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Beer and Soda need CO2

Enough, stop the CO2 haters.

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Mark Steyn on Sustainability–among other things

Why should I try to be funny and cogent when I can put up the great Steyn on another of the goofy left’s ideas–sustainability.

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Doper alert, Denver is in a Crime Wave

I always enjoy hearing why everyone should be allowed to keep toking on the weed.

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Ontario goes coal-free: Toronto suffers a blackout within 24 hours

Bob Greene:

Reliable, low carbon energy?

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

From the too not-funny to be as funny as it should be dept:

Thunder-Bay-OPG-Generating-StationOntario is now the first jurisdiction in North America to fully eliminate coal as a source of electricity generation. The Thunder Bay Generating Station, Ontario’s last remaining coal-fired facility, has burned its last supply of coal. Operated by Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay Generating Station was the oldest coal-fired station in the province. The plant is scheduled to be converted to burn advanced biomass, a renewable fuel source.

The province has replaced coal generation with a mix of emission-free electricity sources like nuclear, waterpower, wind and solar, along with lower-emission electricity sources like natural gas and biomass. The move to bio-mass rather than to natural gas has raised concerns in Thunder Bay. NOMA and Common Voice Northwest, and the City of Thunder Bay have all expressed concerns.
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Journalist Predicts Cold Winter will produce More Allergies.

Here’s some overpumped environmentalist trying to make some more crisis, claiming allergies will be worse after the cold winter.

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Cultural Clash Enviros v. Camel Drivers

I couldn’t resist this one when it popped up.

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Anthropology Wars

This review of the book and the work of Napolean Chagnon, who studied the Yanomamo of the deep remote jungle of Venezuela, deserves your attention.

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IPCC Fatal Conceit Quite Incurable

Fatal Conceit is a delusion–delusions are misbegotten beliefs and ideas. IPCC is certifiably kooky

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It’s about Water, in the West it’s Always about Water

Do you trust the Federal Government to do the right thing on property rights and Land use?

Consider the Missouri Floods, caused by the Corps of Engineers, on purpose, or the CA Delta.

Now we have a dispute about a ranch in arid Nevada.

But it’s close to a tributary to Lake Mead impoundment.

Surface water and deep water. Endangered Species Act as a weapon to stop industry, business, oil and agriculture.

Think about it–who do you trust. And do not DO NOT trust the media accounts.

Does Lock Down and Wait for the Cavalry Make Sense?

The Fort Hood Shooting, and the knifing incident in Pennsylvania caught my attention and the attention of the nation of course.

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Do we need a climate Plan B?

The BBC says the world needs one.  Continue reading

Them’s fightin’ words, Jackass Wuebbels from Illinois

Here’s some info on the release of the NIPCCC report.

Fox news dredged through the dumpster and found some guy from U of Illinois, not Indiana, at Champagne-Urbana named Wuebbels, who says that the report was written by washed up retired guys and not peer-reviewed–scuse me dummy, the papers that are referenced in the NIPCC report are peer-reviewed journal articles.

If Wuebbels had even glanced at the NIPCC report before he started spouting off, he would have known the obvious–the book is chock full of peer reviewed articles. He would see that the worthless washed up retired guys, who are actually not retired and certainly not washed up, were quoting from and commenting on peer-reviewed papers.

But he wanted a goddamned sound bite, didn’t he? being a member of the bully green gang. And no one from Fox knew enough to find out what I knew 3 minutes into reading this report. First the nature of the papers, and second the actual origin of this hind end commentary and why he was not from Indiana and certainly not making any sense.


Joe was on Fox News earlier today talking about the release of Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts. His segment supposedly will be broadcast again tonight as part of Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Channel, at 6 p.m. ET. (5 pm Central). Heartland will be recording it, and we’ll have it up on YouTube and our Web site later tonight or some time tomorrow, in case you’re interested and miss tonight’s broadcast.

Joe and PR director Jim Lakely have been in DC since Sunday night; they have a press conference tomorrow at the Capitol Press Club so hope there’s more attention – ideally positive attention – tomorrow.

