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Vitamins report has everybody in a tizzy

Colorado researchers found negative effects in people who ate extra vitamins. Big splash in the news. Vitamins can hurt you and cause cancer–talk about a scare.

We warn you–don’t trust observational epidemiological studies with small associations even if you like the results–be an honest scientist.

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Vitamins to fight the Nazis

Imagine that, a war machine on vitamins.

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Vitamin D is all the rage

This started a while ago–I started running into people taking big doses of Vit D–of course I was skeptical, that’s what I am.
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Wasting 28 Billion Dollars in America

That’s the cost of vitamins and supplements annually in the U.S.

Studies recently reported no benefit for taking supplements and vitamins except in some special circumstances. Folate in pregnancy is a good example to prevent neural tube defects.

Why do you suspect that I knew that and I am not impressed with the claims made?

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Cochrane: Routine Vitamin C effective in preventing common cold — in athletes

Routine supplementation of vitamin C in the general population is not justified for the prevention of colds. But athletes may benefit. Continue reading

Magic Vitamin: Folic acid supplements early in pregnancy may reduce child’s risk of autism by 40 percent

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