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Or make it stand on it’s on

Cheap oil could hurt cellulosic ethanol development.  Continue reading

A victory for E15 users?

The 10th (DC) Circuit Court of Appeals has denied standing in a suit against E15.  Continue reading

E15? No E30

The founder of the American  Coalition for Ethanol is angry and feels cheated by the EPA because they stopped at E10 and should go to E30.  He pretty much guarantees it won’t harm engines.  Continue reading

Notice who isn’t included in this discussion

Interest groups fighting over the Renewable Fuels Standard.  The only interest group not in the discussion is the one that ends up paying for it.  Continue reading

US and EU must change biofuel targets to avert food crisis, says Nestlé chief

Food company chief executive labels biofuels an aberration and expresses concern about potential impact of water wastage Continue reading

Impact of climate change on food prices is underestimated, Oxfam warns

Price spikes will be a devastating blow to the world’s poorest and will also affect UK consumers

Well yes but the current solar quiescence does not guarantee we are in for a disastrous cold spell. We do, however, need to remain watchful and ensure we keep our options open – none of this burning food instead of fossil fuels nonsense. Continue reading

The era of cheap food may be over

The last decade saw the end of cheap oil, the magic growth ingredient for the global economy after the second world war. This summer’s increase in maize, wheat and soya bean prices – the third spike in the past five years – suggests the era of cheap food is also over. Continue reading