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Willie Soon and William M. Briggs: Global-warming fanatics take note – Sunspots do impact climate

Scientists have been studying solar influences on the climate for more than 5,000 years. Continue reading

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New paper finds climate models are unable to simulate effects of large volcanic eruptions

A paper published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research finds that current climate models are unable to simulate the climate following large volcanic eruptions, a major cause of natural climate variability. Continue reading

New paper finds another mechanism by which the Sun controls climate

A paper published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research describes an additional mechanism by which small changes in solar activity are amplified to cause climate change. Continue reading

New paper finds Southwestern US temperatures ‘have been relatively stable over last 500 years’

A paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters finds from temperature reconstructions that “Temperature trends in Southwest US have been relatively stable over last 5 centuries” Continue reading

Recent Antarctic Peninsula warming relative to Holocene climate and ice-shelf history

Rapid warming over the past 50 years on the Antarctic Peninsula is associated with the collapse of a number of ice shelves and accelerating glacier mass loss. Continue reading

Dinosaur die out might have been second of two closely timed extinctions

Still pushing the CO2 global warming line. Continue reading

Loss of tropical forests reduces rain

Hmm… sounds like they are talking about biological effects on cloud droplet size and formation – in the dry season. Continue reading

Announcement – Bob Tisdale’s New Book – Who Turned on the Heat? – “The Unsuspected Global Warming Culprit, El Niño-Southern Oscillation”

Bob Tisdale has published his new book, as he announced on his website Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations. Continue reading

New paper finds solar activity has a strong influence on Arctic winter severity

A paper published today in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics finds the ice winter severity index over the past 600 years in the Baltic region of the Arctic is “strongly modulated” by solar activity over periods as short as one decade. Continue reading

As Temps Rise, Cities Combat ‘Heat Island’ Effect

More than 20,000 high-temperature records have been broken so far this year in the United States. And the heat is especially bad in cities, which are heating up about twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: German Professor Says We Are “Treading On Thin Ice” With Our Interpretation Of Warming

Online German daily Die Welt here published a surprisingly anti-alarmist article written by Prof Wolfgang Behringer, a science historian at the University of Saarbrücken. Continue reading

Imaginative feature on Paul Nurse: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm

Bizarrely Sir Paul conflates scientific skepticism with superstition and taints CAGW skeptics with anti vaxxers and fear of modernity. CAGW hysteria is doing more damage to science and society that even religious zealotry has done and that is desperately dangerous. See this item for a direct quote from the IPCC’s Working Group I disclaiming an ability to predict future climate states and the linked examination of probable climate sensitivity to enhanced greenhouse effect, drawn directly from Earth’s natural greenhouse effect and too trivial to worry about or even detect amid the noise of natural variation. Continue reading

Research reveals contrasting consequences of a warmer Earth

A new study, by scientists from the Universities of York, Glasgow and Leeds, involving analysis of fossil and geological records going back 540 million years, suggests that biodiversity on Earth generally increases as the planet warms. Continue reading

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: An independent constraint on climate sensitivity

Abstract: Global CO2 emissions per unit increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration provide an independent constraint on climate sensitivity over the timescale of the available data (1960-2008), suggesting that, in the short term and perhaps also in the long, climate sensitivity may lie below the values found in the general-circulation models relied upon by the IPCC. Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: Veteran German Journalist Calls Claims Of “Unprecedented” Arctic Ice Melt “Gross Nonsense”

Veteran German journalist Ulli Kulke at his website writes about the Arctic ice melt: Never Say “Like Never Before“. German media have fallen all over themselves ringing the alarms over the “new record” – as if we have an Arctic Fukushima on our hands. Continue reading

Pierre Gosselin: Southern Westerly Wind Belt “Might Be Ultimately Forced By Solar Variability”

Atmospheric and ocean cycles are known to have profound effects on global weather and climate. Continue reading

Doug L. Hoffman: Where Did All The CO2 Go?

The subject of human carbon dioxide emissions and their build up in Earth’s atmosphere is at the center of the anthropogenic global warming controversy. It cannot be denied that humans produce CO2 in large amounts, both from burning fossil fuels and from land use changes. Continue reading

Some more climate hand-wringers from the AGU

The following highlights summarize research papers that have been recently published in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL), Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences (JGR-G), Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres (JGR-D), Water Resources Research (WRR), and Space Weather (SW). Continue reading

Boulder scientist: Oil plus soot creates more warming during wildfires

During a wildfire, particles of soot in the air can become coated with oil, increasing the warming effect of the dark-colored particles by 50 percent to 70 percent, according to Boulder scientists who based their findings on an analysis of the smoky plumes produced by the Fourmile Fire. Continue reading

$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change

$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change  

Further to Follow the Warming Money, here we find the National Science Foundation funding  the “Maryland Delaware Climate Change Education and Assessment project”

Teachers in Delaware and Maryland will have new climate change science resources to implement into the classroom due to a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. Continue reading