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Milloy: More Ground Zero junk science

By Steve Milloy
April 24, 2013, New York Post

Are 9/11 responders at greater risk of cancer from their Ground Zero exposures? Or are they at greater risk of cancer from excessive post-9/11 medical testing? Continue reading

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Claim: Cancer rate 15% higher than normal for 9/11 responders — JS: Nonsense

Just how would 9/11 rescue work have caused prostate cancer, for example? Continue reading

‘9/11 dust’ kills Donna Summer

Disco queen blamed lung cancer on Twin Towers poison cloud

Secondhand PTSD?: 9-11 mental health workers suffer trauma

“Secondary exposure to the trauma histories of others.” Continue reading

NY Port Authority Forgets Fireproofing Lesson of 9-11?

A structure built to withstand a passenger being flown into it? Continue reading

Asthma rates double for WTC first responders?

Doubtful. Continue reading

9-11 dust caused atherosclerosis in rescuers?

“Thou shalt commit junk science” is a commandment that came from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Continue reading

9-11 firefighters at greater cancer risk?

Nope. Despite news reports about this new study in The Lancet, there was no statistically significant association between cancer incidence and (hyper-studied) World Trade Center firefighters. Ten years after the 9-11 horror, it is time to move on from the 9-11 junk science.

Asbestos Fireproofing Might Have Prevented World Trade Center Collapse

By Steven Milloy
January 18, 2007,

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I suggested in this column on Sept. 14, 2001 that many lives could have been saved if asbestos fireproofing been used in the World Trade Center. Continue reading

Asbestos Column Raised Awareness

By Steven Milloy
September 20, 2001,

Last week’s column, “Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives,” produced tremendous and polarized reader response. Continue reading

Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives

By Steven Milloy
September 14, 2001,

Asbestos fibers in the air and rubble following the collapse of the World Trade Center is adding to fears in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terrorist attack. The true tragedy in the asbestos story, though, is the lives that might have been saved but for 1970s-era hysteria about asbestos. Continue reading