Be careful what you ask for

The chemical industry is lobbying for federal rather than state-by-state regulations of chemicals.  Continue reading

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I wonder if they considered GHG’s

The California super rich don’t believe they are bound by rules for normal people, especially when it comes to green lawns and drought.  For a while, you just haul in water at exhorbitant costs.  Continue reading

Attorney full time employment rule

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality says EPA doesn’t have the authority to make GHG rules. Continue reading

White Elephants in the North Sea

Germany’s flagship off-shore wind project, BARD 1, hasn’t operated since going online in August 2013 because of technical problems. Continue reading

Notice who isn’t included in this discussion

Interest groups fighting over the Renewable Fuels Standard.  The only interest group not in the discussion is the one that ends up paying for it.  Continue reading

Who says the warmists refuse to debate?

A live, online UN debate is set to last 60 minutes.  Looking at the cast of debaters, it seems more like a press conference.  Continue reading

If summer happens on a weekend

That’s not quite as much as a joke when you have an unexpected summer snow storm.  Continue reading