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Marlow Lewis on the Clean Power Plan

The president is picking energy winners and losers and ignoring the facts.  Continue reading

Just think how much fun it’s going to be when we actually dump coal power

The recent cold weather has put quite a strain on the electrical grid. Continue reading

Some comments on the Clean Power Plan

The EPA is still doing outreach in support of the plan and we are getting “news releases” on comments.  Continue reading

Other than cost a lot, what does it do?

Steven Moore takes down the Clean Power Plan.  Continue reading

$18.3 trillion per degree. Such a deal I have for you.

Industry groups estimate the Clean Power Plan will cost $366 billion.  At 0.02°C reduction in global temperture, that’s $18.3 trillion per degree.  Continue reading

Germany: A look at our renewable future?

Thirty percent of Germany’s electrical power is from renewable sources such as wind and could be putting Germany on the brink of financially serious blackouts.  Maybe that’s why there is a push for more coal-sourced electricity.  Continue reading

Coal has no future

Christina Figueres, UN Climate Chief, says so and even suggests that China is taking this very seriously.  Continue reading