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Ronan Connolly and Willie Soon on temp records

The information on the paper is provided by Ronan here below.

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Tinnitus and chronic pain share a common brain wiring problem?

This makes sense to me, phantom pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (now called complex regional pain syndrome), chronic pain and tinnitus (ringing or buzzing or whistling in the ears) have brain activities that seem to be in common.

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Steve Goreham on the shale shock phenomenon and fracking.

Steve Goreham is an energetic advocate and I trust his observations.

Here we go.

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May I suggest this David French essay on how to man up.

I can’t believe the weakling pussies who walk the earth–always working on their victim or grievance agenda.

David French discusses the difference between men and weenies.

Lets review the EPA lies on Ozone causing deaths and asthma

The NYT piece on the new Ozone rules put on full display the lyin’ EPA ozone research claims for lives saved and asthma prevented.

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Lt. Col. Bob Endlich provides info on why biofuels suck–big time

Marita Noon recommended I put this man Lt. Col Endlich, on my list of people with expertise who think and write well.

Former Air Force meteorologist, but more than that.

I provide his note and his link to a comprehensive monograph by Capt Ike Kiefer (US Navy) that takes down alternative fuels nonsense. Nothing comes close to gas and diesel. And diesel engines are essential to heavy work.
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Alternative medicine methods for pain management

We already posted here at JS the news that Oregon was going to expand alternative treatment methods for pain in their medical insurance program. The motive was reducing use of opiates, and pushing alternative methods, many unproven.

This essay is about the unscientific and mystical approaches of alternative medcine that are repeatedly seen, in this case a positive spin by NPR.

The use of magical potions and methods is widespread. Doctors (many of them not physicians at all) offer magical therapies. They are everywhere, for example a ‘Doctor’ I recently heard about doing land office business in injections for chronic pain including what appear to be magical potions given intrvenously in a couple of towns in Oklahoma–with a parking lot full, charging $ 250 for injections of liquids not identified or subject to consent by the patient generally guaranteed to cure chronic pain. Is that unusual or what?

The placebo/hope effect is a major confounder.

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