“Grooming” children, a despicable form of sexual predation in muslim cultures

In a world full of evil, one cannot help but be angered by politicians, social services and social scientists and law enforcement looking the other way. Problem is bigger in places where muslim populations are large enough for what amounts to no-go areas of sharia/muslim dominance.

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Jon Hall’s essay may be my winner on the King Jurisprudence

This guy Jon Hall really covers some ground.

He even covers an IRS trick that Roberts and Scalia didn’t address.

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17th of Ramadan coming up

You know that muslims are big on anniversaries. For example Sept 11 was the day of a couple of big humiliations for the Ottoman Army of the Caliphate at Vienna and Belgrade.

But a great victory was won on the 17th day of Ramadan at Badr, the first big victory for the great prophet (peace be not on him), which this year coincides with July 4th.

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Another voice on the King V Burwell SCOTUS issues

Here’s a well informed guy from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and his essay is a fine one.

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Lloyd Marcus says it well–deviancy should not be condoned or promoted

What can I add to Lloyd Marcus’s fine essay linked here on how we are being intimidated by sexual deviants leading the brass band of the High Holy Church of Anything Goes?

Mr. Marcus is a strong voice for conservatism who writes frequently and unerringly at American Thinker.

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Cholesterol, heart disease, statins, Update and Review on the debate

We have many postings here at JS on the problem of treating the numbers to prevent heart and vascular disease and the side effects and problems with statins.

Here is a succinct discussion by an emeritus prof of surgery U of Washington School of Medicine. Published by my favorite editor, Jane Orient MD, Internist and exec of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Eschenbach and Orient on Mercury–sensible Toxicology

Willis is a remarkable man, scientific to the core, brilliant insights and Jane Orient is one of my favorite physician/editor/writers.

I am privileged to know and admire these authors–here they take the mercury scares and the issues apart for your benefit, and mine.

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