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So consider whether you trust the EPA on its claims about Ozone.

They make it sound so serious and scientific. They say the new ozone standard will prevent 335 lost school days and prevent 32,000 asthma attacks, 750 deaths–that’s nonsense.
Ozone doesn’t cause asthma or kill anyone, anytime, anyplace in America.

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Health care financing posting (removed)

Congrats on how quickly our readers saw the fuzzy math!   I removed the original because it was becoming a distraction.   Basically, a math error was hidden within otherwise “common sense” criticisms of government-run health care.

EPA goes all in and throws the Ozone kitchen sink at us

This is a EPA ozone rules dump just before the holiday.  Ozone is not a toxic air pollutant.  It is an aesthetic offense to the air fetish crowd.

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RE: john1282’s “Oh would I like to have warming”

I dust off this classic from Minnesotans for Global Warming

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I am safe putting up something Nova thinks is worthwhile.

So I will.  Incidentally I am a peer reviewer for two medical journals, and it’s not that magical–too much get’s by in the journals for many reasons.

Politics and money–poltitics and money.

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Drought relief to CA

Good news for a dry place.

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Food Police cheer FDA move on mandatory calorie labeling

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