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Might I suggest this paper supports what Indur Goklany has been saying, prosperity improves adaptibility

Our ability to deal with weather and flood and wind events is directly related to infrastructure, that is dependent on prosperity.

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Kevin W on the drought

Williamson is a top flight essayist and jouranlist, in my book.

Here he talks about CA water troubles.

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Drought flip flops?

NASA says carbon emissions could cause 30+ year megadroughts.  They also said that the California drought was part of natural cycles.  What about all the noise we heard about the current drought caused by climate change?  Continue reading

CA gets rain–nothing like rain to make a farmer happy

I live in a semi arid part of the world–Central Texas is still in a long term drought. Our lake is down 11 feet, so we are stressed. Ground is wet though and the pasture “tanks” are OK.

Nothing improves my attitude like rain.

Here’s Roy Spencer’s update on that great rain that CA got, east of Sacramento Folsom Lake got a big rain, Shasta is much better off.

Shasta is a gigantic reservoir lake in Northern CA.


I wonder if they considered GHG’s

The California super rich don’t believe they are bound by rules for normal people, especially when it comes to green lawns and drought.  For a while, you just haul in water at exhorbitant costs.  Continue reading

Sierra on Idaho

An outstanding man, Sierra Rayne.

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What California Drought?

I was watching a Fox reporter showing the flooding in Glendora, CA.  None of the lawns or shrubs looked like they had any stress from lack of water.  It doesn’t look like any area I’ve been in that had a drought. Continue reading