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Al Gore’s Army Spreads ‘Climate Gospel’ – Newsmax

“Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore is busily training an army of organizers to go out and spread his environmental gospel ahead of key climate talks in Paris later this year.

“At each session, he delivers an updated version of his Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” using the latest news footage and startling videos to show how the very fossil fuels that have powered so much innovation are leading to the demise of society.

“Air so hot it melts airport runways, floodwaters that crumble roads and bridges, methane that blows terrifying holes in Siberia and air pollution so thick it has shortened life expectancy in China by several years featured prominently during his three-hour presentation in Miami this week.

More Goreacle fear mongering here

Bill de Nye: Denying science is “unpatriotic”

Bill continues to embarrass himself and gain followers in the low-to-no information crowd.  Now he misrepresents the Constitution (U.S.) in an apparent effort to shame persons who don’t swallow the hook of anthropogenic global climate warming change  (with line and sinker).

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Haughty John Kerry on climate science – as settled as gravity

Speaking at the Atlantic Council ( http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/ ) today, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry offered this:

“So when science tells us that our climate is changing and human beings are largely causing that change, by what right do people stand up and just say, ‘well, I dispute that, or I deny that elementary truth?’ ”

“And yet there are those that do so,” he said.

By what right?  Several come to mind.  

Read more at http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/03/12/john-kerry-says-climate-science-is-as-settled-as-gravity/ .

Downhill with Bill Nye – Bare slopes in Jackson Hole, WY show climate change

H/T to Michelle Malkin for this one from Bill Nye back in early February, providing clear photographic evidence of anthropogenic global climate warming change weather disruption in Jackson Hole, WY, home of some of the most enjoyable skiing and snowboarding in the American West.  Also a fine location for the après-ski set.


But, as we might expect, there was one glaring error with the picture Nye posted – it isn’t a picture of Jackson Hole.

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NGSS supporters and the Wyoming Legislature testimony

To provide a bit of context regarding my activities opposing the Next Generation Science Standards and its supporters, I offer up the following “look back” at my appearance before the Wyoming Education Committee in 2014.

As of 28 January 2015, the adoption of NGSS in Wyoming has not been determined.

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Weather disruption? Not

From the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a reliable conservative point of view.

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Swede says it’s coming a cropper.

The warmer hypothesis is getting more and more threadbare.

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