Hope you’re all well. –Diane

UN finding on climate change is just a bunch of hot air, new report claims
Published April 08, 2014
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A U.N.-commissioned panel says climate change is hurting the growth of crops, affecting the quality of water supplies and forcing wildlife to change the way it lives – but what if it’s all just smoke and mirrors?

A new report from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), written by an international collection of scientists and published by the conservative Heartland Institute, claims just that, declaring that humanity’s impact on climate is not causing substantial harm to the Earth.

“All across the planet, the historical increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration has stimulated vegetative productivity,” reads a portion of the 1,063-page report, called “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts.” “This observed stimulation, or greening of the Earth, has occurred in spite of many real and imagined assaults on Earth’s vegetation, including fires, disease, pest outbreaks, deforestation and climatic change.”

The Heartland Institute says more than 30 scientists served as authors and reviewers for the new report, which it claims cites more than 1,000 peer-reviewed studies supporting the belief that climate change is not detrimental to the biosphere. The Heartland Institute describes itself as a think tank promoting public policy “based on individual liberty, limited government and free markets.”

The panel of scientists says human impact on the global climate is small, changing temperatures are within a historic scope of temperature variables and there is no net harm to human health of the production of food.

The findings are a stark contrast to the messages from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which in a report released last week concluded that in many regions of the earth, changing precipitation and melting snow are altering hydrological systems, which negatively impact the quantity of water resources.

The IPCC’s report also states that climate change is forcing terrestrial, freshwater and marine species to shift their geographical ranges and migration patterns.

But the Heartland Institute says the scientific community is under tremendous financial and peer pressure to reach the conclusion that global industry is damaging the environment.

“Ethical standards have been lowered, peer review has been corrupted, and we can’t trust peers in our most prestigious journals anymore,” Joe Bast, President and CEO of Heartland Institute, told Fox News.

However, scientists are questioning the credibility of the NIPCC’s findings.

Donald Wuebbels, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Indiana Champaign Urbana, says the report is not peer-reviewed.

“Mostly it’s a bunch of old, retired guys that got together and wrote a report for the Heartland Institute that is basically full of misinformation,” he told Fox News.

The Heartland Institute, which is going to publicly roll out the report Wednesday in Washington, D.C., insists that it is peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile, government officials and top climate scientists are meeting in Berlin this week to approve a draft U.N. study on fossil fuel emissions.

The study asserts that world powers are running out of time to cut their use of high-polluting fossil fuels and stay below agreed limits on global warming, according to Reuters.

The study says nations will have to make drastic pullbacks of greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to less than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit over pre-industrial times.

The draft study outlines ways to cut emissions and boost low-carbon energy, such as nuclear and solar power, Reuters reports.

Fox News’ Mike Tobin contributed to this report.

Oceans ate the warm–for real

Well many years ago I learned about the decadal oscillations of the oceans.

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Ivy League indocrination in Enviro Nonsense

Here is a story about what the author calls Nudge ucation in enviro fanaticism, at Yale.


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Here we go Dopers and Friends of Dopers

So here’s Frum at Commentary Mag, advocating that legalizing Maryjuana is a bad idea.


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Organic Food is Healthier–right chemophobes?

So let’s consider organic food and how it might rate on the “healthy” scale.

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Hypersexual Culture a Public Health Problem?

I would say–yeah and it’s not just because I’m Old.

Infantilizing sex, encouraging recreational sex, irresponsible sex, is a public health problem, but also a cultural problem that produces unhappy people.

Stable family based society is going the way of the Dodo Bird.

Morano, the Godfather, contacts moi? About superbugs?

So Marc Morano is justifiably offended by the conflating of superbug problems with climate or warming or change–whatever.

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Obesity paradox

Being fat may actually make you healthier?   Continue reading

IPCC meets in Berlin to chart the future of fossil fuels

We’ve concluded climate change is real and that it is a grave danger, so what do we do next? Continue reading