No… study does not show that 20% of college freshman have been raped

A new study from Brown University social “scientists” claims that 18.6 percent of freshmen women surveyed at a university in upstate New York in 2010 endured at least one completed or attempted rape. Continue reading

Senate: EPA driven by politics, not science — Steve Milloy told the Senate that 20 YEARS AGO.

My how time flies — and nothing gets done. Continue reading

Falling for the media ambush

I continue to be amazed that politicians on our side are so ignorant and gullible–Romney should have evisceerated Crowley on the spot–but he’s such a nice and chicken shit man.

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Captain Long discusses the sociopathic nature of Marxists

Ideologues are, by definition, fanatically committed to a some fixed philosophy or political/social/intellectual canon/doctrine. Captain Long is interested in sociopaths in positions of leadership and power.

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Do they stay up late at night thinking up ways to explain things?

The EPA definition of cleaning up the Kalamazoo River is such that a sports angler can have 125 meals/year from fish caught from the River. Continue reading

More Bad News For Psychotropic Meds

A few years ago, I covered certain disturbing findings regarding psychiatry and its relationship with the pharmaceutical industry: The major psychoactive drugs are no better than placebos; the “chemical imbalance” theory of mental illness is mostly nonsense; and psychoactive drugs are being given to children as young as two.

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Revisiting the question of reliability of published studies.

John Ioannides MD, at one time an obscure Greek physician, has made a name for himself and been elevated to a special status at Stanford School of Medicine for exposing the problem of junk medical journal research.

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