Heard of Sylvia Burwell? Well she’s the new bamstercare momma

She and the HHS bamstercare project are having some problem, that resulted in cheating on the enrollment numbers.  Imagine that, the administration that cheats on unemployment cheats on its precious bamstercare.

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Maybe it was the economy, STUPID

Goldman Sachs, the perennial insider investment/banking concern, says the people are restive and with good reason.

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Humberto Fontova discusses the barbarian physician, Che and his running dog allies

The American Media has a funny way of deciding who’s a humanitarian–usually the first test is –is the person a socialist–you know, a socialist, like Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pal Pot, Castro, and that charming rogue Che, yea, the scruffy guy on the lefty t-shirts with blood on his hands.

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Do you know what Roy Spencer knows about lake effect snow?

Well Buffalo gets it worse than Cleveland Toledo, or Chicago or Milwaukee because of the wind, the shape of Lake Erie and the position of Buffalo.  A cold wind running down the pipeline that is narrow Lake Erie.



Sierra on lake effect snow–old story not end of the world story

Naturally the brain dead climate people are blaming Buffalo Snow on warming.

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Mary Landrieu and the Keystone gambit

I lived in Louisiana for a time, and it was a hoot–good food, great people, corruption like you would expect of a state one writer called northern Costa Rica.  However I think Costa Rica has less political highjinks.

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Zero would be a good number

The EPA’s delay in setting the ethanol percentage in the Renewable Fuel Standard is causing some problems.  Continue reading