A new wrinkle on extinctions caused by “climate change”

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Clarice Feldman makes good sense about the Soros funded traveling riot circus

I have said quite a bit on the various cases that become media and political charades to push the race grievance agenda.

The essay by Clarice regular contributor to Sunday American Thinker covers some things very well.
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Sam Harris on islam, the not religion of peace

This essay at Huffington Post–a pathetic website usually, puts up a rational and insightful lesson on islam.

This was something recommended by Brad Thor–thriller novelist, conservative, patriot in his current interview with Rush published on the Limbaugh Newsletter–always a valuable source of news and analysis.

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Allen West gets it

Want an inspiration, read this.

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Melting fresh water floating ice would actually cause a sea level rise

I din’t think about this, but some people did. The density of fresh water is less than salt water so melting fresh water ice would cause a slight increase in sea level.

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Telemedicine makes sense.

Telemedicine was starting 40 years ago in places like Nebraska. Then it was like modern day tele conferencing with studio cameras and sound.

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Springtime for HIT: Electronic Health Records In the News

With apologies to Mel Brooks, we examine, once again, the 500 pound gorilla within healthcare information technology—electronic health records (EHRs). Ten weeks ago, we discussed EHRs within the context of Medicare reimbursement penalties—applicable to providers who are not “meaningful users” of EHRs—starting in 2015.

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