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Law of the Sea treaty–harbinger of the commie age

Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST, also called UNCLOS) was about redistribution of ocean resources and an international organization to supervise the open seas and sea bed, (think Joe the plumber comments on a world-wide scale) and a UN fostered arm of world government.

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Norm Rogers on social influences, and fears, the glue of mass movements like environmentalism

Norm Rogers, a very smart and insightful man, focused on the climate debate and other pubic policy problems. Here he revives the legacy of Pareto and his ideas on dynamics in society.

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Scientists Object to Intellectual Freedom

Bob Greene:

Intellectual freedom only if you agree with us.

Originally posted on NoFrakkingConsensus:

Intellectual freedom is about the public’s right to examine all points-of-view. These scientists are trying to block your access to alternative perspectives.

intellectual_freedom_american_library_association ‘the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view…free access to…any and all sides of a question'; click for source

A few days ago, 54 allegedly “leading climate scientists and museum experts” attached their names to An Open Letter to Museums from Members of the Scientific Community. This is a highly polarizing document that splits the world into good guys and bad guys.

The signatories describe themselves as “members of the scientific community” who “devote our lives to understanding the world and sharing this understanding with the public.” Excuse me, but earning a handful of science degrees doesn’t place you in a special category of humanity. You’re still subject to the same ego-trips and short-comings as everyone else.


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More climate alarm hype: ‘Keeping warming to 2 °C is not enough to save species’

Bob Greene:

Before we invented climate science, warmer periods were called optima. Courtesy prohibits me from referring to this climate scientist as an unscientific activist twit.

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Heads in the clouds? Heads in the clouds?
If temperatures won’t go up, bring the so-called ‘target’ down. That’s the latest brainwave of climate fear merchants, seemingly oblivious to the lack of any temperature rise this century.

Former Guardian writer Fred Pearce reports:
Is the world’s target of limiting global warming to 2 °C too high, or too low? Does it even make scientific sense? The consensus around the target, which was agreed at climate talks in Copenhagen in 2009, seems to be coming unstuck.

Back in October, US climate analysts David Victor and Charles Kennel called it scientifically meaningless and politically unachievable. We should get used to the idea of something warmer, they said.

Now the target has been denounced as “utterly inadequate”, by Petra Tschakert of Penn State University in University Park, who has been involved in a UN review of the target. She wants a 1.5 °C target instead. Writing in the…

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Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons publishes my paper “The Progressive’s Stone: Sustainability” spring 2015 edition

MACT is another “cobenefits” EPA game–they use small particles for everything.

This inane article in the Hill describing the inane deliberations at the SCOTUS, gives our readers some understanding of the way the EPA takes advantage of the scientific illiteracy and innumeracy of the judiciary. The key to any regulation getting through, now is small particles pollution claims of premature deaths.

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Warm is good if you can get it.

Viv Forbes, geologist from Down Under, discusses the benefits of warm.

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