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Models are wonderful

Research shows that Electric Vehicles with energy sourced from renewable energy (wind, solar) are the healthiest.  A case of the model giving you the the output you want.  Continue reading

Supporting a predetermined conclusion?

Models say geoengineering to increase solar reflectance is inferior to CO2 removal.  Continue reading

Obama’s U-Turn: UN Climate Talks Going Nowhere

After one week of UN climate talks in Thailand, not a single country has made a fresh commitment, and US negotiators stunned delegates by calling for any new treaty to be ‘flexible’ and ‘dynamic’ rather than legally binding, representing a complete U-turn on its previous position. Continue reading

Courtroom Format To Debate Climate Change

A courtroom format in Orkney next week will tackle the question of climate change. Continue reading

Do greenhouse gases warm the planet by 33°C? Jinan Cao checks the numbers.

Jinan Cao has been dissecting the nature of the greenhouse effect and a key calculation that I normally just accept without questioning. This will set a few pigeons loose, but it will be interesting to see where they land. Continue reading

New paper finds climate models are unable to simulate effects of large volcanic eruptions

A paper published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research finds that current climate models are unable to simulate the climate following large volcanic eruptions, a major cause of natural climate variability. Continue reading

Destroyed Coastal Habitats Produce Significant Greenhouse Gas

Destruction of coastal habitats may release as much as 1 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, 10 times higher than previously reported, according to a new Duke led study. Continue reading