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You need to read some Craig Idso

I am negligent for failing to recommend the research and writing of Craig Idso more frequently here at Junk Science.

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Alleged GM experiment raises fear for parents

The parents of children in Hunan province who took part in a study allegedly involving genetically modified rice have expressed concerns over possible health hazards. The move comes as one of the authors of the study, Yin Shi’an, denied that the project used GM food. Continue reading

Catching a few more rays

A new type of solar panel can turn infra-red light, not just the visible sort, into electricity. But not very well yet Continue reading

New Computer Memory Material Goes Easy on the Juice

Multitasking has a price: Your computer is sucking up a lot of electricity keeping track of work you haven’t yet saved to the hard drive. Americans spend $6 billion a year on electricity to keep that data stored in a computer’s memory during operation. But that figure could drop sharply, scientists report this week, thanks to a new type of material than can permanently store such data—without needing a continuous trickle of electricity to do it. Continue reading

Why wood pulp is world’s new wonder material

THE hottest new material in town is light, strong and conducts electricity. What’s more, it’s been around a long, long time. Continue reading

Maurizio Morabito: Extending Ben Goldacre’s Appeal To Authority to real life

Bishop Hill has a post quoting Ben Goldacre’s “appeal to authority”:

“you have only two choices: you can either learn to interpret data yourself and come to your own informed conclusions; or you decide who to trust”

That statement misses a crucial point. Continue reading

Matt Ridley: Three Cheers for Scientific Backbiting

If, as I argued last week, scientists are just as prone as everybody else to confirmation bias—the tendency to look for evidence to support rather than to test your own ideas—then how is it that science, unlike cults and superstitions, does change its mind and find new things? Continue reading

Free access to British scientific research within two years

Radical shakeup of academic publishing will allow papers to be put online and be accessed by universities, firms and individuals Continue reading

BBC Radio 4: Philip Stott On ‘Reclaiming the Sceptic’

All scientists are sceptics, doubting both their own and others’ research, and weighing the evidence carefully to produce the most robust conclusion. Continue reading

New eyes in the sky

UI researchers develop technique to help pollution forecasters see past clouds Continue reading

Maurizio Morabito: A History Of Scientific Uncertainties (on their way to policymaking oblivion)

I know this story well about climate science. I am pretty sure it happens all the time in every scientific field that has social implications. Continue reading

Roger Pielke Jr.: Sarewitz on Bias in Science

In the current issue of Nature, Dan Sarewitz has a column about the threat posed by bias to scientific research.  Continue reading

Call for standards in egg bio-monitoring

Scramble of results could undermine common method of pollution monitoring Continue reading

Lights Out for Research Satellites?

Earth-observing systems operated by the United States have entered a steep decline, imperiling the nation’s monitoring of weather, natural disasters and climate change, a report from the National Research Council warned on Wednesday. Continue reading

William Briggs: Love Of Theory Is The Root Of All Evil

Love of truth, on the other hand, is the root of all that is good. Continue reading

Roger Pielke Jr.: Reader Mail: Win Some, Lose Some

If it wasn’t for his obsession with “decarbonization” and unshakeable belief in its righteousness despite all evidence… Oh well, Junior can still come up with plenty of interesting stuff: Continue reading

Mutant-flu researcher plans to publish even without permission

Virologist plans to defy Dutch government over export permit requirement for avian flu paper Continue reading

Bill gives big increase for fossil fuels research

Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are big winners in the House Appropriations Committee’s energy and water spending bill that was released Tuesday. Continue reading

Aus: Scientists want slice of our super[annuation funds]

I’m immediately against the idea. Super funds must safeguard their members’ savings and maximize returns to the extent that is secure and responsible. These funds are not a pool for union or special interest use and never should – make no mistake, “scientists” are one helluva group of particularly (and peculiarly?) interested people. First and final answer: “Absolutely not!” Continue reading

NYT: The Truth About the Doomsday Virus?

Two months ago we warned that a new bird flu virus — modified in a laboratory to make it transmissible through the air among mammals — could kill millions of people if it escaped confinement or was stolen by terrorists. Now Ron Fouchier, the Dutch scientist who led the key research team, is saying that his findings, which remain confidential, were misconstrued by the press. Continue reading