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Imaginative feature on Paul Nurse: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm

Bizarrely Sir Paul conflates scientific skepticism with superstition and taints CAGW skeptics with anti vaxxers and fear of modernity. CAGW hysteria is doing more damage to science and society that even religious zealotry has done and that is desperately dangerous. See this item for a direct quote from the IPCC’s Working Group I disclaiming an ability to predict future climate states and the linked examination of probable climate sensitivity to enhanced greenhouse effect, drawn directly from Earth’s natural greenhouse effect and too trivial to worry about or even detect amid the noise of natural variation. Continue reading

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Daniel Mason: Stern climate change review ‘not fit for purpose’ says Tory MP

A senior British Conservative has called for the commissioning of a fresh independent study into the economics of climate change and sharply criticised economist Nicholas Stern’s six-year-old report – which warned that the costs of doing nothing to prevent global warming significantly outweighed the costs of acting. Continue reading

Poor seek to cut CDM access at UN climate talks

More than 130 of the world’s poorest nations have sought to pressure richer countries to agree new legally-binding goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by threatening to deny them access to cheap U.N. carbon credits, potentially making it more expensive for them to meet domestic emission goals. Continue reading

Eye-roller: Storms, drought overshadow UN climate change

Did you know there never was any bad weather before CAGW? We know it’s unprecedented because there is no word for “enhanced greenhouse effect” in Pitjantjatjara or in fact in any known aboriginal language. Q.e.d.. Continue reading

Reports: Breakthroughs continue to elude Bangkok climate talks

<chuckle> Disagreements over future structure of negotiations result in scant progress at latest round of UN talks Continue reading

California Ramps up Policy That’s Taboo on Campaign Trail

Funny how carbon scammers are keen to talk up Australia’s doomed tax and catastrophic linkage to the EU suicide pact. Kind of like someone holding a gun pressed to their temple and yelling “Stop laughing! You’re next!” Continue reading

Peter Lilley: Costly decarbonisation of the economy is based on a flawed review

BRITAIN embarked on a hugely ambitious policy to decarbonise its economy with virtually no scrutiny of the costs. Now those costs are starting to hit families and firms. Continue reading

Aus: Labor momentum stalls as support for Greens hits three-year low

Actually the Socialist Labor Party didn’t really have any momentum, just one lone rogue poll on which the left pinned its hopes. Composite post on contemporary Australian politics and why we say the “carbon tax” is toast. Continue reading

Quebec taxpayers sponsoring free two week holidays in the Magic Desert Kingdom of Doha (for young climate bloggers only)

If you are a “budding blogger” between 18 – 30 years of age, the “Adopt a Negotiator project” offers you a FREE two week stay in the Magic Desert Kingdom of Qatar – including “a generous per diem” – courtesy of the Quebec taxpayers. Continue reading

Aus: Europeans have the last laugh on ETS

Whenever the Gillard government was told the bleeding obvious about the negative impact its carbon tax would have on our economic fortunes its response was defiant. Continue reading

$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change

$5.8 million grant from NSF for education on climate change  

Further to Follow the Warming Money, here we find the National Science Foundation funding  the “Maryland Delaware Climate Change Education and Assessment project”

Teachers in Delaware and Maryland will have new climate change science resources to implement into the classroom due to a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. Continue reading

Peter C Glover: The Climate Change Racket: Finally a ‘Day in Court’?

It’s what we non-alarmists have long wanted: the climate change racket on trial in a court of law. In threatening National Review and its international columnist Mark Steyn with legal action over alleged “defamatory remarks” in his ‘Corner’ column, inventor of the famously debunked “hockey stick” climate graph, Dr Michael Mann, may have finally bitten off way more than he can legally chew. Continue reading

GOP platform highlights the party’s abrupt shift on energy, climate

Over the past four years, the Republican Party has undergone a fairly dramatic shift in its approach to energy and environmental issues. Global warming has disappeared entirely from the party’s list of concerns. Clean energy has become an afterthought. Fossil fuels loom larger than ever. And one way to see this shift clearly is to compare the party’s 2008 and 2012 platforms. Continue reading

Lewandowsky – Shows “skeptics” are nutters by asking alarmists to fill out survey

I‘m putting on a conservative, understated hat. This could be the worst paper  I have seen — an ad hom argument taken to its absurd extreme, rebadged as “science”. Continue reading

Author: Journalists ‘Cover Energy And Environment Subjects As Liberal Activists,’ E-Mails Show

Liberals claim to support transparency in government – until conservatives start finding shady things through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Continue reading

Finance key as U.N. talks on climate deal resume

The U.S., Japan and the EU will come under pressure this week to pledge billions of dollars a year from 2013 to help the world’s poorest nations fight climate change, as negotiators from more than 190 countries meet to advance talks on a new global climate pact. Continue reading

Tim Ball: Climate Science Falsehoods Repeated With PR Orchestrated Counterattack

Why do ‘official’ climate scientists need spin doctors? Because they practice politics not science. Climategate like Watergate was completely undone by the cover up of disgraceful behavior disclosed in emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in November 2009. Continue reading

Video: Michael Mann Gets Four Minutes For High Sticking

Marc Morano discusses Michael Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ hyperbole and his threats to sue Mark Steyn for calling him a climate fraud. Continue reading

Just for laughs: Climate change deniers ‘are either extreme free marketeers or conspiracy theorists’

Lewandowsky, ‘nuf said.

An Australian study says avid climate change deniers tend to be either extreme free marketeers or conspiracy theorists who believe the moon landing was faked or Princess Diana was murdered.Continue reading

Study: Carbon tax could raise $1.5 trillion

They just love your money: Continue reading