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Federal judge rules composition of FDA anti-tobacco committee ILLEGAL: Members on payroll of Big Pharma, trial lawyers

One of the Big Pharma/trial lawyer shills is the infamous Jonathan Samet — junk science epidemiologist and chief railroad engineer of radon, secondhand smoke, particulate matter and ground-level ozone. Continue reading

e-cigs a smokescreen?

ACSH takes on The Lancet, but not hard enough.  Continue reading

Let’s talk smoking cigarettes

It’s worth a little reality testing.

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Don’t smoke’m if you got’em

There is a proposal to make the military smoke free.  Is that a good idea? Continue reading

Tony Gwynn’s parotid cancer, not tobacco caused

Sure everyone and particularly the American Cancer Society, would like to blame Tobacco for everything, including unhappiness… BUT

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Second Hand Smoke –OOOOO SO SCARY, Says the Brits

There is no carcinogenic or toxic effect of second-hand smoke.

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Wadduino? Hookah is tobacco smoking in a bong like apparatus.

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