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More on the injunction to stop the EPA on Water rules

Judge Erickson stopped another rampage by the rogue agency.

Now we need to make the stop stick.

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Robert Ellison is another victim of the fatal conceit

This is the second post at American Thinker by Robert Ellison that made my nose twitch. Looking back I should have been paying more attention, since Thomas Lifson has put him up a few times at American Thinker.

Ellison is troublesome to me because he is a climate big thinker–and we all know what Hayek said about the fatal conceit.

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Fearless Ann takes on that pomposity O’Reilly on the issue of 14th amendment anchor babies

The only thing that really disappointed me about this essay is that John Yoo has gone to the dard side with the emperor and Darth Vador and is now a shill.

He claimed that anchor baby protections even went back to the founding–he is so FOS.

Attention food fetishists and people who “eat healthy” hardy har har

Here are two examples of why I think we should not be so obsessive about what we eat.

Lettuce is overrated as food, and eating clean (no carbos or gluten) is silly

I recommend moderation in all things, avoid excess eating because it makes you fat and that ain’t good, after that I say that the idea of junk food insults my intelligence. I prefer Italian to Oriental, but both are food. Same with Mexican and fast food–it’s got good stuff in it. Steak on the grill is a religious experience, same with BBQ, but that’s taste–some would consider Quiche a religious experience or a really good salad.

My wife makes a wonderful salad, discussed below, but the point is that lettuce is fake food, mostly water.

Organic food is about chemophobia and mysticism.

And another rule, food should taste good–people who eat some “healthy” foods have obviously trained themselves to suffer their “healthy eating” obsessions.

The writer reminds me of the diagnosis–orthorexia. I like a diagnosis if I can make one.

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California the epicenter of liberal Bull____?

Becuase of my recent interest in William Voegeli and his books Never Enough and The Pity Party, I have been introduced the the very useful concept of Liberal Bullshit.

The originator of the concept, many decades ago, was a Princeton Philosophy Prof Henry Frankfurt, who wrote an essay, then book titled On Bullshit that explained why progressive/liberal/leftist/statist theories were pregnant with deceit and silly thinking that demonstrated no respect for the truth BECAUSE they were mostly about making the purveyors look good to themselves and others. In other words Frankfurt condemned an exaggerated and pretentious form of bragging and said that leftists displayed it in their conduct with regards to policy making and important causes. They whine and woop and preen about their concern for a better world, with no regard for the truth or the evidence and no concern that they proposed solutions don’t work. In fact many say the libs need those pitiful people, makes them feel good about themselves. Black people are you listening?

I think, with that in mind, I have another exhibit in the Bullshit gallery of leftist nonsense, the Tom Steyer green jobs project in CA.

Like the New Deal, the War on Poverty, and the onslaught of environmentalism generally, the failures of the billion dollar boondoggle are not important to its authors and supporters, they are mostly posturing as well meaning and superior–if their projects fail they still feel good about their intentions and their commmittment to saving the planet or helping their fellow man.

So, about the CA project that has face planted.

And the JS archive on Bull____ and voegeli.

Many good people suffer the agony of living in California, for example Voegeli is at the Claremont Review of Books as editor–in Coronado CA.

More on EPA misconduct and bad science–an analysis of the junk

John Graham’s well regarded paper on the problems of EPA research is linked below.

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Consider what your body fat is compared to a chimp

This is an interesting discussion about body fat.

I don’t think it hits the answer since I have dogs that get fat if not kept on limited intake, however a I have a young dog who just is muscle–no fat anywhere a pit bull. Another pit bull–same way–muscled. .

Cats, horses, cows, pigs don’t fit the theory proposed. Do birds get fat–not likely.

Comparison of chimp fat percentage is impressive though.

I am not willing to tell what my fat level is–but you can go to those spa places and they put you in a tub and give you a percentage fat so you can compare to your fatter friends.

Fat is like a gas tank, energy available–so I could easily survive a period of starvation if I had enough water.