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Malthusianism on Steroids: Even ‘sustainability’ is not ‘sustainable’

“Mankind needs to accept that renewable raw materials are also reaching their yield limits worldwide”. Continue reading

How much gobbledegook can you do without saying anything?

A propaganda piece on sustainability in the UK does a fine job of stringing words together without saying anything.  Continue reading

Sustainability, now there’s a pregnant word

Here is a short and insightful commentary on an abused term by a guy involved with the salmon issue in the NW.

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Green Tires?

Are green, sustainable tires in your future?  It seems that the tire companies are getting into the sustainability act.  But don’t look forward to “green” tires soon. Continue reading

Sustainability–an excuse for tyranny and cover for phony gestures and PR

Wouldn’t you like to expose all the pretenders. Hell they couldn’t sustain anything but their line of BS.

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I think sustainability should be eliminated from the lexicon

Paul Driessen explains why it is such a junky concept as used by the watermelons.

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Renewable fuels research

An article on research into using non-food crops for biofuel doesn’t mention acres needed for replacing oil.  Continue reading