Endangered Species Act shenanigans? Shocking

This is one great area for speculative but very effective hand wringing–my goodness, the disappearance of a bird or a fuzzy mammal is really important–but even a bug or a lizard or a bladderpod plant bring tears to me eyes.

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The latest biofuel de jour just in time for the oil glut

Ethiopian mustard, or carinata, seems to be getting some PR in the we can convert anything to biofuel business.  Continue reading

Marquette promotes leftist intellectual tyranny and immorality

A lot of my high school classmates attended Marquette–which is now in the bag for leftist thought and intolerance. The Jesuits now run indoctrination centers, not Universities.

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Nasa observatory reveals high CO2 concentrations in southern hemisphere

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:

By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul2

We all know that it is us wicked developed countries that are destroying the world with our CO2. This doubtlessly explains why CO2 concentrations are so much higher across a wide band of the southern hemisphere.


The International Business Times reports:

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The EPA is being reasonable?

The EPA’s new coal combustion residuals (CCR), or coal ash, rules might even be characterized as reasonable.  Time will tell if looks are deceiving. Continue reading

Given a choice would liberals and socialists hate a conservative? Why sure they would

I think liberals are intolerant and not very charming. David Goldman says it’s worse than that.

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What oil will be in the Keystone Pipeline?

Obama just said it is oil from Canada and Canadian companies that will just pass through to the world market.  Continue reading