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Obama’s new Americorps Resilience program for climate change preparedness

This is surreal and frightening. As part of Obama’s Climate Action Plan, he established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. A White House press release issued last week announced it has partnered with Rockefeller Foundation to launch a new Resilience AmeriCorps program and will recruit, train and imbed AmeriCorp Vista members in a dozen U.S. communities this year. Continue reading

Sustainability and the stupid POPE

Help me through this rough patch folks–the POPE has no clue but he has enviros pushing him.

We will suffer from his acquiescence to this agit prop socialist clap trap.

But he will feel better for his good intentions.

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Damn, turned the page, there is an essay by Wood on his sustainability monograph for NAS

I just put up the Kerwick applause essay for the sustainability monograph, looked at the monograph, and here’s one of the authors at AT writing about the monograph and eco marxism.

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More on the latest fetish among the elites–sustainability

I think of sustainability as recycling on steroids, gives elites a sense of well-being that fits with their extraordinary sense of self-importance.

Also a fetish that allows control freaks to decide the priorities.

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Sustainability is borne of an obessisve/compulsive neurosis

These people need to create symbolic, ritualistic enviro lifestyle fetishes. They really aren’t talking about sustainability as much as they are talking about a cramped and shriveled approach to life that “saves” things, like an elaborate recycling cult.

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Sustainability: A Fable For Our Time

We must journey back to March, 1987, and the United Nations document entitled Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, to discover what is probably the only universally agreed upon—if nebulous and contradictory—definition of “sustainable development,” the precursor of “sustainability,” viz.

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Sterling Burnett at AMSPEC on sustainability nonsense

I think of sustainability as recycling nonsense on steroids.

It’s mostly about making people feel good about “doing something for the planet.” emblematic of the left’s obsession about good intentions.

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