5 responses to “DDT

  1. Just found this great resource. Thanks, Steve.

  2. Yawn! Why is it Westerners don’t have to spray any chemicals in their houses lest they get a mosquito-borne disease? Oh yeah they created wealth and cities instead of living in swamps. Poverty is killing the millions not lack of DDT. The real killers are those in power in the poor countries who refuse the let their countries create wealth but instead prefer to keep the people under their thumbs and force them to be poor and rely on foreign aid.

    DDT isn’t a magical silver bullet but another chemical for which dangerous insects can build up resistance if used improperly.

  3. Wow this might be the craziest blog I’ve ever stumbled on. “DDT is God for Me!” Drink up buddy

  4. Oops sorry I meant DDT is GOOD for me – but maybe my slip-up was more appropriate

  5. Really! You need to look at the incidence rate of polio in areas that used DDT. The decline in use also resulted in decline in incidence.
    organophosphates create a similar problem but more localised to the brain. (Purdey)

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