Gluten free diets overrated but favored by food fetishists

Some people just need to be anxious.  Some people are obsessive/fetishist by nature.  Kind of like the fussy people who are always objecting to the food put on their plate.

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Let’s revisit the crime of Ruckelshaus–banning DDT

The EPA started off bad and it has gotten worse.

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Intellectual tyranny in a Catholic Jesuit University

I regret to see the continual slide to the left of the Catholic Church and its academic institutions, as exemplified by Notre Dame, the Dominican and Jesuit Schools.

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About the same places as food crops

We now have best places to grow biofuel crops by models.  Continue reading

Cold is warm, warm is cold, say the warmers

They think that the coldest November in a long time is just a prelude to the warmest year.  I am Michael Jordan and can dunk with both hands.

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The Upper Mississippi is closed for business

I recently visited the Mississippi for my high school reunion–drove down from Minneapolis to Prairie du Chien in Southern Wisconsin–might impressive to see.

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WAPO has a new lefty chatterer with a degree in English, who is a climate prognosticator

Chris Mooney is a young and stupid man–but what’s new in the journalism business about that?

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