Bad week in Black Rock

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EPA has no shame or integrity

Read this–

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Paul Driessen on methane

An excuse for expanding government.

Paul Driessen speaks to the issue.

You may recall that last week JS put up a post from American Thinker by Fred Singer pointing out the methane fear nonsense.

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2009 EPA public relations slop for the morons in the public

Do not, ever underestimate the ignoranance of the public.

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Gas Prices and Economic Ignorance

Normally I don’t pay much attention to gasoline prices. In any given locality I’ve never seen enough difference in price to justify driving around looking for the cheapest one. Continue reading

More Calabrese–just so you’ll know the deal on linear non threshold–Ed’s the man

Pursuing the completion of the info load that Ed Calabrese sent me on the problem of linear no threshold nonsense–here’s the final two more explanatory papers, linked below.

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And Churchill and I agree on Islam and Socialism–as well as a good cigar

One more thing–Churchill warned against the commies and Islam, and we should be reminded of his assertions regularly. He said that both ideologies were corrupt and evil and tyrannical.

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