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H. Sterling Burnett: The Pro’s and Con’s of Romney’s Energy Plan

A great deal of ink has been spilled by commentators, journalists, and policy wonks since the release August 24th of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s energy plan. Continue reading

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Enbridge pipeline hearing focuses on economic benefits

Under fire from Alberta unions, Enbridge said Tuesday its proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will not cause job losses in the refining sector though it will be affected by higher prices for crude oil that will result if the pipeline goes ahead. Continue reading

Marita Noon: The “Yes, You Can” vs. “No, You Can’t” Energy Plan

President Obama’s energy policies have kept investment and jobs out of America; Romney’s energy plan can bring money and jobs back. Analysts are picking apart Romney’s 21-page energy plan that was introduced in Hobbs, New Mexico on August 23rd. Is energy independence by 2020 possible, or is it, as the Financial Times posited, “an act of hubris?” More important than whether or not his energy play is realistic is the international implications of his “independence” assertion and how he plans to get there. Continue reading

What’s an Electric Car Champion Doing in Romney’s Inner Circle?

Romney advisor Dan Senor says that traditional oil drilling is the technology of the past. The ‘real economic growth’ is in cleantech and greentech.

Well nobody said it was a perfect team. Continue reading

Canada Warns that Anonymous May Attack Oil Sands Energy Companies

According to documents that have recently been obtained by Bloomberg News this month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Public Safety Department, and Communications Security Establishment Canada, have all investigated threats that have been made against the Canadian oil industry by the Anonymous hacker group. Continue reading

Oil industry presses Obama on regulation

The US oil industry is increasing the pressure on President Barack Obama to pull back from new regulations on oil and gas production, stepping up its election advertising campaign in five key battleground states. Continue reading

Romney To Focus On Fossil Fuels

Energy Policy: Plan would end subsidies for renewable energy, makes no mention of climate change Continue reading

Oil Sands Mining in Utah Clears Major Hurdle

Two environmental organizations say they will continue fighting first large project in the U.S. Continue reading

Report warns of oilsands impacts on groundwater

Thousands of people depend on the water below Alberta’s oilsands region, but the effects of industrial development on those water tables is not yet fully understood, a new report says. Continue reading

Alaska pursuing unconventional shale oil development to fill its pipeline

Canada may have its Albertan oil sands, and North Dakota has its Bakken oil formation. But don’t count Alaska out when it comes to producing unconventional oil. Continue reading

Romney Energy Plan Would Expand Oil Drilling on U.S. Land and Offshore

Mitt Romney plans to unveil an energy plan Thursday morning in Hobbs, N.M., that would allow states more control over the development of energy resources on federal lands within their borders, as well as aggressively expand offshore oil and gas drilling — including along the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas — as part of a broader effort to reach energy independence. Continue reading

Mitt Romney says plan will achieve North American energy independence by 2020

Mitt Romney morphed into a traveling salesman here Thursday as he gave his best pitch for an energy plan that’s big on loosening environmental regulations and expanding domestic oil drilling and coal production. Continue reading

Romney energy plan promises ‘independence’

Mitt Romney is unveiling an energy plan aimed at making the United States independent of overseas oil by 2020 — giving himself seven years to achieve a goal of energy self-sufficiency that has eluded every president since Richard Nixon. Continue reading

Mischa Popoff: Even Worse Than California

In Canada we have a strange tradition of “spreading the wealth around.” Provinces are divided into “Have” and “Have-Not” categories, and the federal government redistributes wealth from the Haves to the Have-Nots. Aren’t you glad you’re an American?

But hold on. It gets worse. Continue reading

The Real Reason Why the U.S. Military is Going Green

Start drilling if you’re worried about supply, dopey and back it up with Fischer-Tropsch or better because we have coal literally to burn. Continue reading

David Strahan: We’re still on the slippery slope to peak oil

Technology and exploitation of unconventional sources can’t defer the long-predicted decline in global oil production Continue reading

The Horrifying Effects of a Canadian Tar Sands Oil Spill

Part of the US’s attempts to secure energy independence involves increasing the imports from friendly neighbours such as Canada. This has led to a large number of new pipelines spreading out across America in preparation for the increase in tars sands deliveries. Continue reading

We are Decades Away from a Cure for our Fossil Fuel Addiction

My name is Barry and I’m “addicted” to abundant, reliable, affordable energy supplies… and I’ll defend the use of those supplies for the good of my family and my community. Continue reading

Update: In situ oilsands output sets record

Drillable bitumen production reaches 1.037 million bpd in June Continue reading

B.C. businessman David Black wants to build $13B oil refinery

A self-described quiet environmentalist, not-quite-a-billionaire but “wealthy enough” businessman in British Columbia is proposing to do something that hasn’t been done in thirty years in Canada: build a refinery. Continue reading