Jack Dini debunks plastiphobia

Very nice. BPA and other components that make plastic do a better job, are safe.

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Do you smell junk science genomic “research” on autism? I do

Physical chemistry mapping of the DNA of the human genome and knowing what it does are two different things. Here come some genome researchers who say they are on to something about autism. And I am not convinced they are even doing good research. Multiple inquiry and statistical significance as a measure of reliability come immediately to mind.

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Discussion of Dengue and West Nile, both neuroinvasive.

Dengue or “breakbone” fever and West Nile are both mosquito borne viral diseases that cause encephalitis.

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I don’t think I’d drink that

The explanation for a lower sewer surcharge on a brewery gets mangled into the methanol content of beer being valuable for wastewater treatment.  Continue reading

Plate Climatology Theory: Heat from tectonic activity contributes to climate change

The Sun, quite obviously, is the first order driver of Earth’s climate, but a much neglected second order driver can contribute significantly to short term variations. The theory proposed by geologist James Kamis is that periods of active Earth Tectonism or Volcanism, either locally or worldwide, can be correlated to periods of active climate change and climate-related events. Continue reading

Old style. I haven’t heard “toxic cocktail” in a while.

China’s shipping pollutes says the NRDC.  Continue reading

We could hope

The climate propaganda panic de jeur is a GOP takeover of the senate and filling key positions with “deniers.”  Continue reading