Newt is a central planner RINO–he loves to make big statements, even when he’s ignorant

The last thing we need is more NIH fumbling, the lack of antibiotics is the result of FDA excesses.

NIH is a menace. They fund all kinds of junk science and cover for misconduct. We know, we have been dealing with their funding of research featuring irresponsible epidemiology that relies on small associations. They also fund junk toxicology. They even fund and tolerate unethical human experimentation.

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Items from Idso–lessons in climate studies

Articles that are good for my eye from Craig’s new items.
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More on censorship and intimidation by the intellectual tyrants of the green gang

So they try to intimidate academia, now museums?

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Craig Idso always makes my day

I thought I would just send you what Craig sends me regularly, always great stuff.

Craig is one of the editors, with his dad and Bob Carter, of the books published by the Heartland and the Non Gov International Panel on Climate Change.

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Nephew of Iran’s supreme leader warns the bamster about taqiyya in an open letter

Here is a letter from an Iranian physician, whose life is in danger for sure, the nephew of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and he says his uncle can’t be trusted to tell an infidel the truth.

No big surprise. We have repeatedly explained that problem here at JS.

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RICO Law and the Clinton Foundation–criminal enterprise?

The RICO Law provides for special prosecutorial leverage and penalties. It is intended to deal with the nature of criminal enterprises–the mob was the original target–organized crime. Now the use of RICO has been expanded by prosecutors when conspiracies and criminal organizations and systematic criminal activity are apparent.

The Clinton’s have been involved in a mob like arrangement with their foundation–and other activities. May involve money and corruption and I know you’re shocked, but remember they both like power and money, and they are both politicians.

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Conservatives for stupid Solar–whores for Steyer

Talk about fake out–these clowns will do anything for money.

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