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Melodrama of the moment: No jobs on a dead planet: summit

World leaders and business chiefs have accepted there are no jobs on a dead planet, at the end of a three-day environment summit in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading

Rio+20: Small steps could get us out of the climate quicksand

Back in November 2005, your perspective on the Kyoto Protocol was the shorthand way to judge your climate change bona fides. Even express constructive criticism of the existing treaty arrangements under Kyoto and you ran the risk of being pilloried by environmental advocates as some sinister force of darkness. Continue reading

Rio+20: Take science seriously and change the process

Now with that we can agree. Take science seriously, expunge the NGOs and ‘civil society’ horseshit and get on with solid development for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Not what these clowns have in mind though. Continue reading

Rio+20: We do not need more global sustainability conferences

Global sustainability conferences no longer fulfil a useful purpose, considering the existing dense institutional framework.

Wait until they realize there was never any useful purpose for these gabfests in the first place. Continue reading

Climate Depot Featured at UN Earth Summit

‘Failure here is good for the world’s poor people. We need to redefine sustainable development as oil, gas, coal’ Continue reading

Rio green summit dismissed as ‘hoax that achieved nothing’

The UN’s Rio Plus 20 summit on sustainable development ended yesterday amid a torrent of criticism from environment and development campaigners, who said the colossal, three-day international meeting had achieved nothing. Continue reading

Moonbat: Rio+20 draft text is 283 paragraphs of fluff

World leaders have spent 20 years bracing themselves to express ‘deep concern’ about the world’s environmental crises, but not to do anything about them Continue reading