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Shock: Look who kids get to idolize in school

From today’s U.S. News & World Report, check out the poster in the background. Continue reading

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WashDC Weatherman Proud of Destroying Skeptic Literature

But her “book burning” isn’t too consistent with her bio. Continue reading

Communist dentist nailed by Joe McCarthy dies

Irving Peress was “convinced” by the path of the Soviet Union. Continue reading

Hilarious: Communist Party USA calls Congressional Tea Party ‘extremist'; ‘Our democracy under siege’

Here’s the tweet: Continue reading

Greenpeace chief to Putin: Take me hostage and let my pirates go

The Greenpeace media release is below. Continue reading

Russia’s Arctic jail cells too cold for Greenpeace pirates

The Guardian reports: Continue reading

Communist Party India praises IPCC, hits skeptics, says rich nations should bear brunt of emissions cuts

Unlike other warmists, at least CP-India openly admits what it is. Continue reading