More news on the great John Ioannides and his campaign for scientific integrity

How can I express my support and gratitude for Ioannides’ work.

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Most published medical research is FALSE — 85% of research funding WASTED, says Stanford study has been right for 17.5 years! Continue reading

I like to blow up myths–here are some allergy myths

Lots of things you thought were known are just plain wrong.

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Aussies reject climate models as proven to be unreliable

We knew that.

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Great NASA position on the satellite system that is supervised by Christy and Spencer

Satellite temp records are 24-7, and around the globe. They assess temp based on oxygen vibrations in the high troposphere.

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Psych drug discussions–how to improve prescribing practices

A report of the meeting of psychopharmacological gurus.

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Bamstercare still faces some legal Challenges

Wouldn’t that be just awful–no socialized medicine to promote rationing and mediocrity and harass physicians, nurses and hospitals.

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