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Theodore Dalrymple can get you off guard–and make you wonder

I won’t tell you what I think about this essay–just that I decided people should read it and I am still figuring it out–Dalrymple always makes me think hard.

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To emphasize my point that the recovery is nothing but a continuing recession

Steve Milloy put up this link in his remarkably energetic an helpful tweets.

I don’t need to do much but put this up–it shows the problems–why the Bamster is killing this economy.

Civil rights for chimps?

The same bunch that think nothing of abortion are worked up about the civil rights of animals.

The problem of animal rights is that people get very emotionally wound up.

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Revisiting the Chiropractic theory

Here is a generally negative summary on Chiropractic from Ross Pomeroy.

I would only disagree with his conclusion that Chiropractic hurts but doesn’t help with mechanical back problems.

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The invaluable Planet Earth Magnetic Field–

Here’s an important bit of astrophysics that you can use to impress your friends–the early formation of a zircon based magnetic field protected the Earth from the Solar wind and allowed retention of atmosphere and such.

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A bad encyclical by a bad pope–time to repair the ignorance

Here is Paul Driessen’s kind and respectfull treatment of what I would call stupid.

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Land grabber bamster designates 3 monuments for set aside.

So my question has always been why are these enviro actions by arrogant tyrants always considered by RINOs as irreversible? why didn’t W just say–Clinton monument is no longer a monument.

A gutsy successor should come in and reverse all this crap–all the way back to the Grande Escalante by Clinton late in his presidency, setting aside a great area for low sulfur exploration and coal production.

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