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If Global Warming Promoters are Proud of all their ██████ ████████ Work, then Why do They Hide Parts of It?

We can apparently add one more situation to the growing pile of instances where folks pushing the idea of man-caused global warming are caught trying to hide inconvenient details. Continue reading

Washington Free Beacon: the ‘believe-it-or-not inaugural meetings of the progressive Democracy Initiative’

A must-read piece by Matthew Continetti, stemming from – of all places, Mother Jones – on how Greenpeace and other progressives want “… to change the rules of the game so that greens and unions can push their agenda….” Continue reading

Patrick Moore on the facts and fiction of climate change

Patrick Moore on the Facts and Fiction of Climate Change

Thursday, August 9, 2012 –  Joseph Cotto, Washington Times

“I fear the irrational policies of extreme environmentalists far more than a warmer climate on this relatively cold planet (14.5 C global average temperature today compared with 25C during the Greenhouse Ages.” Continue reading