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Kimmel makes fun of junk scientists–nice

Some say that making fun of the idiots beats a formal debate–I agree, and Saul Alinsky always encouraged vilification and lies as a much more effective tool than rationality and civility.

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MMR and autism–will this shut these people up? Probably not

The study is an effort to finally answer the question.

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I had some classmates that suffered polio and were left with terrible disabilities. that’s not counting the ones in iron lungs and who died. Continue reading

When the Kennedys get crazy–it is a sight to behold

You might remember that Kennedy means generally irresponsible and rich enough to get away with it.

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A better pneumococcal vaccine

This report shows a vaccine related reduction in pneumococcal pneumonia of about half and a similar reduction in systemic pneumococcal infections.

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The red herring distraction of the vax issue

Common Sense says vax is good–reduces communicable diseases of childhood–that’s easy.

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Measles review by Medscape–excellent

Medscape is a wonderful resource and this is a very nice review on Measles.

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