eco-saviors changed the name to ‘Climate Change’. Since that became stale and nobody outside the religion is buying it, so the UN’s Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, changed emphasis again for the big party, now it’s back to that tired old buzz phrase “Sustainable Development”. Continue reading

Gwynne Dyer: Perpetrators will not pay for crimes against planet

This week’s item from the rubber room: Continue reading

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Don’t worry about the ickle birdies

“BUT what about the ickle birdies?” wailed the ancient, off-blonde representative of the planet’s indigenous peoples in the shapeless, grimy, crumpled eco-sackcloth shift that is de rigueur this season among the female of the species here at the shapeless, grimy, crumpled Rio conference center. Continue reading