How much plastic in the ocean?

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Jane Orient provides wisdom

I have always been impressed with the essays of Jane Orient at the newsletter of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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Plastics are endangering the ocean life–oh horrors

Should I really play to these anxious enviros–since they are full of concern and have no concept of the magnitude of the biosphere and the trivial matters that plague their small minds.

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Fracking is safe, jackasses

Here is another handwringer proposal.

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I love those fighting Scots

I have a friend who is a Scot–he says these people who would interfere with Scot life need to be clubbed. I do believe he means it.

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Here’s a review of public health achievements

I would not object to the listing.

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Guns are an epidemic? Only in your small brain, nannies

If I kill you with a knife, is that the beginning of a knife epidemic? Huh?

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