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Milloy: More Ground Zero junk science

By Steve Milloy
April 24, 2013, New York Post

Are 9/11 responders at greater risk of cancer from their Ground Zero exposures? Or are they at greater risk of cancer from excessive post-9/11 medical testing? Continue reading

Claim: Cancer rate 15% higher than normal for 9/11 responders — JS: Nonsense

Just how would 9/11 rescue work have caused prostate cancer, for example? Continue reading

‘9/11 dust’ kills Donna Summer

Disco queen blamed lung cancer on Twin Towers poison cloud

Secondhand PTSD?: 9-11 mental health workers suffer trauma

“Secondary exposure to the trauma histories of others.” Continue reading

NY Port Authority Forgets Fireproofing Lesson of 9-11?

A structure built to withstand a passenger being flown into it? Continue reading

Asthma rates double for WTC first responders?

Doubtful. Continue reading

9-11 dust caused atherosclerosis in rescuers?

“Thou shalt commit junk science” is a commandment that came from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Continue reading