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Aus: Billions in carbon compensation pits brown coal against black

THE nation’s dirtiest brown-coal power stations face a savage backlash from less-polluting coal facilities in NSW and Queensland, which are demanding that a $5.5 billion compensation package for the carbon price be radically revised after Labor’s backflips on key planks of the carbon policy. Continue reading

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Carbon Tax could raise $1.5 Trillion for the US government. No wonder politicians drool over dire predictions.

Why do we need a carbon tax? A study by John Reilly candidly explains why this is not and has never been about the environment. Continue reading

No early Australian link to Californian carbon market

No late one either. Continue reading

Carbon trading market research boosted

China is researching the foundation of a national carbon-trading market before linking with other countries’ carbon trading schemes, said a top climate change official. Continue reading

EU Carbon Permits Are Second-Fastest Rising Commodity

Let’s see, worthless plus 10% is … Continue reading

California Ramps up Policy That’s Taboo on Campaign Trail

Funny how carbon scammers are keen to talk up Australia’s doomed tax and catastrophic linkage to the EU suicide pact. Kind of like someone holding a gun pressed to their temple and yelling “Stop laughing! You’re next!” Continue reading

Aus: Labor momentum stalls as support for Greens hits three-year low

Actually the Socialist Labor Party didn’t really have any momentum, just one lone rogue poll on which the left pinned its hopes. Composite post on contemporary Australian politics and why we say the “carbon tax” is toast. Continue reading

Uh-oh. Downturn in Aus: $100bn mining projects threatened

Who’s going to plug the yawning chasm in the green/Left government’s budget now? There are no “mining super-profits” to tax and the carbon tax is imploding before it even gets going. Continue reading

Tim Wilson: EU Carbon Link Just More Hot Air

ANY business that buys cheap European emissions permits now may find them worthless by the end of the year. Linking emissions trading schemes isn’t as easy as the Gillard government makes it out to be. Continue reading

Aus: Did everyone miss it? Combet brags that Labor Party doesn’t care what Australian voters want

The line that everyone seems to have missed (or become numbingly inured to)  is one where Combet claims that Australians won’t be able to get rid of the carbon price even if they want to:

“(Greg Combet) said the linkage of the schemes would make it more difficult for Mr Abbott to axe the carbon price if the Coalition were elected.”   [Source: The Australian]

Continue reading

Aus: Eurocrats laugh at our scheme all the way to bank

IT is easy to find ways to poke fun at the EU and the tendency of its Brussels-based bureaucrats to draft detailed directives on the contents of sausages, the shape of vegetables and many other aspects of everyday life. Continue reading

Aus: Europeans have the last laugh on ETS

Whenever the Gillard government was told the bleeding obvious about the negative impact its carbon tax would have on our economic fortunes its response was defiant. Continue reading

Public relations fail, straight from the green wackos – updated

Even though it is Fathers’ Day in the land Down-Under and I have a father to fete and children with whom to celebrate I must just share some correspondence received, apparently sincerely*, from dipsticks wanting you to not have children and to euthanize your pets. I kid you not. Continue reading

Yorkshire: Clean coal action call by MPs to cash in on exports

TIM YEO: We need to strengthen our brand in order to do business with the Chinese Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: Number Of German Flyers Who Volunteer to Offset CO2 From Flights Is “Too Small To Be Measurable”!

I often have to listen to German greenies lecture the rest of the world about “responsible behavior” and “climate protection”. But when they are asked to make a contribution, they say no. Continue reading

As Green Climate Fund Finally Meets, Funding Remains Uncertain

Five months behind schedule, the board of the newest and largest international financing mechanism aimed at dealing with the effects of climate change, the Green Climate Fund, is finally slated to meet this week, just ahead of a late-summer deadline. Continue reading

U.N. fund could ease route to 2015 global climate deal

Board members of the U.N’s Green Climate Fund (GCF) must rise above politics when they meet for the first time later this week to help channel $100 billion a year towards the world’s poorest nations to fight the catastrophic effects of rising temperatures, and to act as a springboard to a global climate deal in 2015. Continue reading

Al Gore praises inspirational Australia

Al, even more full of it than usual. Since when are laughing stocks “inspirational”? Continue reading

Creditors line up as recycled CER seller goes bust

Total Global Steel has been forced into liquidation by creditors after a UK court ruled in May that the London-based trading house must pay Deutsche Bank 4.2 million euros ($5.1 million) in damages for selling the German bank recycled carbon credits. Continue reading

Graham Harris: Apocalypse Not: doomsday thinkers of Oz should get out more

Enviro-crank says we should spend bazillions on his quack cures because we are all so worried. Just look at all the money to be made (by scammers). Dipstick! Continue reading