Renewable crony capitalism?

A billionaire is working to get a 2% renewable mandate for fuel oil in New York.  Continue reading

Nice guy: Roger Pielke Jr. touts warmist defense of him at Willie Soon’s expense

Warning: Never share a foxhole with Roger Pielke Jr. Continue reading

NYTimes objects to Netanyahu’s insistence that Iran give up its terrorist ways

In a shocking editorial slamming the Israeli PM’s “unconvincing” speech: Continue reading

Terrorist Iran defends itself in NYTimes with Clintonian excuse

Really unbelievable… Continue reading

More on the food nannies nonsense

I know you think I am piling on, but here is another essay that discusses why we should STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE FOOD NANNIES.

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A continuing obligatin to get Dave’s comment up.

I will just try this one more time to get Dave Burton’s comments on the Freeman Dyson and the carbon dioxide statements properly stated.

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RIP M. Stanton Evans — Pioneer of Conservative Movement

Among other books and accomplishments, Stan Evans wrote the definitive account of Joe McCarthy and his times. Continue reading