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Neuro, neuro, neuro–explain to me neuro

I need to clean up some confusion about who does what in Neuro.

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Bamstercare a dud–an expensive dud

This ain’t workin’.

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Temp records under review

We know they are jacking with the temps. So they can keep saying hottest this and hottest that.

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Nephew of Iran’s supreme leader warns the bamster about taqiyya in an open letter

Here is a letter from an Iranian physician, whose life is in danger for sure, the nephew of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and he says his uncle can’t be trusted to tell an infidel the truth.

No big surprise. We have repeatedly explained that problem here at JS.

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RICO Law and the Clinton Foundation–criminal enterprise?

The RICO Law provides for special prosecutorial leverage and penalties. It is intended to deal with the nature of criminal enterprises–the mob was the original target–organized crime. Now the use of RICO has been expanded by prosecutors when conspiracies and criminal organizations and systematic criminal activity are apparent.

The Clinton’s have been involved in a mob like arrangement with their foundation–and other activities. May involve money and corruption and I know you’re shocked, but remember they both like power and money, and they are both politicians.

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Let’s review some islamic realities

There are some things that comfortable leftist idiots in the West don’t understand. Part of this fake religion/ideology is a formal hostility to any adherents of any other faith–and the lexicon is important to know.

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Top US Energy Economist Takes the Scalpel to the Great Wind Power Fraud

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS:

surgeon-with-scalpel-page1 What should have been done before the great wind power fraud got going. Although, if it had, the scam wouldn’t have.


One of the great mysteries behind the lunacy that is the great wind power fraud is how and why so many governments launched into mandating massive and endless subsidies (filched from unwitting power consumers and/or taxpayers) for an utterly meaningless power generation source – WITHOUT ever having carried out a cost/benefit analysis?

You know, the kind of analysis that economists put together on a daily basis; and which are used to give the thumbs up (or down) to government policies BEFORE they’re set rolling like unstoppable locomotives; especially where, as here, they involve massive streams of corporate welfare.

runaway train lone ranger Government Subsidies: pure Hell to control, once set loose.


In a better late than never move, economists the world over are now taking the scalpel to the wind industry…

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