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Renewable fuels research

An article on research into using non-food crops for biofuel doesn’t mention acres needed for replacing oil.  Continue reading

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One hand clapping for Sustainability

I get energetically irritated when I see the stupid word Sustainability.

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Game Set Match–Warmers lose

That’s what Mr. Moore says.

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Shock NYTimes column: Sustainability is ‘nonsense’ — says college prof!

Erle Ellis writes in the NYTimes: Continue reading

Enviros: ‘Feeding and caring for 800 million pets hurts Mother Nature’

The Globe and Mail reports: Continue reading

Scientific Central Planning: Imperial College London forming ‘Earth League’

“… a voluntary alliance of leading scientists and institutions dealing with planetary processes and sustainability issues…” Continue reading

Warmists issue new agenda for corporate sustainability — pay us and do our bidding

Warmism is all about money and power. Continue reading

UN: Renewable energy not sustainable for population growth

Okay, so the UN actually postured reality the other way around. Continue reading

Obama’s Agenda 21 point man: Obscure White House sustainability chief wields vast powers

“[Jon] Powers also leads the interagency Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability, which includes a “sustainability officer” from every executive agency in the government.” Continue reading

Boy Scouts require new ‘Sustainability’ merit badge for Eagle rank

What’s the new motto? “Be Pre-Scared”? Continue reading

Gorbachev urges “sustainable perestroika” to save Earth; “All that has been done is too late, and it’s not enough”

He urged governments to use his policies of “perestroika” (restructuring) and “glasnost” (openness) — which ushered in democratic changes that led against his will to the collapse of the Soviet Union — to address climate change and overconsumption of resources. Continue reading

BP says oil & gas are the new ‘sustainable’ future; Selling wind business, Exited solar in 2011

Time for a new logo? Continue reading

Admitted: Sustainable Development = Marxism

The New Statesman’s John Gray makes the admission. Continue reading

Washington DC aspires to be ‘greenest’ city in the US — but goal is threatened by the sequester

If DC’s “sustainability” funding is being cut, it must not be that important in the first place. Continue reading

Al Gore’s ‘sustainable capitalism’ is DOA

Paul Farrell takes apart Al Gore’s new book.!–more–>

Read more at MarketWatch.

Environmental Sustainability Is Not a Job Killer

Examples? Okay… example? Anyone? Hello? Continue reading

Animal rights and climate change in LA

Los Angeles City Council recently adopted a resolution declaring all Mondays as Meatless Mondays in support of comprehensive sustainability efforts…. Continue reading

Patrick Moore on the facts and fiction of climate change

Patrick Moore on the Facts and Fiction of Climate Change

Thursday, August 9, 2012 –  Joseph Cotto, Washington Times

“I fear the irrational policies of extreme environmentalists far more than a warmer climate on this relatively cold planet (14.5 C global average temperature today compared with 25C during the Greenhouse Ages.” Continue reading

EDITORIAL: Unsustainable investments

Democrats look to divert more money to liberal causes Continue reading

Alex Epstein: The Globavore’s Achievement — A Review of ‘The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet’

When reading this book, I had two feelings that I often have when reading Desrochers and Shimizu’s work–’Why was I never taught this?’ and ‘Everybody need to know this!’ …. The Locavore’s Dilemma will give you an appreciation of the unappreciated glory that is capitalist agriculture, which is responsible for the fact that you are alive, will live a long time, and in greater health than nearly anyone in history.Continue reading