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Ocean acidification

The current drumbeat is that (anthropogenic) CO2 has caused the oceans to be 30% more acidic.  Acid oceans certainly sound worse than just reporting the pH. Continue reading

Is the Chesapeake Bay becoming acidic?

Attached is an article on ocean acidification potentially damaging the oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, that doesn’t mention the actual pH. Continue reading

“Ocean Acidification”: A Sweet or Sour Talking Point FAIL?

There’s the science of man-caused global warming and there are the semantics of the issue. A major global warming talking point label begs for a deeper look into why it has every appearance of becoming an exceedingly inconvenient wipe-out, when it implodes under a simple exercise in common sense. Continue reading

Tom Nelson: This is what the end of the global warming hoax looks like: Environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau talks in detail about alleged threats to the oceans, but fails to even mention carbon dioxide or climate change

Things to Know With Jean-Michel Cousteau The Santa Barbara Independent Continue reading

Ocean acidification rate may be unprecedented, study says

It isn’t warming! Quick! Roll the alternate scare! Continue reading