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NGSS supporters and the Wyoming Legislature testimony

To provide a bit of context regarding my activities opposing the Next Generation Science Standards and its supporters, I offer up the following “look back” at my appearance before the Wyoming Education Committee in 2014.

As of 28 January 2015, the adoption of NGSS in Wyoming has not been determined.

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Weather disruption? Not

From the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a reliable conservative point of view.

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Swede says it’s coming a cropper.

The warmer hypothesis is getting more and more threadbare.

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Note on Denier Issue

Joe Bast says, I hadn’t seen this before… wow.

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Global Warming Causes Warm/Cold, Wet/Dry, Bigger/Smaller Lobsters

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Navigating the American Carbon World (with the UN)

There is much activity in the UN climate arena at the moment, as they push for yet another “Global Agreement on Climate Change”

At the moment, UNFCC executive secretary, Christina Figueres is boasting that they have an agreement to come to an agreement by 2015. Whilst it is to be hoped that this agreement to agree goes the way of previous ones, it highlights that they haven’t gone away and are determined to keep pressing on, no matter that the AGW paradigm is collapsing.

She gave a speech this week in San Francisco, entitled Navigating the American Carbon World
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Obama’s U-Turn: UN Climate Talks Going Nowhere

After one week of UN climate talks in Thailand, not a single country has made a fresh commitment, and US negotiators stunned delegates by calling for any new treaty to be ‘flexible’ and ‘dynamic’ rather than legally binding, representing a complete U-turn on its previous position. Continue reading