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More impending doom from climate change

A study shows that some Pacific coral atolls will become inhabitable from sea level rise within decades.  All we need is almost 2 meters of SLR in the next 84 years.  Continue reading

Climate science allows me to plan my weekend?

Piers J. Sellers, Acting Director of Goddard Space Flight Center, conflates weather models with climate models.   Continue reading

Obama’s U-Turn: UN Climate Talks Going Nowhere

After one week of UN climate talks in Thailand, not a single country has made a fresh commitment, and US negotiators stunned delegates by calling for any new treaty to be ‘flexible’ and ‘dynamic’ rather than legally binding, representing a complete U-turn on its previous position. Continue reading

Do greenhouse gases warm the planet by 33°C? Jinan Cao checks the numbers.

Jinan Cao has been dissecting the nature of the greenhouse effect and a key calculation that I normally just accept without questioning. This will set a few pigeons loose, but it will be interesting to see where they land. Continue reading

Climate change spawns salmon dilemma for San Joaquin River

Skeptical farmers often ask a big key question about the $2 billion revival of the San Joaquin River and salmon runs: How can cold-water salmon possibly survive here as the climate heats up the river?

Prominent fishery biologist Peter Moyle replies that the San Joaquin will be an ideal place for salmon in the future. It will be a pipeline of chilly snowmelt from the high Sierra.

But for years, nobody has been able to settle that debate with science. Now, using a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant, the University of California at Merced is working on at least part of the answer — a profile of the future San Joaquin River. Continue reading

New blockbuster paper finds man-made CO2 is not the driver of global warming

An important new paper published today in Global and Planetary Change finds that changes in CO2 follow rather than lead global air surface temperature and that “CO2 released from use of fossil fuels have little influence on the observed changes in the amount of atmospheric CO2” Continue reading

Doug L. Hoffman: The Mysterious Oxidant X

With the IPCC getting ready to churn out yet another frightening report based on consensus science in 2013, it is interesting to note that many things have changed since the previous report (AR4). Continue reading