A time for choosing plus 50

I believe in capitalism, I hate socialism and the arrogant despicableness of it; how it crushes the human spirit and makes humans into sheeple.

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So many fools, so little time–dietary supplements

Understand this, the basic food groups as far as your intestines and liver and muscles and tissues are concerned are amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, minerals, vitamins. Your body is a stupid but amazing machine. Chemicals don’t get religion or have preferences, they take your diet as it comes in and make the most of it. Cells are non judgmental.

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A victory for E15 users?

The 10th (DC) Circuit Court of Appeals has denied standing in a suit against E15.  Continue reading

Tornadoes in swarms? Or just better detection?

New research says that tornadoes have a greater tendency to come in swarms (days with multiple tornadoes) than in the past.  Continue reading

We corrected this Nature headline…

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Spinal cord regeneration research looks good

I know that peripheral nerves will regenerate, but this research deals with cord regeneration.

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Why We Bite the Invisible Hand’

Financial Post columnist Peter Foster’s terrific new book on anti-capitalist psychology is reviewed by the Washington Times. Continue reading