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Sustainability: A Fable For Our Time

We must journey back to March, 1987, and the United Nations document entitled Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, to discover what is probably the only universally agreed upon—if nebulous and contradictory—definition of “sustainable development,” the precursor of “sustainability,” viz.

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Sterling Burnett at AMSPEC on sustainability nonsense

I think of sustainability as recycling nonsense on steroids.

It’s mostly about making people feel good about “doing something for the planet.” emblematic of the left’s obsession about good intentions.

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Expansive climate activism

I recently saw that ll Federal Agencies have climate projects.

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Charles Battig on the Alchemy of sustainability–it’s magic for sure–to the true believer

Charles Battig, physician, engineer, anesthesiologist, space medicine, writes on alchemy and a modern scientific fraud–sustainability–well maybe sustainability has more to do with religion.

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The Utopia Experiment – The inconvenient reality of Greenism…

… and its close relatives self-sustainability, simpler lifestyles and general hippie-ness. It short, it won’t work.

How do we know?  Courtesy of a group of bipedal lab rats headed up by one Dylan Evans, author of The Utopia Experiment”.  Evans was apparently upset by a lack of challenge in his academic life and decided to play house, the rules being that there were no houses or tech or hygiene because society had collapsed. Rather than move to a more survivable locale (think Thor Heyerdahl with the little woman in Polynesia through his book Fatu Hiva – Back to Nature), Evans chose a little piece of Heaven on the northern shores of the Black Isle, north of Inverness, Scotland to play post-apocalyptic eco-warrior king-guy.  In his own words from an article in the UK Guardian (

In early 2006 I was 39, living in Bristol and working at one of the best robotics labs in the world. I had become increasingly obsessed with what life would be like if civilisation collapsed, and thought that I could find out by setting up a community that acted as if it already had. I created a website called An Experiment In Utopia, and announced that I was creating a novel kind of community based on three main ideas. I wrote:

1. It will be a LEARNING COMMUNITY – each member must have a distinctive skill or area of knowledge that they can teach to the others.

2. It will be a WORKING COMMUNITY – no money is required from the members, but all must contribute by working.

3. It will be strictly TIME-LIMITED. This is not an attempt to found an ongoing community. The experiment will last 18 months. Members may stay for months, but may also come for as little as two weeks.

In a word, think of a cross between Plato’s Academy and The Beach.

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Malthusianism on Steroids: Even ‘sustainability’ is not ‘sustainable’

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How much gobbledegook can you do without saying anything?

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