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Hilarious: Communist Party USA calls Congressional Tea Party ‘extremist'; ‘Our democracy under siege’

Here’s the tweet: Continue reading

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Greenpeace chief to Putin: Take me hostage and let my pirates go

The Greenpeace media release is below. Continue reading

Russia’s Arctic jail cells too cold for Greenpeace pirates

The Guardian reports: Continue reading

Communist Party India praises IPCC, hits skeptics, says rich nations should bear brunt of emissions cuts

Unlike other warmists, at least CP-India openly admits what it is. Continue reading

More green on green violence: Left keeps up attack on Naomi Klein for comment about Big Green being more of a problem than ‘deniers’

The Guardian reports: Continue reading

Warmist McKibben: ‘We can’t bankrupt Exxon. But we can politically and morally bankrupt them.’

From the Salon interview with McKibben: Continue reading

Watermelon objects to being called… a watermelon — solution is skeptics’ surrender as watermelon science rots on vine

James Randerson writes at the Guardian: Continue reading