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Proud to Announce the NIPCC Climate Change Reconsidered II

I am a proud supporter of the efforts of Heartland to stop the crazy warmers.

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They want to Starve the Carbon Based Units

My friend and high flying Agriculture Lawyer, Gary Baise, midwest farmer hissownself, and DC Law Firm Doyen of EPA regulatory abuses, writes a regular column for Farm Futures

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Fresh Water under Salt Water

The ground water reserves for many areas of the planet are under the ocean floor.

Very interesting development. Earth is called the blue marble for a reason, the water is here, the distribution is the problem for some.

Climate change to cause global food crisis

Food may cause almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions: study Continue reading

Adaptation: Companies tackle ‘weird water’ risks head-on

On a Mongolian potato farm that supplies crops for Frito-Lay chips, parent company PepsiCo has reached water savings of 30 percent by installing pivot water systems, a transition from the flood watering that formerly hydrated the fields. The firm, which nets $65 billion annually, expects to convert again, this time to drip irrigation, using 50 percent less water than traditional farming methods. Continue reading

Eye-roller: Don’t Waste the Drought

WE’RE in the worst drought in the United States since the 1950s, and we’re wasting it. Continue reading

Ben Pile: “It’s the Stupid Economy”

Bill Clinton: cutting use of natural resources would help US economy – Former president says US would recover faster from financial crises if more effort was made to use resources sustainably Continue reading

Global fight for natural resources ‘has only just begun’

Academics and business figures gave a grim warning at the Resource 2012 conference, but defended the Rio+20 outcomes Continue reading

Nestle’s “Mr Water” more worried about H2O than CO2

Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck has a new mountain to climb. The 67-year-old is trying to goad world leaders into action to avert a looming water crisis. Continue reading

Global Water Shortage? Problem Solved Forever

Two materials scientists from MIT have shown in simulations that nanoporous graphene can filter salt from water at a rate that is 100 to 1000 times faster than today’s best commercial desalination technology, reverse osmosis (RO). Continue reading

Robert Bradley Jr.: ‘Peak Rock’: The ONION Goes Neo-Malthusian (Fixity/depletion curse expands)

“We are on a collision course to a world without rocks. Only take as many rocks as you absolutely need.”
– Dr. Victoria  Merrill, author, No Stone Unturned: Methods For Modern Rock Conservation

“Think about it. When was the last time you even saw a boulder?” – Henry Kaiser (geologist and Onion expert) Continue reading

You’re weighing the planet down: Global weight gain more damaging than rising numbers

Researchers say that increasing levels of fatness around the world could have the same impact on global resources as an extra billion people. The team estimated the total weight of people on the planet and found that North America had the highest average. Continue reading

New Report: WWF’s Failing Credibility – Why WWF’s Rio+20 Program to ‘Green’ the Global Economy is Delusional

The pro-development NGO, World Growth, today released a new report, which concludes WWF is wholly out of touch with the real world.  Continue reading

HTL: Alice in Wonderland: UNEP Warns of New “Tipping Points” Being Reached.

Since when did a pop culture meme like the ‘tipping point’ become suitable for discussing serious scientific ideas? More on this in another post. But for now . . . Continue reading

Pachauri, McKibben to speak at BIG Green Week in Bristol, UK

Bristol’s leading reputation as a green city will take centre stage this June when it hosts the UK’s first world class festival of sustainable development.

Confirmed speakers include: Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud, (UK TV presenter and WWF “ambassador”), US activist and author Bill McKibben, IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri, chief executive of the Eden Project Tim Smit, the National Trust’s Fiona Reynolds, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, and author and activist Tony Juniper, (former CEO, Friends of the Earth UK.) 

Presumably Pachauri and McKibben will then have to hot-foot it to Rio to take part in Rio+20, where they will tell the world to cut down on air travel and live a simpler, more sustainable life style.

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Michael Lemonick: The Issue of Population is More Than a Little Radioactive

Talk to people who care about the environment and you’ll hear plenty about pollution, deforestation, sustainability and climate change. What you won’t hear is the word “population,” unless it refers to populations of endangered species. Continue reading

Botanists launch bid to rescue the world’s threatened habitats

One hundred of the most endangered habitats in the world are to be restored in a major global project. Continue reading

Aus: Coalition joins government in warning against forcing gas producers to sell product cheaply, locally

THE federal Coalition has warned against industry moves to mandate the use of Australian gas for local industry, in a strong call for a free market that does not force one group of companies to subsidise another. Continue reading

ExxonMobil says Australia risks squandering resource opportunity

US oil giant ExxonMobil joined the call for more certainty in the Australian business environment, warning that current government policies risked harming the nation’s growth potential. Continue reading

Philip Cross: The end of thought?

Jeff Rubin forgets that knowledge, not cheap oil, brings growth Continue reading