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Enteroviral infections, measles, llegal immigration invasion, vax rates, Salon may be wrong about Disneyland measles outbreak

Roger Hedgecock is a San Diego talk show guy.

He says that illegals may be a big factor in the Disneyland measles thing.

Vax rates for illegals are deplorable and they are not being properly monitored in the schools for vaccinations, so the rate of non immunized kids is rising.

More surprising to me is that Hedgecock says that if you go to Disneyland you will be surprised to find that a significant segment of the attendance is not speaking English.

I won’t disagree that the CA fruit and nut factor has reduced the vax rate, but, as Victor Davis Hanson portrayed in his book Mexifornia the state long ago turned the corner and is a bastion of Mexican, South American Illegal immigration–no surprise if there would be outbreaks of the pediatric preventable infectious diseases.

The entero virus outbreak is another form of outbreak. Yesterday I saw a person with a coxackie or enteroviral illness rash (coxackie is a form of enteroviral infection that can produce heart and solid organ damage).

The patient was miserable and had only been sick for two days. Reminded me that viral infections come in many flavors and are sometimes nasty. Recall that there have been outbrreaks of Entero 68 and 71, mostly respiratory.

Coxackie A is a bad boy, particularly in newborns, often lethal. Cox B causes heart infections and is thought to be a cause of juvenile diabetes from hitting the pancreas, Not to be trifled with.

Lately entero 68 and 71 have made an appearance with some seriously sick kids, hospitalizations and deaths.

Flu may be worse–when have I heard that before

Naturally Thomas Frieden is warning that the flu vax is not so good, the virus has mutated, oh horrors?

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Discussion of Dengue and West Nile, both neuroinvasive.

Dengue or “breakbone” fever and West Nile are both mosquito borne viral diseases that cause encephalitis.

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Can I make a case for flu and pneumonia vaccine?

The ACSH posting reminded me to recommend that vaccine for flu and pnemonia are still important for the susceptible particularly.

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Takedown of an idiotic immunologist

I get really irritated with Doctorate types create phony scares or cheat in their area of expertise on behalf of an agenda–personal or political.

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Flu talk, it’s fall.

So every fall i have to get my flu vaccine to stay right with my job.

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More on vaccines from ACSH

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