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Sierra on Idaho

An outstanding man, Sierra Rayne.

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What California Drought?

I was watching a Fox reporter showing the flooding in Glendora, CA.  None of the lawns or shrubs looked like they had any stress from lack of water.  It doesn’t look like any area I’ve been in that had a drought. Continue reading

Damn the Drought, but not the Climate

Last week I jumped into a climate versus weather thing, and here we go again.

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Weak El Niño eases drought fears

The US government forecaster has issued its most definitive report since first raising the El Niño alert three months ago, forecasting a weak phenomenon that will last until the Northern Hemisphere spring.

Hmm… maybe. Time will tell what forecasters can’t but we are still not very good at predicting ENSO phases and events. Continue reading

The era of cheap food may be over

The last decade saw the end of cheap oil, the magic growth ingredient for the global economy after the second world war. This summer’s increase in maize, wheat and soya bean prices – the third spike in the past five years – suggests the era of cheap food is also over. Continue reading

The U.S. Drought and Electricity Generation

Well, its official – the U.S. government has acknowledged that the U.S. is in the worst drought in over 50 years, since December 1956, when about 58 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in moderate to extreme drought. Continue reading

Dropping water levels raise power plant questions

Drought conditions are draining a reservoir used to cool the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant, but officials of the eastern Kansas plant say there are no worries about safety or the ability to provide electricity to customers. Continue reading

Paper finds droughts & floods due to natural variability, not man-made greenhouse gases

A paper published in the Journal of Climate finds regional precipitation trends from 1977-2006 were related to natural variability of sea surface temperatures, not man-made greenhouse gases or aerosols. Continue reading

The U.S. drought is mostly a problem for poorer countries

This summer, the United States has slogged through its worst drought in half a century, causing corn and soybean crops to wilt across the Midwest and Great Plains. The effects appear to have been dramatic at first glance: Corn prices have shot up 60 percent since June. Soy prices have risen by more than one-third. Continue reading

About that UK drought: Bank Holiday downpours put 2012 on course for wettest summer ever

This summer could be the wettest ever, according to the Met Office, after downpours over the Bank Holiday weekend. Continue reading

The Cost of Hunger: Drought Only One Factor Behind High Food Prices

The severe drought in the US has been blamed the rising prices of agricultural commodities. But that is only part of the story: Biofuels, financial speculation and changing dietary habits are also playing a role. The global food supply faces pressure from all sides. Continue reading

Forest Razing by Ancient Maya Worsened Droughts, Says Study

Human-Influenced Climate Change May Have Contributed to Society’s Collapse

So, they increased the local albedo, cooled the surface and caused droughts… Okay. Cooling is known to be really bad for people and primary productivity. Continue reading

Drought Curtails Tornadoes

Without Thunderstorms, the Number of Twisters Plunges; Storm Chasers Lament Continue reading

World must brace for higher food prices, experts say

With drought parching farms in the United States and near the Black Sea, weak monsoon rains in India and insidious hunger in Africa’s Sahel region, the world could be headed towards another food crisis. Continue reading

Green groups worry Congress will cut land conservation program amid drought

Even as lawmakers fret this summer’s severe drought might cause another Dust Bowl, environmental groups are sounding alarms that Congress is slated to cut a program designed to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring in dry years. Continue reading

German National Weather Service: “No Significant Trend To More Drought In Europe…Dryness La Niña -Related”

In layman’s terms, that means: Forget the man-made global warming poppycock! Continue reading

A Different Approach to Coping With Drought

The bottom lie, literally, is that he wants $3million Continue reading

Dumb as doorknobs media: Drought and climate scepticism in corn belt

Extreme weather has visited Kevin Mainord’s farm business twice in the past two years. In 2011 a wall of water deluged his corn and soyabean fields after US authorities blasted a levee to relieve flooding on the Mississippi river. This year brought drought and weeks of devastating heat. Continue reading

Marlo Lewis: Hansen on Extreme Weather — Pat and Chip Respond

Last week, I posted a commentary on NASA scientist James Hansen’s study and op-ed, which attribute recent extreme weather to global climate change. In the op-ed, Hansen stated:

The deadly European heat wave of 2003, the fiery Russian heat wave of 2010 and catastrophic droughts in Texas and Oklahoma last year can each be attributed to climate change. And once the data are gathered in a few weeks’ time, it’s likely that the same will be true for the extremely hot summer the United States is suffering through right now.

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Extreme Heat, Drought Show Vulnerability of Nuclear Power Plants

Reactor shutdown in Connecticut is latest sign that nuclear energy would face challenges from climate change. Continue reading