Intellectual tyranny and totalitarianism, scientific misconduct discussed–not a pretty thing

I am just a humble emergency physician, and a push cart professsional trader–but the inegrity of science is essential to my life–I must practice medicine with respect for scientific principles–or I am a clown–a charlatan.

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Advice for Lawyers on detecting junk science–not bad

I like this so much and it is so succinct and efficient, it deserves another plaudit and just a paste for the people who hate going to a link.

From a National Law Journal:

Published on The National Law Review (

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Tim Ball discusses the EPA legal assertion that warming was unproven

They get to play with words and concepts because judges are putty in their hands and lawyers for the opposition are feckless and ignorant, intimidated by the “experts” whoring for the enviros and the agency.

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CO2 dynamic production and fluctuations–some counter intuitive info

Everybody is so anxious about GHG flux and assumes that advanced nations emit more.


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Urban heat islands and “hottest year on record” claims

I guess we have to remind our allies and those who will listen that the surface temp record is biased to warming, because of political factors and skimming and culling recording instruments and their locations, but alos, very imporantly, the heat island effect created by urbanization.

Craig Idso, an extraordinary scholar and writer, provides a very cogent discussion.

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Henry I Miller on organic foods and the nannie/meddlers

Some people just have to be fussin’ about somethin’. Henry Miller MD is a big name in the biz of toxicology. A very wise and sensible man–who knows GM foods and the whole business of “healthy” food promotion. Continue reading

Jo Nova on the consensus

No big surprise here.

Besides, the “consensus” is related to social and professional pressure.
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