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Does skeptic smearer Naomi Oreskes have a conflict-of-interest disclosure problem?

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The Marx Brothers: Is the director of the skeptic smear film ‘Merchants of Doubt’ a chip off his radical older brother?

Move over Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo and Chico — meet Marto and Robbo. Continue reading

Communist Party USA very happy when now climate skeptic persecutor Rep. Raul Grijalva first elected to Congress

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Shocking letter of intimidation from Congressman to MIT re climate skeptic Richard Lindzen

‘Democrat’ Congressman Raul Grijalva closes in on 1933 Germany, and the Soviet Union. Continue reading

Congressman pressuring university on skeptics has extensive Communist Party USA background

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In 1936, the New York Times gave the anti-semitic notion of ‘German physics’ more respect than it gives modern day climate skepticism.

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Fun Facts to Omit and Tell: A big fail for WaPo columnist Jackson Diehl

Washington post columnist Jackson Diehl has an interesting piece this morning about an investor named Bill Browder who once tried to tell the WaPo editorial board that it was all wrong about Putin being a bad guy. Continue reading