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US and EU must change biofuel targets to avert food crisis, says Nestlé chief

Food company chief executive labels biofuels an aberration and expresses concern about potential impact of water wastage Continue reading

Impact of climate change on food prices is underestimated, Oxfam warns

Price spikes will be a devastating blow to the world’s poorest and will also affect UK consumers

Well yes but the current solar quiescence does not guarantee we are in for a disastrous cold spell. We do, however, need to remain watchful and ensure we keep our options open – none of this burning food instead of fossil fuels nonsense. Continue reading

The era of cheap food may be over

The last decade saw the end of cheap oil, the magic growth ingredient for the global economy after the second world war. This summer’s increase in maize, wheat and soya bean prices – the third spike in the past five years – suggests the era of cheap food is also over. Continue reading

Price of essentials rises by 10 per cent

The G20 is under growing pressure to call an emergency food summit after the price of essentials jumped by ten per cent on average in July. Continue reading

Biogas Boom in Germany Leads to Modern-Day Land Grab

Creating energy from corn once seemed like a revolutionary idea in Germany. But subsidies for the biogas industry have led to entire regions of the country being covered by the crop, and investors are eagerly waiting for local farmers’ land to go for sale. Some of those farmers who lease their land say they have been “ruined.” Continue reading

Is Ethanol Cheaper Than Gasoline?

CLICK HERE to tell the EPA to waive the ethanol mandates and  relieve pressure on our nation’s food supply, fuel prices, and vehicle fleet. Continue reading

Biofuels industry to Obama: Hang tough on renewable fuel standard

Well imagine that, subsidy farmers want subsidies and mandates kept Continue reading