Is there really a debate about the efficacy of helmets?

When I played football the best helmet was the Rydell, with a suspension head support inside supplemented with some padding. A lesser design for the time was the Wilson, that relied more on padding. The Chicago Bears used Wilsons. Rydell won that battle for approval.

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National Security nonsense by the bamster discussed by Morano

Here’s a guy with a thin portfolio on everything, being an affirmative action hack, and now he who is a national security train wreck doing the “squirrel” trick, ignoring savage islam and claiming that warming is a destabilizer. Au contrare, warming brings prosperity and reduces global conflicts and wars.

Morano explains.

Something to consider–the problem of the porno philics

This is a worthwhile consideration.

I would include with this discussion the problem of young males who can’t grow up and sit at home masturbating to their computers.

I would suggest that the pervs who go to the public library are exhibitionists. Different pathology but in the same track of sexual perversions.

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Florida rejects the Medicaid expansion and the Offer You Can’t Refuse from the bamster gang

Rick Scott generally is a weakling, but he’s right on this one.

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Kermit Gosnell is a butcher with no conscience

Here is a taste of the evil that is Kermit Gosnell. However George Tiller was no better.

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Can we pay off our debt–not really

So what is the answer–well it’s called the big lie.

Borrow against the future and pretend that the borrowing will prevent the collapse, but in the meantime debauch the currency–the solution to paying off debt–make the payment in nothingdollars.

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This study on Charter Schools is despicable.

Damn these people, they set up a straw man–the failure of charter schools to provide transportation and meals, and then assume that means that Charter Schools are discriminatory.

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