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Myth Of Arctic meltdown exposed again

Bob Greene:

Missed predictions do not seem to count

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Arctic ice [image credit: NASA]

Arctic ice [image credit: NASA]

This one runs and runs, but as it’s featured in a story in the UK national press (Daily Mail Online) quoting leading climate science figures like professor Judith Curry, we’ll give it another airing.

There does seem to be a good deal of suspect logic being thrown at the inconvenient fact that Arctic sea ice is refusing to go away as predicted by the UN IPCC and assorted like-minded pundits peddling their biases. Claims that ‘natural variability’ is just a confounding factor interfering with the supposed real story – i.e. significant man-made effects – have the appearance of wishful thinking, as no actual data is offered in support.

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CBO prediction–Obamacare a big economic burden.

Gee, why am I not surprised.

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heroin/opiate “antidote” now available in Rhode Island “over the counter”

The perception that more and more “good folk” have been overdosing
and dying due to opiate overdosing (both prescription drugs such
as oxycodin, morphine, etc. and also street drugs such as heroin)
has gotten more and more people concerned.
There’s an “antidote” (in quotes for a reason) called naloxone
(best known brandname: Narcan™) which… will now be available
over the counter at drug stores in Rhode Island…
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Congressional Juniority, Entropy, a great idea

C Ed Wright is a regular at AT and this essay has a point.

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Biomass CO2 Emissions More Than Burning Coal

Bob Greene:

Making and shipping wood pellets, a fuel with lower energy density, from the US to the UK to replace coal never sounded like a good idea.

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By Paul Homewood


Back in May, I reported on a letter sent to Ed Davey by a group of American scientists, attacking UK subsidies for biomass plants. They pointed out that burning biomass could actually increase CO2 emissions, as well as causing other environmental problems.

DECC were so alarmed that they had to commission a report.

It seems that even the BBC, belatedly, have picked up on this problem. In July they reported:

Burning wood to fuel power stations can create as many harmful carbon emissions as burning coal, according to a government report.

UK taxpayers subsidise energy firms to burn wood to meet EU renewables targets.

But the report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) shows sometimes much bigger carbon savings would be achieved by leaving the wood in the forests.

This suggests power firms may be winning subsidies for inadvertently making climate change even…

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Oh please, if you have a concussion, go to your health food store?

I can’t believe this crap.

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A Lead Author of IPCC AR5 Downplays Importance of Climate Models

Originally posted on Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations:

Richard Betts heads the Climate Impacts area of the UK Met Office. The first bullet point on his webpage under areas of expertise describes his work as a climate modeler. He was one of the lead authors of the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report (WG2).  On a recent thread at Andrew Montford’s BishopHill blog, Dr. Betts left a remarkable comment that downplayed the importance of climate models.

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