NYT illiterati spews a dischord–Joe Bast thinks he deserves a break–OK

I have a tendency to use colloquialisms for purposes of attention getting.

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NYT expands on the eggs cholesterol food nanny problems

I thought this was pretty good for an article written by from the belly of the junk science nanny beast.

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Freeman Dyson, genius, expounds on science and the warming hoax

If you read his biography, you realize, there’s smart and then there’s genius. He’s to physics and math what Mozart and Beethoven were to music except there are many genius musicians, and I don’t know how many Dysons there are.

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Enviro sugar daddy money –Just consider this from the early 90s until today–billions

This recent fuss about funding for people who debunk the warmers is hypocrisy. The enviros are flush, the opposition is running on a shoestring. All the advocacy, pr, and research money is going to the lefty greens.

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Better results by eliminated the RFS?

The NRDC sues the EPA to save the Monarch butterfly.  Continue reading

Wanna hear some lies, check out NYT and the EPA

This cooler heads blog just needs to be your read.

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Woops, missed a good essay by Fred Singer–sorry

He discusses the PAUSE.

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