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EPA monster never sleeps–Baise tells of more farm woes

Here we go–more EPA ambition and overreach–24/7 they prove the fatal conceit is still alive. Gary Baise expounds.

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Gary Baise discusses new EPA effort to control farms

The EPA is like any bureaucracy, populated by people who think their preferences are golden.

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Mining Project in NY Condemned

Did you know there is more wild country now in America than ever, with all kinds of “monuments” that are no touch?

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Making Extinction Claims Come True? Wildllife Services’ deadly force opens Pandora’s box of environmental problems

Wildllife Services’ deadly force opens Pandora’s box of environmental problems, By Tom Knudson, Sacramento Bee

It seems the conservationist dream of creating the perfect planet is going a little awry:   “With rifles, snares and aerial gunning, employees have killed 967 coyotes and 45 mountain lions at a cost of about $550,000. But like a mirage, the dream of protecting deer by killing predators has not materialized.” Continue reading

Failing to utilize forest resource costs extra, for “ecosystem services”

If they logged the damned forest there wouldn’t be a need to thin it and burn it but no, they have to lock away a resource and charge extra to do so Continue reading