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Pope’s Media Organizing for Climate Change

Catholic parishioners across the country will soon be getting hit hard with a well-organized marketing campaign of the Pope’s environmental agenda. Continue reading

What if you called a climate conference and almost nobody came?

The UN Bonn climate conference has about 22% attendance.  Continue reading

Navigating the American Carbon World (with the UN)

There is much activity in the UN climate arena at the moment, as they push for yet another “Global Agreement on Climate Change”

At the moment, UNFCC executive secretary, Christina Figueres is boasting that they have an agreement to come to an agreement by 2015. Whilst it is to be hoped that this agreement to agree goes the way of previous ones, it highlights that they haven’t gone away and are determined to keep pressing on, no matter that the AGW paradigm is collapsing.

She gave a speech this week in San Francisco, entitled Navigating the American Carbon World
Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy is not evidence of climate change

This month, the United Nation’s Secretary General has repeatedly spoken of extreme storms like Hurricane Sandy, harsher droughts and floods because of climate change. Stating the science is clear and undebatable, he predicted even larger climate shocks unless the world urgently reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Yesterday, 125 climates qualified on climate responded with an open letter in the Financial Post, disputing such assertions. Continue reading

Greenhouse gases to “impact all aspects of life on earth”

The World Meteorological Organization — the United Nations’ “authoritative voice on weather, climate and water” — issued a press release this week saying greenhouse gases in the atmosphere had reached a record high. Continue reading

Flatulence debunked as major cause of global warming

Curbing methane emissions from farting animals may now be ranked lower as an environmental issue at the UN, but the livestock industry remains a focus. It recently appointed Mitloehner as chairman of its new Food and Agriculture Organization to measure the environmental impacts of the livestock industry. Continue reading

Climate change to cause global food crisis

Food may cause almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions: study Continue reading