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John Graham summarizes the mess of bamstercare

It’s all right here, the lies, the deceptions the media

John Graham, Healthcare Policy expert at National Center for Policy Analysis provides in depth exposure.

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Popular Science isn’t biting on claims about sugar

I liked Popular Science even when I was a kid–they had a great car reviewer–Tom Cahill, who got to drive the cooolest cars.
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Intermittent grid storage

Bob Greene:

An excellent review. It shows why the most practical variable renewable electricity backup is a fossil fuel spinning reserve and why the real costs of solar and wind will be a lot higher than advertised.

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Rud Istvan

From the utility grid perspective, a fundamental problem with wind and solar is intermittency.

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Mercury–oh how scary

I think that judges are completely incompetent to assess EPA regulatory proposals.

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Marita on poverty and enviro advocacy

I won’t presume to provide any intelligent commentary on Marita’s essay.

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I continue to hope for people like this.

So what am I to say–that Burton is a hefty factor in this discussion?

That’s true for sure.
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Hard to evaluate the SCOTUS opinion that pushes back on EPA

It is easy to say that this is important. However EPA deceit is so commonplace.

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