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What is a Government Report worth?

We have considered the potential for politically motivated deceptions in science, economics, social and medical policy making.
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Computers Junking up Medicine

I commented in the recent past that computers get in the way of medical care.

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Healthcare ideas, versus Socialist Junk Central Planning

I Can’t resist putting this fine and brief and insightful set of suggestions up.

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Forbidden Topics In Health Care–Part One

The official line on health care, which pervades not only the mainstream, but also much of the alternative media is this: The most important thing is that we all receive the best care, and that someone else pays for it. Which brings us to our first forbidden topic…

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Switching To A True Health Care Model

With the IRS scandal shining a much-needed light on the miserable agency that would be the majordomo of Obamacare, we should also examine the preposterous “reasoning” at the heart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)… Continue reading

Ubi Caritas Est Vera, Deus Ibi Est

The title of this piece refers to the first line of an ancient hymn: “Where true charity is, there is God.” Health care—from the earliest times—has been at the nexus of organized religion, charity, and the community… Continue reading

One More Bad Idea: The Medical Device Tax

It may well be a fool’s errand to determine the worst provision of the mammoth Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), but this one surely belongs near the top of any list: Section 1405, the Excise Tax On Medical Device Manufacturers… Continue reading

A year-end look at Obamacare and the Supremes (So you won’t forget)

The heralded Supreme Court decision, in which a supposedly conservative chief justice would tie himself in legal knots to affirm the constitutionality of the biggest tax increase in US history, has surely been over-analyzed.  But, here’s a different take… Continue reading