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Latest from the Hymnal, natural gas won’t help

When apocalyptic predictions are made, there must be no wavering.

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H. Sterling Burnett: The Pro’s and Con’s of Romney’s Energy Plan

A great deal of ink has been spilled by commentators, journalists, and policy wonks since the release August 24th of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s energy plan. Continue reading

DECC Official: UK Shale Development Would Be ‘Misguided’

The Energy Secretary Ed Davey has moved to defend renewables after the appointment of two anti-wind ministers in the reshuffle. The new Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, and Energy Minister, John Hayes, both oppose wind farms. Continue reading

Benny Peiser: Britain Can Finally Make The Dash For Gas

In light of Britain’s struggling economy, it is becoming increasingly evident that the passion for green control and command policies is coming to its predictable end. Saving jobs and the economy is now the uppermost priority for Britain and most other European countries. Continue reading

UK: Cameron appoints oil and gas friendly decision-makers

Britain sent a clear signal of support to its oil and gas industry when it named an advocate of shale gas fracking as environment minister and a wind farm sceptic as energy minister. Continue reading

Computer Models, Actual Data, and Smog

A new study by Eduardo B. Olaguer of the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) purports to show that emissions from oil and gas operations will prevent nearby metropolitan areas — particularly Dallas-Fort Worth — from meeting federal ozone standards. Fortunately for people in the Metroplex, empirical data shows that such a conclusion is simply unsupported by the facts. Continue reading

Marita Noon: The “Yes, You Can” vs. “No, You Can’t” Energy Plan

President Obama’s energy policies have kept investment and jobs out of America; Romney’s energy plan can bring money and jobs back. Analysts are picking apart Romney’s 21-page energy plan that was introduced in Hobbs, New Mexico on August 23rd. Is energy independence by 2020 possible, or is it, as the Financial Times posited, “an act of hubris?” More important than whether or not his energy play is realistic is the international implications of his “independence” assertion and how he plans to get there. Continue reading

What’s an Electric Car Champion Doing in Romney’s Inner Circle?

Romney advisor Dan Senor says that traditional oil drilling is the technology of the past. The ‘real economic growth’ is in cleantech and greentech.

Well nobody said it was a perfect team. Continue reading

CSIRO wants ads pulled as coal seam gas industry claims rejected

Mostly this appears to be a case of a little puffery. CSIRO didn’t say “no risk,” they said “low risk,” something that could be addressed in a flash with an overlay text to that effect. It is no more an issue than “Australia’s favorite [product X]” style advertising. Continue reading

The Shale Revolution will Create More Competitive Energy Markets

The growth of oil and gas exploration in shales begun in North America is setting off a global race for shale E&P development and threatens to turn the old conventional energy order on its head. Continue reading

Plug In or Get Lost: Forcing a Shift to Alternative Cars

A new ruling requires US automakers to more than double average fuel economy by 2025 in a move that will push up prices for cars but more than offset the cost in fuel savings, but the longer-term effect will be to benefit the hybrid car industry. Continue reading

Oil industry presses Obama on regulation

The US oil industry is increasing the pressure on President Barack Obama to pull back from new regulations on oil and gas production, stepping up its election advertising campaign in five key battleground states. Continue reading

Romney To Focus On Fossil Fuels

Energy Policy: Plan would end subsidies for renewable energy, makes no mention of climate change Continue reading

Alaska Explores Extracting Oil From Shale Rock

Alaska, which has fallen behind North Dakota in oil output and whose Prudhoe Bay oil fields are waning, is exploring the possibility of extracting oil from the source rock on the state’s North Slope. Continue reading

Shale Revolution Produces Oil Discovery In Poland

San Leon Energy, a leadering player in the development of Poland nascent shale gas industry, provided the country’s resouce sector with news of a announces tight oil discovery. Continue reading

Schlumberger’s Clever Frack Takes Aim At Gas Costs

Production costs of natural gas from unconventional fields could tumble in the United States if a new technique developed by Schlumberger lives up to its billing. Continue reading

China’s Underground Race For Shale Gas

A new land rush is hitting China. This time, it’s not about investments in high-priced urban real estate, but about underground energy resources in provinces such as Guizhou and Anhui. About 70 Chinese companies — from large, state-owned energy companies to private sector firms — are lining up to bid in China’s second auction of shale gas exploration rights, expected to take place this summer, according to the China Daily. Continue reading

Russia: Shell-Shocked From U.S. Shale Over Shtokman

Russia will just be one of many gas producers competing for European and Asian export share. At no stage will Moscow be setting the price or volumes of global gas supplies. Anybody left paying oil indexed prices in Europe can expect to go bust. Continue reading

Josiah Neeley: Environmentalism’s Sword: Protectionism

Economists are famous for disagreeing among themselves. Yet on the subject of free trade, economic opinion speaks almost with one voice. In a recent survey, 87.5 percent of PhD members of the American Economic Association agreed that “the U.S. should eliminate remaining tariffs and other barriers to trade.” Continue reading

Moscow Times: Ministry to Adjust Strategy Due to Shale Gas Boom

The Energy Ministry plans to adjust its strategy for the period until 2030 because of the growth in shale gas production in the United States and liquefied natural gas output in the Asia-Pacific region, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said, Interfax reported Thursday. Continue reading