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Surprising PNAS paper: CO2 emissions not the cause of U.S. West Coast warming

Bob Greene:

So, do you suppose that the State of California is going to back off all its climate change regs and activities? Probably not.

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

pdo warm and cold phases

The rise in temperatures along the U.S. West Coast during the past century is almost entirely the result of natural forces — not human emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a major new study released today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Northeast Pacific coastal warming since 1900 is often ascribed to anthropogenic greenhouse forcing, whereas multidecadal temperature changes are widely interpreted in the framework of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), which responds to regional atmospheric dynamics. This study uses several independent data sources to demonstrate that century-long warming around the northeast Pacific margins, like multidecadal variability, can be primarily attributed to changes in atmospheric circulation. It presents a significant reinterpretation of the region’s recent climate change origins, showing that atmospheric conditions have changed substantially over the last century, that these changes are not likely related to historical anthropogenic and natural radiative forcing, and that dynamical mechanisms…

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Circulation is essential

Following up on circulatory problems with diabetes, here’s a fine discussion of the problem of low flow states in heart failure.

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RFK jr and fanatic Hansen would put the Kochs, Monckton and Soon in jail

Hysterical climate nutcases are meeting and marching in UN town–how appropriate.
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Continuing concern about Ebola transmission

I don’t have an opinion about this or even a clue about the concern that ebola could mutate to air transmissability, but one has to understand that fluids heavy with the virus could become air borne–that’s not aerosolization, but droplet transmission.

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Black Tuesday of Climate Science

Originally posted on Climate Audit:

Today I will review the timeline of the above WMO 1999 graph in the light of the ClimateGate (CG) letters. The main events took place on Tuesday, November 16th, 1999.

Things start rolling 9 AM (UK time), when Tim Osborn sends  the new Briffa and recalibrated Jones (1998) time series to Phil Jones along with the suggestion to hide the decline.

It is ready calibrated in deg C wrt. 1961-90, against the average Apr-Sep land temperature north of 20N.  It goes from 1402 to 1994 – but you really ought to replace the values from 1961 onwards with observed temperatures due to the decline.

Twenty minutes later Jones writes  to the MBH crew (cc Briffa and Osborn) explaining exactly what the graph will look like.

WMO want to go with the millennial record on the cover and I said I would produce something and some text. The figure…

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EPA politics stinks

Dr. Alan Carlin takes a scab off his festering sore.

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Roy splains what he and John Christy do with the satellite covey

Dare are deez satellites that record troposphere temps by means of measuring oxygen microwave thermal emissions at various altitudes.

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