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Tol admits that consensus is the last refuge for lazy (and sometimes wrong) scientists

Tol has been walking back a number of things as a big IPCC guy.

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Enviros have always hated humans and human habitation of Mother Gaia

Here comes at least an honest watermelon admission. They hate babies.

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No bodies

Bob Greene:

Zero seems to be the magic number of climate extinctions

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Rud Istvan

One of the firmer catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) predictions made by IPCC AR4 WG2 was an alarming increase in species extinctions.

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Jane Orient on the new “consent” agenda of the post modernist socialists

In the latest AAPS News Jane Orient MD (Internal Medicine) discusses how consent is being eviscerated by post modernist amorality.

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Yet Another Misrepresentation in the Mann Pleadings

Bob Greene:

Another of Mann’s claims gets debunked.

Originally posted on Climate Audit:

In today’s post, I’ll discuss another misrepresentation in Mann’s Statement of Claim, one in which Mann bizarrely misrepresented the nature of his own research, falsely claiming credit for being “one of the first” to “document” the increase in 20th century temperatures. This particular false claim was in the same paragraph as Mann’s false claim to have received a Nobel prize. While the latter false claim has received widespread and well-deserved derision, Mann’s false description of the nature of his research has thus far passed without comment, an oversight that I will try to remedy in today’s post, which is part of a series of articles on various untrue statements by Mann in his pleadings in Mann v Steyn et al. For previous articles, see here.

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When will we shut down the salt nuts?

Here comes Theodore Dalrymple (Ted Daniels) psychiatrist, to debunk the salt fetishists.

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Richard Epstein is a certified smart guy libertarian

I am not a libertarian like Epstein, but I respect his commentaries on economics and the law.

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Caring for the collapsed athlete or stress victim.

This is my baby–athletes or soldiers with Life-Threatening Events During Endurance Sports: Heat Stroke vs Arrhythmic Death. Understand this, soldiering is an endurance sports event. Try to carry 50 plus pounds on a long march in the heat.

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GMO dynamics and politics.

ACSH reports. This generally trends to produce the right effect–promotion of more food foe da peoples.

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Medical errors junk science

I have waxed eloquent on the junk science of patient safety research. As a physician and lawyer, scholar of the subject for 20 plus years, I would pronounce myself better and more knowledgeable than even the silly Institute of Medicine or the other patient safety churners.

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You want some social commentary, do Keven Williamson, he’s righteous

I am probably as experienced in racial and social matters as Mr. W, but not nearly as good a writer.

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Revisiting the Missouri Misconduct of the Corps of Engineers

I was accused of making an irresponsible charge that the US Corps of Engineers intentionally flooded the lower Missouri River Valley below Yankton South Dakota in 2011.

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The fight against the fight against DDT is slowly going mainstream

from Marketwatch:
” … The Ebola virus has infected about 1,800 people, more than half of whom have died, many of them in Africa. Global attention is focused on the spread of the horrific disease, which has no known cure.

Yet 300 million to 600 million people suffer from malaria each year, and that disease kills about 1 million annually, 90% in sub-Saharan Africa .

If the world really cared about Africa, why not reverse the ban on the insecticide DDT to help fight malaria?

Digoxin is a problem?

Here’s the way it developed, Digoxin was a drug that had an important role in treatment of many heart related conditions but it does have it’s downsides.

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Roy Spencer on Ed Calabrese’s special interest, hormesis

I would like to thank Ed Calabrese and Roy Spencer for being my friends.

I do not deserve, as a slug emergency physician who didn’t like calculus, to know them and have them as allies.

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Diet magic–the Mediterranean

The study showed that adherence to the Mediterranean diet reduced mortality. Not really. actually they showed vegatable devotees had a lower rate of incidents.

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Viv Forbes on essential gasses

Dr. Forbes is a fine voice for good sense, a geologist.

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Our sincerest condolences to Dr. John Christy and his family

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

Dr. Roy Spencer sends sorrowful news. From The Huntsville Times Obituary Page.

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Sexual fantasyland stuff–sex ed for kids

There is a heavy stink of sexual fantasy in some things being promoted. Hugh Hefner would be proud–anything goes.

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Social Science junk–featuring whining

The attached essay is about the new hot button–gender–but the political and social commentaries are always junky.

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