RFK jr and fanatic Hansen would put the Kochs, Monckton and Soon in jail

Hysterical climate nutcases are meeting and marching in UN town–how appropriate.
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Lifson puts up a good reason to question Zeke–Raquel is lookin’ good

Thomas Lifson jumps on a pic that says it all–there are plenty of nice old people who are happy. Zeke needs to advocate for the concept that they deserve our support and care.

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Continuing concern about Ebola transmission

I don’t have an opinion about this or even a clue about the concern that ebola could mutate to air transmissability, but one has to understand that fluids heavy with the virus could become air borne–that’s not aerosolization, but droplet transmission.

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Paul Driessen reviews the fracking issues

Never hurts to remind of the insanity of these socialist totalitarians.

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Artificial Science On…Artificial Sweeteners

This one has it all: Research from a prestigious institute published in a prestige journal; a provocative and contrarian set of findings; topical subject matter, sure to attract mainstream media; and the use of ultra high-tech genome sequencing in the too-cool-for-school realm of the gut biome. Just published online in Nature, the study is entitled “Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota.” [Suez et al.]

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Another climate summit publicity stunt?

Rockefellers divesting from fossil fuels. Continue reading

Climate summit publicity stunt?

Finnair is hyping used cooking oil in jet fuel.  They don’t say what the blend percentage or if it is more than one flight on one aircraft. Continue reading