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Bizarre ‘Fox Lies’ video: Alleged “Climate-Denying O’Reilly Fan” Now Believes Global Warming is Real

A case study on what happens when somebody makes an assertion about a Fox News personality without doing some elemental research into what he actually says or believes. Continue reading

Gore’s Climate Reality Project begs Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer: Ask Romney and Obama about Climate Change

A petition drive to con Lehrer into bringing up the issue with the presidential candidates appears to be banking on the flip-flops of Governor Romney’s position, but this could backfire in the most spectacular way if Romney issues a mea culpa on who gave him advice on global warming when he was governor, and if Romney asks why Lehrer’s PBS NewsHour has not told its audience about the skeptic side of the issue for 16+ years. Continue reading

Where’s Al Gore?

He’s missing? We hadn’t noticed. Apparently some have though: Continue reading

S. Fred Singer: Paul Ryan, the Perfect Anti-Gore

Vice-president hopeful Paul D. Ryan is the polar opposite to former VP Al Gore. Instead of promoting fears, the candidate is a pretty solid skeptic when it comes to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW). Romney is obviously comfortable with that stance and is using Ryan to reposition himself on the issue of global warming and energy. Continue reading

Pachauri’s TERI helping to produce “green” cigarettes

Remember that Al Gore told us that “Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!”

Well, in amongst a heap of greeny initiatives in this ExpressIndia  piece, we find a snippet about cigarettes which doesn’t attract the usual vituperation, because, hey,  they are green. (Someone once told me that’s the color they are in California).

Friendly Factory
An unusual, eco-friendly initiative sees a cigarette factory doing it’s bit for environmental conservation.

Continue reading

Mark Whittington: Al Gore Misuses the Moon Shot Analogy in Global Warming Speech

Former Vice President Al Gore is put out that many people doubt what he thinks is the reality of man-made global warming.  Continue reading