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Do greenhouse gases warm the planet by 33°C? Jinan Cao checks the numbers.

Jinan Cao has been dissecting the nature of the greenhouse effect and a key calculation that I normally just accept without questioning. This will set a few pigeons loose, but it will be interesting to see where they land. Continue reading

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Nigel Lawson: Rational Climate Economics

Paper presented at the Erice conference “The Role of Science in the Third Millennium” – Erice, 20 August 2012: Session ‘Climate and Climate Economics’ Continue reading

Imaginative feature on Paul Nurse: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm

Bizarrely Sir Paul conflates scientific skepticism with superstition and taints CAGW skeptics with anti vaxxers and fear of modernity. CAGW hysteria is doing more damage to science and society that even religious zealotry has done and that is desperately dangerous. See this item for a direct quote from the IPCC’s Working Group I disclaiming an ability to predict future climate states and the linked examination of probable climate sensitivity to enhanced greenhouse effect, drawn directly from Earth’s natural greenhouse effect and too trivial to worry about or even detect amid the noise of natural variation. Continue reading

The boy who cried ‘Warming’

This is apparently a feature length video. It has ben strongly recommended to me although I have not yet had an opportunity to view it.

Readers are encouraged to post reviews.

Contradictory Statements By The American Meterological Society – Comments On The New Statement Titled “Climate Change”

In response to a request for further inconsistencies in the AMS Statement, I have reproduced my comment to a colleague of mine Continue reading

David M Hoffer: Lies, Damn Lies, and Anoma-Lies

Anomalies are unsuitable measure of global temperature trends Continue reading

Another confused effort: Proving the greenhouse gas effect does not exist

This time from Berthold Klein. These misguided efforts are a real worry. Just because GHE is poor nomenclature does not mean earth acts like a physical greenhouse (it doesn’t) but the lower atmosphere is most assuredly warmed by compression, conduction, evaporation and transpiration and through absorption of infrared radiation. All manner of seriously stupid claims are made with reference to the infrared absorption and radiation part. Continue reading