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Flu vax breakthrough?

This would be an improvement on this year to year shuffle for vaccine effectiveness.

U of Toronto Continues its plunge into junky science curricula

I am astounded.

Toronto would claim to be a very urbane and educated place.

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Malaria vaccine a big disappointment

I have a problem with this vaccine–the rate of benefits is way below what vaccines normally provide.

In fact this vaccine would be rejected if judged properly.

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Kimmel makes fun of junk scientists–nice

Some say that making fun of the idiots beats a formal debate–I agree, and Saul Alinsky always encouraged vilification and lies as a much more effective tool than rationality and civility.

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MMR and autism–will this shut these people up? Probably not

The study is an effort to finally answer the question.

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I had some classmates that suffered polio and were left with terrible disabilities. that’s not counting the ones in iron lungs and who died. Continue reading

When the Kennedys get crazy–it is a sight to behold

You might remember that Kennedy means generally irresponsible and rich enough to get away with it.

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