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Andrew Bolt: Waking too slowly from our green daze

How is business meant to plan investments, when the Gillard Government changes its mind so abruptly on taxes and mad multi-billion schemes? Dennis Shanahan:

The decision to end the negotiations to buy and close down Australia’s “dirtiest” brown-coal power plants is not just a shift in policy that might ultimately save the budget billions; it is another shift in the goalposts that sends the wrong signals to industry and investors.
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Greenpeace pickets Volkswagen’s flashy Golf launch

Environmental activists from Greenpeace picketed the flashy premiere of Volkswagen’s latest Golf hatchback in Berlin’s New National Gallery late on Tuesday, accusing the German carmaker of doing too little to reduce fuel consumption and tarnishing the most important model launch in the group’s calendar. Continue reading

Climate Needs To Move To Top Of Political Agendas, Denmark Says

Says the country perhaps most dependent on oil revenue. Continue reading

Bill McKibben: A Summer of Extremes Signifies the New Normal

Ol’ maniacal is sticking to form. Looks like there isn’t an idiotic claim he now won’t make. Continue reading

Public relations fail, straight from the green wackos – updated

Even though it is Fathers’ Day in the land Down-Under and I have a father to fete and children with whom to celebrate I must just share some correspondence received, apparently sincerely*, from dipsticks wanting you to not have children and to euthanize your pets. I kid you not. Continue reading

Sarah Wolpow: Telling my children about climate change

These poor kids are apparently being raised by a gibbering lunatic. I had thought the piece was an enviro-spoof – funny and almost plausible but no, this dipstick is actually trying to terrorize her own children on the basis of PlayStation® climatology: Continue reading

Shade cloth ‘could protect reef from global warming’

Ove seems to be competing with Jimmy for the title of most spectacular involuntary trolley dismount – and he cost me $100 because I wagered this was a spoof piece or inadvertently released April Fools plan. Incredibly, this is about a real paper published today by Nature Climate Change and includes the floating shade cloth pitch, along with plans to electrocute the reef, inter alia. Continue reading

Video: Obama’s attack on coal industry and employees

West Virginia residents face unemployment, jobs crisis Continue reading

Green Weenie Of The Week: Jerry Brown

I know what you’re thinking: what took so long for Jerry Brown to be awarded our coveted Green Weenie? Continue reading

From Atlazuki to Supermandia, what is it with enviroflakes?

Pretentious, much? Continue reading

To Save Our Ecology, We Must Move Beyond Hope

Finally, a point of agreement. I too believe eco activists are beyond all hope. Continue reading

Despite Chilly Reception, Greenpeace Vessel Approaching Arctic Drilling Platform

Boy’s Own Annual stuff from the greenpeas children:

ON BOARD THE Arctic SUNRISE, The Barents Sea — Each morning at about 9:30, an Illyushin-38 patrol aircraft zooms in from the aft, circles once and then flies off back south.Continue reading

Andrew Orlowski: Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy

Geothermal: what the frack is wrong with that? Continue reading

Patrick Moore on the facts and fiction of climate change

Patrick Moore on the Facts and Fiction of Climate Change

Thursday, August 9, 2012 –  Joseph Cotto, Washington Times

“I fear the irrational policies of extreme environmentalists far more than a warmer climate on this relatively cold planet (14.5 C global average temperature today compared with 25C during the Greenhouse Ages.” Continue reading

Luboš Motl reviews “Earth 2100″

Sorry, I won’t proofread the text below because I found the program extraordinarily stupid and decided that I have already wasted way too much time with it. Apologies for all the mistakes in the text below that remain uncorrected.Continue reading

Mischa Popoff: Organic Activists Endanger Your Health

Are organic activists preventing the effective control of mosquitoes in your area? Maybe it’s time to stand up to them, because mosquitoes are more than a mere nuisance; they can be deadly! Continue reading

Radical environmentalism growing, report warns; sparks Greenpeace dismissal

There is a “growing radicalized environmentalist faction” in Canada that is opposed to the country’s energy sector policies, warns a newly declassified intelligence report. Continue reading

Mine Succumbs To Obama’s War On Coal, Ohio

A stop not scheduled during the president’s third visit to the battleground state in four weeks was a coal-mining operation near Brilliant, Ohio, run by Ohio American Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Murray Energy Corp. The operation employed 239 workers at its peak but will be closing as the result of President Obama’s environmental policies. Continue reading

Researchers confirm link between economy, ‘green’ advertising

Demonstrating once again that “greenery” is reliant on affordability (making it a luxury good?). Whatever, only societies generating a societal surplus can afford environmentalism. I bet it really burns anti-capitalist greenies that they and their “issues” are completely dependent on wealth generation. Just look what a great job the US EPA is doing of destroying US environmentalism by assaulting the cheap abundant energy on which America’s wealth generation depends.

The amount of “green” advertising rises and falls in conjunction with key indicators of economic growth. That’s what three Penn State researchers found when they examined 30 years of environmental advertising in National Geographic Magazine, America’s leading nature publication, and compared it to what was happening with the gross domestic product at various points in time.Continue reading

Sam Fielding: Australia’s Green Ideological Disaster

Australia is providing a case study in the self-destructive politics of green ideology, when believers of the religion of global warming gain political leverage. Continue reading