Wind is supplying 8% of the electricity needed? Wow. Like could gerbils do better?

This really sets the table–these clowns put up hundreds of multi million dollar windmills and waddutheyget? Pissant production, inefficient, unpredictable electricity produced by ugly big scars things on the landscape.

Oh for the good old days of energy plants secreted away in out of the way spots.
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This is a no brainer–does more electricity cause progress for 3rd world countries?

OooooH GEEEE I don’t know.

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No Hurricanes of any note for a record period. Danny fizzles in the Atlantic

This is going on now for a long time–Algore flunks the predictor test again.

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Anyone in the house who can defend whole word, look-see reading?

My father, a physician, was so damn mad he could spit. He found out about look-see when 2 of my brothers were in early grade school–he got em out of that school in less than a week after he found out the silliness of look see. I was in college at the time and saw his anger that his boys were being cheated.

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Don Feder talks the Vienna deal with Iran v Munich deal with Mr. Nazi

He points out that it is worse, I would agree. And to anticipate any complaints about junk talkiing politics–remember political science includes international relations, international law, history, cultural studies–how is that not intellectual inqiry, and science in the broad sense of the word.

If psychology and sociology are science–politics is practical application of those discipline with a dab of history and philosophy.

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Marita discusses oil prices v. gas prices–lack of syncrony

It’s about refinery capacity and distribution.

A more complete explanation by Marita–a great essayist, who puts out good stuff every week.

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Attention food fetishists and people who “eat healthy” hardy har har

Here are two examples of why I think we should not be so obsessive about what we eat.

Lettuce is overrated as food, and eating clean (no carbos or gluten) is silly

I recommend moderation in all things, avoid excess eating because it makes you fat and that ain’t good, after that I say that the idea of junk food insults my intelligence. I prefer Italian to Oriental, but both are food. Same with Mexican and fast food–it’s got good stuff in it. Steak on the grill is a religious experience, same with BBQ, but that’s taste–some would consider Quiche a religious experience or a really good salad.

My wife makes a wonderful salad, discussed below, but the point is that lettuce is fake food, mostly water.

Organic food is about chemophobia and mysticism.

And another rule, food should taste good–people who eat some “healthy” foods have obviously trained themselves to suffer their “healthy eating” obsessions.

The writer reminds me of the diagnosis–orthorexia. I like a diagnosis if I can make one.

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