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The politics of sea level rise-North Carolina outer banks

Development and use of the NC Outer Banks has been a political fight between those who believe in catastrophic seal level rise predictions and those who do not.  The latest salvo seems to be a piece in the Raleigh News and Observer showing a beach house in the waves during a nor’easter.  Continue reading

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Follow the green money

Obama has invested spent $120 billion on global warming says Senator Inhofe.  80% supposedly went to top donors.  The next time I hear about the money Big Oil gives to skeptics I’ll remember who has the biggest checkbook.  Apparently the best thing about political power is the bag of cash you carry to hand out to your buddies.

Bizarre ‘Fox Lies’ video: Alleged “Climate-Denying O’Reilly Fan” Now Believes Global Warming is Real

A case study on what happens when somebody makes an assertion about a Fox News personality without doing some elemental research into what he actually says or believes. Continue reading

Frontline Responds to Complaints on Oct 23 “Climate of Doubt”: Here, the Rebuttal to Frontline that PBS Ombudsman Won’t Put Online (*update)

(*11/19/12 update: a slight variant of this piece below was placed online at WUWT on 11/17. It would have appeared before this one, but as Watts notes at the top of my guest post, we had a glitch happening with spam filters. Also, please note the edits below at complaint points 2 & 3, courtesy of a WUWT reader)

On October 25th, JunkScience readers saw a partial version of Tom Harris’ guest post at Anthony Watts site, a complaint about a specific error seen in the 10/23 PBS Frontline program “Climate of Doubt”. Several other posts at Watts’ site raise serious concerns about the program’s arguably unfair treatment of anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming critics.

I jotted down my own while watching the 10/23 broadcast, and distilled thirteen of those the following day into an email complaint to the PBS Ombudsman. My letter appeared at the PBS Ombudsman site November 5th, seen about halfway down the page here, accompanied by Frontline’s point-by-point rebuttal. What follows is my rebuttal to Frontline, which, I’ve been assured, will not appear at the Ombudsman site. Continue reading

Gore’s Climate Reality Project begs Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer: Ask Romney and Obama about Climate Change

A petition drive to con Lehrer into bringing up the issue with the presidential candidates appears to be banking on the flip-flops of Governor Romney’s position, but this could backfire in the most spectacular way if Romney issues a mea culpa on who gave him advice on global warming when he was governor, and if Romney asks why Lehrer’s PBS NewsHour has not told its audience about the skeptic side of the issue for 16+ years. Continue reading

PBS NewsHour: “Please fill out a survey about our science and climate change coverage”

Their survey is at this link, a reasonably short one where question 13 happens to read: What issue(s) related to climate change do you think should be covered in future reports? Continue reading

PBS NewsHour global warming coverage: IPCC/NOAA Scientists – 18; Skeptic Scientists – 0*

[*4/15/14 Author update: The bias ratio now stands at 24 to zero. See below.]

Tom Karl appeared on the NewsHour 7/11 on behalf of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to describe how “climate change, including human factors, has increased the odds of extreme weather”. But what are the odds that his appearance there was among three hundred+ other instances where the idea of man-caused global warming was met with not one word of rebuttal from any scientist holding a skeptical viewpoint? Continue reading

FAIL: PBS NewsHour’s Anti-Heartland Institute Hit Piece has Problems Below its Surface

The PBS NewsHour sets up a premise about ‘harmful politics’ of global warming creeping into classrooms that is superficially plausible as long as nobody looks deeply into it. Continue reading

C3: HadCRUT Scientists Connect The Dots: Global Warming Has Switched To Global Cooling Over Last 15 Years

The fanatical green, anti-CO2 activist Bill McKibben has urged everyone to ‘connect the dots’ – so be it – HadCRUT researchers did just that and confirmed that global warming morphed to global cooling despite huge increases in human CO2 emissions Continue reading

Henry David Thoreau as global-warming researcher?

Comparing the dates Thoreau recorded of flowers in bloom with those today shows powerful evidence that global warming is taking place, say researchers.” And there’s something wrong with a slightly longer growing season? Continue reading

Ice hockey shows we are still recovering from the Little Ice Age

Well, not quite how they said it but it’s the same thing Continue reading

Skewered! William D. Nordhaus says we’re wrong!

I say earth has been rangebound at 288 ± 0.5 K for as long as people have seriously been trying to measure it (say, since 1850). I further say the great fuss over graphed “anomalies” of a statistical monthly base ± 0.01 °C increments is obsessing over trivia – the earth warms about 4 °C from January to July and cools as much back to January each and every year. So what?

In the words of Nordhaus et al that would make me a “global warming skeptic” although I would call that a misstatement.

I will go on record as saying global warming is an annual fact – there’s absolutely no denying earth warms almost 4 °C every year (annual global cooling is a fact too, July to January every year).

What am I then, that I am so often in contention with warming worriers?

Well, I am highly skeptical of claims of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. I do calculations like this using the IPCC’s most alarming numbers only to find that all the CO2 emissions from the United States’ entire coal-fired power generating fleet to end of century can only possibly add one-sixth of one degree at most to global mean temperature.

Do I care if the globe averages 288.15 K rather than 288 K in 90 years time? Not at all. It just doesn’t qualify as “catastrophic” to me, how about you?

It certainly does not justify crashing the global economy and radically disrupting the global energy supply when no human will be able to tell the difference without a sophisticated temperature sensing network and a great deal of number crunching.

So, CAGW skeptic? Yes I am, proudly so, in fact.

I’m also a PlayStation® climatology skeptic – climate models are process models helping us understand what we see, they are categorically not predictive models and have no known prognostic ability.

Global warming skeptic? Nah, this soggy ball of dirt and snow does that every year, fortunately – imagine how inhospitable it would become after just a couple of years of the July to January trend.

Nonetheless, here’s William D. Nordhaus telling you how wrong I and other skeptics are: Continue reading

Mike Lemonick: Natural Gas Our New Savior? Not So Fast . . .

Apparently it’s a big problem that we can’t be “saved” from imaginary threats. We don’t view the world that way, recognizing that the real threats to humanity and the environment are basically misanthropes and environmentalists (was that redundant?) Continue reading