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America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment

This wonderful piece of Journalism comes from “Inside Climate News”,  author, Katherine Bagley, 10th September 2012.

“While outspoken scientists of human-caused climate change in the United States endure torrents of freedom of information requests, hate mail and even death threats from skeptics, their counterparts abroad have been free to do their work without fear.

“I feel for my American colleagues and what they’ve had to deal with,” said Tim Lenton, an earth system scientist who specializes in climate tipping points at the University of Exeter  in the UK. Continue reading

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Moonbat: The cabinet reshuffle is a declaration of war on the environment

Well it’s about time. Nature has been attacking humanity from day one and as we all know, appeasement never works. Time to give it a darn good thrashing! Continue reading

Can science prevent the great global food crisis?

Previous agricultural revolutions have saved us from starvation – and we need another one now, says Michael Hanlon. Continue reading

Small signs of improvement in the UK?

Geoffrey Lean seems troubled by a Cabinet reshuffle in the UK – that can’t be bad Continue reading

Dems back global climate deal in platform

Good reason not to back Democrats Continue reading

Obama’s 2nd-term agenda: Global warming, immigration, taxes

President Barack Obama says his Republican challenger has the “wrong vision” for the country. So what is his? Continue reading

Aus: Govt breached faith on power stations: Greens

The tinkerbells are always upset when reality intrudes. Continue reading

Imaginative feature on Paul Nurse: A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm

Bizarrely Sir Paul conflates scientific skepticism with superstition and taints CAGW skeptics with anti vaxxers and fear of modernity. CAGW hysteria is doing more damage to science and society that even religious zealotry has done and that is desperately dangerous. See this item for a direct quote from the IPCC’s Working Group I disclaiming an ability to predict future climate states and the linked examination of probable climate sensitivity to enhanced greenhouse effect, drawn directly from Earth’s natural greenhouse effect and too trivial to worry about or even detect amid the noise of natural variation. Continue reading

Arctic becomes cold war zone

Global warming has ignited a rush to exploit Arctic resources — and Greenpeace is determined to thwart that stampede.

Gee. I hope those green people don’t get too badly hurt as they are swept aside as the misanthropic garbage they are. Continue reading

Peter Lilley: Costly decarbonisation of the economy is based on a flawed review

BRITAIN embarked on a hugely ambitious policy to decarbonise its economy with virtually no scrutiny of the costs. Now those costs are starting to hit families and firms. Continue reading

Uh-oh. Downturn in Aus: $100bn mining projects threatened

Who’s going to plug the yawning chasm in the green/Left government’s budget now? There are no “mining super-profits” to tax and the carbon tax is imploding before it even gets going. Continue reading

Josiah Neeley: Environmentalism’s Sword: Protectionism

Economists are famous for disagreeing among themselves. Yet on the subject of free trade, economic opinion speaks almost with one voice. In a recent survey, 87.5 percent of PhD members of the American Economic Association agreed that “the U.S. should eliminate remaining tariffs and other barriers to trade.” Continue reading

In Arctic, Greenpeace picks new fight with old foe

Global warming has ignited a rush to exploit Arctic resources—and Greenpeace is determined to thwart that stampede. Continue reading

Aus: Outmanoeuvred: how Combet blindsided Greens into policy backdown

IT was about six weeks ago that Greg Combet made his move. The implementation phase of Labor’s carbon pricing regime was over; the emissions tax was up and running. Continue reading

Environmental Guilt Is Big Business

39% of Americans feel ‘green guilt’ for wasting food, a much higher number than letting the sink run while they brush their teeth or not buying those stupid low-flow toilets. The 2012 Eco Pulse results are in. So look for the latest marketing campaigns from environmental activism corporations soon. Continue reading

Dennis Ambler: Samples of U.S. Government Grants to the Global Warming Industry

$1.9 million in environmental justice grants 10th May 2010 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $1.9 million in environmental justice grants to 76 non-profit organizations and local governments working on environmental justice issues nationwide. Continue reading

Food processing: Telling the other side of the story

Longtime journalist says antagonism toward processed food requires strong, consistent response. Continue reading

[Aus state] Victoria halts ‘fracking,’ coal seam gas exploration

Victoria put a hold on hydraulic fracturing, a technique used to produce hard-to-reach gas deposits, and a halt on new coal seam gas exploration licenses. Continue reading

USDA panel gets altered-crops pay plan

For the life of me I can’t understand why we pander to the organic scammers. Are we to compensate snake oil salesmen if beneficial products are mixed with fakes? Not a good idea? Neither is pandering to the “accidental is better” crowd, whether they are the perpetrators of the fraud or simply the food superstitious who have been duped. Continue reading

UNFCCC Newsletter #31

It is not true that UNFCCC stands for “United Nations for Союз Советских Социалистических” (UN for Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh or Union of People’s Councils). In fact it is supposed to be the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and entirely coincidental that the organization is densely populated with anti-democratic big “S” Socialist anti-capitalist zealots. Continue reading