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GINA MCCARTHY AND OBAMA’S TOTALITARIANS: Shades of insane asylums for Soviet dissidents.

Awesome… the son of Soviet dissident slams EPA chief for ‘skeptics not normal’ pronouncement. Continue reading

Warmist to Bishop: Catholic TV station ‘offended’ God by allowing climate skeptic on TV

Here’s the letter. Continue reading

Does skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes have a conflict-of-interest disclosure problem?

Is the Pope a climate hysteric? Continue reading

The Marx Brothers: Is the director of the skeptic smear film ‘Merchants of Doubt’ a chip off his radical older brother?

Move over Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo and Chico — meet Marto and Robbo. Continue reading

Communist Party USA very happy when now climate skeptic persecutor Rep. Raul Grijalva first elected to Congress

Comrade! Continue reading

Shocking letter of intimidation from Congressman to MIT re climate skeptic Richard Lindzen

‘Democrat’ Congressman Raul Grijalva closes in on 1933 Germany, and the Soviet Union. Continue reading

Congressman pressuring university on skeptics has extensive Communist Party USA background

Warmists are red… Continue reading