Exclusive Report from UCLA: Michael Mann stunned when asked about Nobel prize fakery

Here is an exclusive and detailed account of the UCLA Hammer Museum event featuring hokey stick inventor Michael Mann. —>

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Hospital owned Medical Groups more expensive than physician owned–surprise?

Bureaucracies are more inefficient and costly.

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New York Times, can we talk junk journalism and why anyone would read such a rag?

Humberto Fantova, expert on Commies and tyrannies in the Western Hemisphere, discusses the complicity and collusion of the major commie newspaper in America–the NYTimes. The only thing more disgusting is that the NYT is in the bag for Muslims against the Jews and Israel.

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Daylight savings time is the answer to obesity? Or maybe it’s NO.

Couch potato obesity may sink the UK welfare state and the answer is an extra hour per day of sunshine?  Maybe extra nitric oxide will help. Continue reading

Polling and politics–junk methods produce deception on purpose

I continue to be irritated with media efforts to cover for the bamster, their favorite politician of all time.

Polling by Pew, a liberal organization indeed should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The Battleground poll is the best, Gallup is not so much, NBC, NYT, ABC WAPO CNN are what they are, an arm of the dem socialist machine. They get their marching orders from the left. Then there are serious agit prop machines like the Soros sponsored outfits.

However the government agencies are a part of the system–like the Bureau of Labor Stats and their ginned up unemployment numbers.

Here’s Bruce Walker, a regular very insightful political commentator at American Thinker to provide some perspective on this polling report that has been publicized so much.


Sea Level rise the height of a man?

The headlines say sea level could rise the height of a man, the text says only a 5% chance.  Your latest propaganda from contemplations on seal level rise. Continue reading

MINI change? YMMV

There is a big splash that the BMW MINI Cooper fuel economy labels require changing based on an EPA audit.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Continue reading