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Formaldehyde in e-cigarettes: A cancer risk?

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Gas Prices and Economic Ignorance

Normally I don’t pay much attention to gasoline prices. In any given locality I’ve never seen enough difference in price to justify driving around looking for the cheapest one. Continue reading

More Calabrese–just so you’ll know the deal on linear non threshold–Ed’s the man

Pursuing the completion of the info load that Ed Calabrese sent me on the problem of linear no threshold nonsense–here’s the final two more explanatory papers, linked below.

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My favorite test for hearts is reviewed in Cardiology

In 1996 the Colleges of Cardiology and and Emergency Medicine compared and evaluated tests for coronary heart disease and they published their results in their journals. Important stuff for people like me, since we see a lot of people with chest pain in the ED and need to determine which ones are cardiac. .

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Religion of Peace–well, first of all, it isn’t a religion, it is a bellicose, intolerant ideology

As a point of emphasis–what is the price we pay for pretending that islam is a religion of peace?

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Clear away junk political science on violent ideologies, Jindal exposes the ugly

It is important to recognize evil for what it is and where it comes from.

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Ed Calabrese on cancer risk and the linear no threshold scam–II

Ed Calabrese is a highly regarded toxicologist. He has a special interest in threshold questions in toxicology.
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